security warning

  1. F

    Bypassing Website Security Certificate in Excel Refresh

    Hi, I currently have a code that runs when I open a workbook that simply refreshes all external data links, sorts information into order, saves and closes. A couple of different websites that I'm linked to have issues with certificates, and a popup appears halfway through the refresh all...
  2. V

    VBA Excel 2007 Security warning when closing workbook with Task Manager

    In Excel 2007 I Create file and macro (vba), I protected workbook using password and to avoid Security warning when closing file through icon red (X) and reopen file and after save my data and indeed, the problem is solved Steps 1- to avoid Security warning (code problem solved is down )2-...
  3. M

    Excel DDE security warnings and macro security settings

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that uses DDE and macros. I am trying to automate opening the file to ensure it is always running i.e. need to reopen the file if it closes for any reason; but these error/security warning messages are getting in the way of having the file actively working. When...
  4. S

    Macros have been disabled. Enable content work-around

    I have a spreadsheet that has numerous macros within it across multiple sheets. I send this spreadsheet to others outside of my company, but the "Macros have been disabled. Enable Content" warning always shows up when the spreadsheet is first opened. I understand the security measures, but is...
  5. J

    Macro security frustrations!

    Hi, I am incredibly new to programming in general, and especially to VBA. I'm having fun learning except for one really frustrating thing which I cannot seem to find a solution to anywhere. I started a project yesterday, ran the macros happily with no issues, but today, (as has happened before...
  6. K

    Automatically enable l macros

    I have an Excel2003 workbook which collects & summarises data from nearly 100 individual CSV files. For ease of use, macros are used to help navigation. The CSV files are updated every night. I want to also update the workbook automatically every night. Is there a way in VBA to 'Enable'...
  7. P

    Hyperlinks security warning

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new at macros but I have been able to build a macro to create a series of monthly cost reports to be distributed to different managers. The workbook consists of two tabs a distribution tab (who gets what report) and the report itself which is linked to our BI...
  8. Shalih

    Outlook Security WARNING

    I need some help on figuring out how to send an email through Excel without getting the Microsoft Security message that asks you to Allow the message to be sent. I do not need any third party tool to be installed. Please help. [ Sub Try_this() Dim OLF As Outlook.MAPIFolder, olMailItem As...
  9. K

    Macro security options

    I am working in Excel 2007 When I open my spreadsheet, I see the macro security banner and have the option of clicking on it and then enabling macros. However, sometimes I forget and start working on the spreadsheet and notice that the macro security banner has disappeared. Is there a way to...
  10. F

    auto enable macro on specifc sheet / disable security warning on specific sheet

    Dear all can anybody tell me how to disable security warning on one specific sheet. I just want excel to enable my macro automatically on one specific sheet, pls help!

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