1. K

    Dynamic Search formula

    so, I have a workbook that has one sheet that has thousands of rows of data that is constantly being updated, I have managed to create a formula/function that works when I enter it ({ctrl} {shft] {enter}) but as I mentioned, the data sheet is constantly being updated... here is what I have thus...
  2. J

    Searching for a country in address data, but right to left

    Hi, I'm using a macro helpully provided by hiker95 on a previous thread some years ago, but could do with a bit of help please: It looks through col A which contains raw e-com generated address data held in one string. It uses a list of countries in col C to find matches and adds the country...
  3. J

    Referencing an "icon"

    On the INSERT menu of the Excel ribbon, right under "shapes" you can insert an "icon". Once you've done that, how can you reference the resulting picture via VBA? I tried searching but most of what comes up for "icons" is in relation to conditional formatting.... Thanks!
  4. S

    Searching multiple values in Custom Filter

    Is it possible to search for several matching numbers when running a search from the Filter drop down dialog box or even with the 'Text Filters > Custom Filters' option? I tried putting a comma between each value but it didn't work. Thanks in advance.
  5. R

    Searching an array for a match

    I have a array that looks like this: UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price ... UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC can have duplicates (tracking prices over time) The list could be quite long (a few thousand lines?), I'm looking for the fastest way to search the array...
  6. W

    Counting number of cells that satisfy a range of conditions

    Hi all, Really stuck in a project right now - help is much appreciated!! Let's assume I have 7 columns of data, A/B/C/D/E/F/G. What I need is (the count of) the number of rows whereby: Column A must have a value of at least 1. Column B must be <= Column C minus the sum of Columns D/E/F in...
  7. V

    Vba code editing

    Hi, Thanks in advance I am using the following vba code, Code: Sub MG09Aug48 Dim Rng As Range, Dn As Range, Rw As Long, col As Long, nRng As Range, R As Range With CreateObject("scripting.dictionary") .CompareMode = vbTextCompare Set nRng = Range("B2:B4") For Rw = 0 To 2 Set Rng =...
  8. D

    Searching in Excel crashing/Flickers

    Hello, this has been an on-going issue but now it's getting out of hand. My excel crashes, I can't close it from the taskbar nor can I CTRL, ALT & DEL, so have to power down. Usually I've got 6-7 spreadsheets open working on a 3 screen setup. Since last night, I tried a few different ways...
  9. F

    Searching for a more efficient way of transposing my data from rows to one row

    I have a tedious amount of these to do (200 files to be exact), some help would be massively appreciated: Say I have 8 rows of numbers from column A to L, like so: 123456... 123456... 123456... and so on, but I need to transpose them to this format: 123456...123456...123456... all in row...
  10. K

    how should this line of code be written/structured?

    PURPOSE: If a specfic checkbox on a userform is checked, then it needs to look in a specific cell for a specific string on a worksheet and if found, then that row is to remain visible, and if not then then that row is to be hidden. MY PROBLEM: The range that it is to be searching in has already...
  11. S

    Search across rows for "inches symbol" extract up to 2 digits to left

    Hi all! I've been searching all over for a solution and I'm stuck, so I'm turning to the experts. I have a large spreadsheet with data scattered across multiple rows. Example '2" yellow webbing' might be in cell C4 or it could be in T4 or anywhere in between. I want to search cells between...
  12. Y

    VBA - Open files from folder

    Hello all, I am searching for a vba code to open all xls files in a folder if the name of these files contains a specific text. It would be great to ask me when name i am searching, when run the vba. I made one that opens all files, but... Sub OpenFiles() <code spellcheck="false"...
  13. A

    Searching down column and displaying value?

    <tbody> Tom Richard Harry Tom Richard Harry </tbody> What formula do I put in the top row - which searches down that column for a non-empty cell, and displays the result? I'm having no luck with the LOOKUP commands... Thanks for the help!
  14. H

    Evaluate(Replace Query

    Hi I'm using the below bit of code: bk.Sheets(1).Range(addr).Value = Evaluate(Replace("IF(@<>""APPLE"",FALSE,@)", "@", addr)) addr is the range I'm searching through using xlUp. I'm trying to get to the above to work whereby it will find "Apple" anywhere in the string in the cells as its...
  15. R

    populating multiple cells from a dropdown list

    I just might not be looking in the right area. I've been searching for a day an a half now and I seem to be stuck searching (Einstein's Crazy Statement inserted her) Let's say I have a dropdown box in cell A5 with a column header of month. B5 is season C5 is Holiday and D5 is temperature...
  16. R

    Using vlookup and isnumber(search together?

    Hi, I am hoping that there is a way to link a vlookup formula with a isnumber(search formula. I have a working ISNUMBER(SEARCH formula, but what I would like to do is to add in a VLOOKUP so that I am searching within the right cell for the text string. To furhter complicate what I am trying to...
  17. DippNCope

    stuck searching

    I need some help in searching. I have a list of software in Column C and a list of install paths in Column D . Both are in named ranges, softwarelist and installpaths. I want to enter Adobe in B1 and have formula return every instance of adobe it finds in softwarelist or C:C and return it's...
  18. S

    Naming Worksheets with a Variable without using a cell

    I've been working with naming worksheets, and all the code I've found uses a cell then names the worksheet the cell contents. It got me wondering and searching to see if it's possible to bypass using a cell. I don't know if it's impossible or I'm not searching with the correct terms. Is there a...
  19. dreid1011

    Shapes question.

    Good morning, I am building a tech tree/flow chart and I had an idea to make it a little more user friendly as it may become quite convoluted down the road. The idea would be to highlight/color change any connected lines/arrows when selecting a specific point(shape) in the chart. I tried a...
  20. G

    Bogging down

    I have one Excel file that is slow to open, often crashes Excel, etc. The only "complicated formula" (I have some "left" and "right" trim formulas) the worksheet has are v-lookups but I have limited the ranges searched- not searching entire columns. I have also saved the file in binary...

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