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    Excel VBA - search box for any value but to stay in row/ column

    Hello Mr. Excel Community Since 5 hours I am struggling with the following code, which I'd love to expand. I simply want to mimic the built in ctrl + F search tool via an Input Box, adding the feature to stay in row/column (ActiveCell) while looking for the name (letters not numbers). Sub...
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    How can I place a search box in my spreadsheet that searches a range of cells containing comma separated keywords?

    The question is in the title, but I've attached a screenshot\edit to sort of get at what I'm trying to do. Let me know if you need any clarification on what I'm trying to accomplish!
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    Help, Search Box Query

    Hi, This is probably a basic question but im hoping someone can save me time and explain the best/simplest way to create a search box? Ive been trying to use VBA, with limited knowledge/success, but i was hoping there's a simple standard function that can also work. Here's the breakdown...
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    Search box search across the whole workbook

    Hello MrExcel Community, I need help with a project I am currently working on, and would appreciate any help on it. I am trying to create multiple buttons, each have their own pop up search box. The first button would be for finding car models, EX: Ford, Toyota, etc.. The second button would...
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    Use search box to extract the relative data from a different worksheet etc

    Hi all, Looking to create a search box with option buttons that once pressed searches a different worksheet for the search box content, then with all rows where this is present, copy them onto a neighboring worksheet and remove a few of the irrelevant columns at the same time. Complete...
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    VBA macro to find a value in a different tab or sheet in a excel

    Hi, I need to create a search box to find a value in a different sheet (in the same excel) and display the entire row in the row below the search box or Like a text box to display the information related to "value". Thanks in advance for your help
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    CTRL+F as a marco with search boy

    I have a simple table with 4 columns in excel. <tbody> Name Address Current position Previous position Cain AAA XXX YYY Abel BB ZZZ WWW </tbody> But I have some users who can't even use CTRL+F in excel. They are very basic Windows users. So I'm trying to recreate CTR+F as a macro with...
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    Index Match Multiple Outputs

    Hello, I'm trying to perform a 'search box' function in my excel workbook. I have a workbook with 27 pages in it, the first is a cover page of sorts and the others contain tables with tables with text - each other page relating to a different letter of the alphabet adn called 'A', 'B', 'C'...
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    UserForm VBA with Data List Drop-downs, Check Boxes and Search Box

    Hello, After watching many tutorials on VBA UserForms and simple Data Entry Excel Forms, I am in way over my head. I think I can create the layout for the customized form with command buttons, text boxes, check boxes, but I have no idea what code is needed to make it all work. Essentially, I...
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    Search Entire Workbook

    Hiya, I have created a workbook with multiple worksheets of data. I'm trying to understand macros and formulas but I am not very good! I want to create a master page which has a search box that will search all of the worksheets for any text that is entered and display the results. is this...
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    creating a search box that will dynamically filter multiple columns

    Hi, I am trying to create a handover logbook for my work with a search function. I have created a filtered table with a blank row above the table to add new log entries, it then has a macro button to insert a new line in the sheet and cut and paste it in the newly inserted row. I would now...
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    Search Box

    I have a search box via conditional formatting in a spreadsheet of 4 columns and x amount of rows, that when data is entered it highlights the results. How can I simply get the results to show and not the rest of the data. The spreadsheet is meant for a user who needs to be able to type in the...
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    Creating search box using macro and highlighting search results in the same sheet

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and I have minimal knowledge on macro in excel. I have a problem and I hope you guys can help. I have a single worksheet containing text data and all the while I used Ctrl+F to find the texts that I need. I need to have a macro to create a search box and can...
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    Search Function?

    Hello everyone, sorry to bother everyone, but I have spent hours searching for this answer and cant seem to find it. I use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my DVD collection. It's a basic spreadsheet, and only has 4 columns. I would like to create a separate sheet that only has a search...
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    In need of help with a search code - Macros Excel 2010

    Hello I'm in need of help. Right here is the back story, I'm currently away with the United Nations and a apart of my job is to search peoples names and registration before they enter the base. At the moment we have to search over 500 peoples names on a sheet of paper... I've made an excel...
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    Pulling data out of cells using search

    Hello, I have a large database of information that was pulled from a program I use at work. It took all the program and specific device information and put it all in column 'D'. All the cells down column D are linked to a device name as I have a list of all the device names the program uses...
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    Help with a drop down/search box.

    Here's what my workbook looks like. It's got 1 master sheet that has 200 rows of information. Each row is for one neighborhood. The following columns B-D list the city requirements, community requirements, home owner requirements, builder requirements, and county requirements for each of the 200...
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    Search Box in Excel

    I would like to add a search box to worksheet 1 in my workbook of 162 sheets. I need the search box to search sheet 23 cell range B11:B342. These cells contain names of employees. I would like the option of entering a name into the search box and either hitting enter or clicking a "go" button...
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    run-time error 91 object variable or with block variable not set

    I am trying to get the userform to search column B depending on the user input in a text box and then populate text boxes in another userfrom from the cells found in the excel row. the code i have is: Private Sub Printer_Find_Click() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rng As Range ' possibly...
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    Find Box

    I have a database that is primarily used to convert data using VLookup, the database is on a seperate workheet to avoid giving users access to the entire database. I would like to include a ''Search Box'' or some kind of ''find Box'' which would allow users to enter a word and have it bring up...

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