1. S

    IF with two conditions

    Hi I need formula with if command in column E based on data from A to D, Secondary no Discount <tbody> Segment Transmission Value Discount % Result Primary AUTO 1000 20% 200 Primary<strike></strike> MANUAL 1000 10% 100 Secondary AUTO 1000 0% 0 Secondary<strike></strike> MANUAL...
  2. D

    Secondary Sorts in Tables

    I am familiar with using Custom Sorts for secondary sorts in tables. However, I was wondering if there is an easier way. Generally, one can simply click on the drop down arrow in a column header while holding the control key to designate it as a secondary sort, but that doesn't seem to work in...
  3. JackDanIce

    Add vertical line to chart

    Hi, I have a graph based on a 3-column data table where x- axis is time (months, Jun 2019 to Dec 2020) Primary y-axis is account balance ($0 to $3.5m) Secondary y-axis is PnL (-$300k to $200k) August 2020 is first month PnL > $0 (Aug 2020 as the answer is calculated in a different cell) How...
  4. A

    Search secondary workbooks for specific tabs in an ".xlsx" file

    I normally use a basic code that looks into a secondary workbook and scrolls through all that tabs for me (example scroll below). However, what I just realized was that I'm always running this against other macro enabled files. And earlier when I tried it against an ".xlsx" file, it would not...
  5. G

    Vlookup two sets of criteria

    I have some good samples of Vlookup, where one might want to look up something in one place. Is it possible to do a second vlookup using two search criteria? In other words, if my lookup was a simple one, do that first, and then look up a secondary item, and if it is there return the answers...
  6. L

    Converting multpile rows per patient to one row per patient

    Hi, I have a table of patients and their diagnoses where eachline contains a separate diagnosis and there can be many lines per patient. I need to convert this to one row per patient with all ofthe diagnoses ordered Primary 1 diagnosis code, Primary 1 DiagnosisDescription, Secondary 1 diagnosis...
  7. M

    Secondary Axis line chart

    In a 2010 Excel chart, can I have different Y-axis scales (a primary and secondary axis) for a line chart? I see how to make a secondary Y-axis for bar charts, but can't figure out how to apply this to a line chart.
  8. T

    Help with possible Index Match Match?

    Hi All, This may be an impossible task so bear with me. I have the following raw data: <tbody> Owner Account ID Industry Industry# Account # Joe 1 Plumber Primary Industry Primary Account Joe 2 HVAC Secondary Industry Secondary Account Bob 3 Plumber Primary Industry Primary Account...
  9. V

    SUMIF with multiple criteria and first instance only

    Hi there - I'm trying to sum all of the data in column D that have either a yes in the primary or secondary category, but only include the first instance of that value. In the example below, the sum would be 3 (1 for A, 2 for B). Please help!! :) <tbody> Area Primary Site Secondary Site Value...
  10. S

    How to include a secondary y axis in a line chart vba?

    I have the following code building charts, but am stumped as to how to successfully include a secondary y axis. the hasaxis properties don't seem to be including a secondary axis With ch .HasTitle = True .ChartTitle.Text = aa & StartDate & " to " & EndDate...
  11. H

    Ways to filter automatically

    Hello There, I currently have a spreadsheet tab with a search function which pulls data from another sheet within the doc. The search function has one primary search option and then a secondary. I need to be able to filter the secondary column to ensure there is no data shown which is...
  12. A

    simulate crosstab

    I have been given a list of patient info relating to treatments offered. Its in the form of a new line for each treatment. Some patients have a single treatment, others have multiple treatments. All treatments are identified as either "Primary" for the first treatment, and "Secondary" for all...
  13. W

    Data population on worksheets

    I have a worksheet that is a master list of all my accounts. I have several aditional sheets that pull specific data ranges to them so I can send only the pertinent information to specific people. The problem I have is if a row is deleted or inserted into the main sheet it populates errors on...
  14. V

    Insufficient memory when closing unnecessary workbook!?

    Hey guys, I'm getting an inexplicable memory error while trying to optimize my code. My macro is pretty big and totally not optimized, but it shouldn't be exceeding the limits of this computer quite yet. Even stranger so: the error only occurs when trying to close an unnecessary workbook...
  15. cnestg8r

    Secondary Horizontal Axis

    Jon Peltier makes a masterful presentation for ALL things related to excel charts. Thank you! Most recently I have followed his diversified methods of adding horizontal lines for average or n-sigma ranges. I am using excel 2016. After I get to the paste special step, I can see the series has...
  16. L

    secondary scale

    Hi I want to draw a chart for the table below. I have 2 charts in one. I created 2 charts with different Axis (one is secondary). So far so good. Then I wanted to delete the axis and right click on each chart and then click on "Add data labels". After adding Data Labels, I thought I do not need...
  17. I

    if condition matches then copy till next match to new sheet under match

    Hi Excel Gurus, below is sample data i have on column A on sheet1, on sheet2 i have headings based on interfaces from below, if there is a match then copy ip address and ipv6 address line to matched column on sheet2. this needs to be looped until the end when blank cell. There might be...
  18. P

    Help from a Graph Expert, please - Comine stacked graph with secondary axis

    Hi all, Firstly, I'll start by saying i'm a complete graph novice so this might be really simple but I've tried reading through loads of posts and just cant seem to find the answer. I'd like to design a stacked graph (where only 1 data point on the horizontal axis has any positive values) and...
  19. B

    Help adding a secondary vertical axis to graph in 2010 version

    Hello, Excel has changed a lot since I last had to do this . . . I am in Excel 2010. Trying to add a secondary vertical axis to a graph. Excel help says select chart type: Combo. However there is no chart type combo option, my list of chart types stops at Radar. Is there another method? Thank...
  20. L

    Position of Userform when appear

    Hi all, I have a userform, and it pop up when triggered and I have two monitors. I want it to appear on the same position where my excel is. If my excel is on primary monitor, then the userform will appear on primary, same if my excel is on secondary monitor. it has to appear on secondary...

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