1. E

    Change Events with multiple instances of Excel

    I am using the multithread tool by Tomasz Kacprowicz at Usually this tool works great but is failing for a new model in which a Sheet_Change event is used to automate the goal seek function. When the model is run with only 1 instance of...
  2. M

    Goal Seek not working in my office 365

    Hello Evryone I have a problem in my office 365, in using goal seek When I use it, it change the set value by the value i has entered without changing the cell that must be changed This is an exemple A1 = 1 / A2= 2/ A3= A1+A2=3 (My goal is to have 100 in cell A3 by changing A1=> The...
  3. V

    Goal Seek or similar to amend several cells rather than just one

    Say there is a value in cell E1, which has been calculated from the contents of cells in column D. With Goal Seek one can alter the number at E1 by changing one of the cells in column D. Rather than altering a single cell in that column, should I need to more than one to obtain the required...
  4. A

    Goal Seek shows correct answer but won't stop iterations

    I am running goal seek on two different workbooks. WB1 has an interest rate that modifies the value of the other workbook via basic multiplication. I am goal seeking the sum of the products. When I step through the goal seek iterations, it lands precisely on the sum I want. But goal seek...
  5. S

    goal seek using vba ?

    I have a macro that calculates a function. There re 3 inputs to the function Often I use the excel spreadsheet to do a goal seek to set the result of that faction by allowing one of the inputs to vary Is there a simple way to program this in vba or do I basically have to write a complete...
  6. V

    Goal Seek a Range Where the Total Variance of each Row and the Total Variance of each Column must be = 0

    Hi, I will explain.See the table below <tbody> a b c TOTAL TARGET VARIANCE R1 1 1 2 3 -1 R2 1 1 2 2 0 R3 1 1 2 1 1 TOTAL 3 1 2 6 6 0 TARGET 2 2 2 6 VARIANCE 1 -1 0 </tbody> The total target of the rows and columns will always equal each...
  7. X

    Goal seek with Rand values

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to randomize some of the inputs to a goal seek calculation that I can run multiple times for different random values. This creates the problem of goal seeking on continually generating random values which doesn't work. is there a way to freeze the random values functions...
  8. B

    VBA - Goal Seek where columns change each week

    So I'm trying to create a quick and easy goal seek macro, but every week the columns will shift over 1, so setting a static cell won't work. Is there a way to offset the goal seek or have it find a certain value and use that column? This is what I have so far, but I can't seem to get further...
  9. T

    Separate GPS Coordinates

    <tbody> Coordinates Latitude Longitude 3.321151, 101.575798 Formula to Seek Only Before Comma Formula to Seek only After Comma </tbody> Possible ?
  10. I

    VBA Goal Seek with Moving Reference Cell

    Hello All, I have a simple goal seek code in a sheet. However, we frequently add rows above where this goal seek happens. The BJ column will always be the same, but the row number will change. Is there any way to have the cell reference change in the VBA as the sheet expands/contracts? I've...
  11. W

    VBA macro with goal seek function?

    Hello everybody I am new to using macros with Excel, and I hope I can get some guidance here. In a nutshell, I have two worksheets A and B. Sheet A has a lot of user inputs. Worksheet B is in the background performing calcuations based on the info in sheet A. I would like to habe a button...
  12. M

    VBA Goal seek - Range

    Hi! I've got probably a simple question, but I cant't find the answer (Google, forums etc).. I'm not very good at VBA. That said, I manage to work out a Goal Seek function ta Works 95%.. I work in a bank and has to find out how many years a loan could spand over (term loan? - sorry my...
  13. leiarquel

    Finding the exact value from goal seek using solve button

    Hi, Is there any way that you can solve the exact value of a cell say E9=21.09 using goal seek. I assigned a button for a macro that solves the value of a E9. The problem is for example I input a value say 5, goal seek will return a value of 0 for E9. Hope i could assign a restrain say...
  14. A

    Goal Seek - Unable to find results

    I am attempting to set up goal seek, and it keeps finding a negative number, no matter how many different ways I try to set up the formulas. I have added photos so maybe someone could help me? Thanks in advance!!
  15. P

    Automating Goal Seek using a value entry cell to calculate value in spreadsheet cell

    Hello. This is my first experience doing this... I am trying to automate a Goal Seek Calculation as follows: Goal Seek B24 To Value X (value for X is entered in cell B6) By Changing B26 Obviously I can manually do this through the Goal Seek box, but I want to be able to enter specified...
  16. B

    Calculate deprecation based on a specific cell value

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have Excel report listing the future value of various assets, from that I seek to calculate the annual depreciation given a .025%. What I seek is assistance with my formula I'm attempting to calculate varying depreciation values based on the age of the asset. Example...
  17. J

    Macro for running goal seek in a column until there is no more data :)

    Took a VBA course a couple of years ago but man that knowledge went in and out :) I have x number of rows of data. I would like to run a macro that goal seeks by setting each cell in column R to 0 (zero) by changing the cells in the corresponding row in column Q, until there is no more rows...
  18. D

    Multiple goal seek

    Hi all, I’ve made up a spread sheet in which I change a variable (depth in my case) and then use goal seek to obtain a value for theta for that corresponding depth then manually record the value obtained. Is there a way to record the value obtained for that variable then change the variable and...
  19. W

    Graph Help

    Good Day Experts~ Really need a favor and help from all of you. I am trying to do the following graph, but my table is not giving the desired graph. Can I seek your expert advice on how my table format should be to achieve the end results. Thank you very much~ Appreciate it...
  20. A

    Goal Seek Bug

    Goal Seek is not working correctly for me for some reason. For example, take the three cells: A1, B1, C1. C1 = A1 + B1 A1 = 1 Now, I start Goal Seek and use the following information: Set: C1 To value: 8 By changing: B1 Instead of Goal Seek changing B1 to 7 (1 + 7 = 8), I get the...

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