1. gheyman

    Yes/No Message Box

    I would like to add a pop-up Message box that happens in this code after the DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord. "Do you want to return to the TSL?" If Yes then then DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_NIS_TSL", acNormal, "", "", , acNormal If No then the DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec command Any help is...
  2. V

    Is there any way to change range's values more efficiently than looping?

    I have a range of cells with values inside. The values have pattern such as '123-abc'. Now I need to change the value of selection to just 123. I currently use left function to loop over the selection. But it's very slow because I have 1000 cells.
  3. H

    VBA Selection

    Hello Friends, Is there a way to move the selection to the second column of that same row. Like if the selection (target cell) is lets say column H32 then I would want the code to make the selection to B32 or if the selection (target cell) in on A15 then i would want the code to make the...
  4. E

    Help with monthly average

    Hello all, after hours spent trying to find a solution online, which was unsuccessful, I decided to post a new thread and see if anyone could help me out. I have multiple pivot tables connected to timeline slicer where user can select time period to view data set. I found online how to get...
  5. D

    Data Validation - Lists

    Good afternoon all, I am looking to to list data validation over different columns but have it so that the selection in the first column will only show a certain selection in the second. So column A will show a certain supplier then column B will only show what that supplier provides, Column C...
  6. diddi

    Combobox Text behaviour

    Morning All! I have a minor but irritating problem with UDF comboboxes. I need to display a long text item for user to have correct information in selection, but do not need to display it all after selection. my annoyance is that after selection the content is always displayed right justified...
  7. D

    Upon selection of item in table row, need msg box to appear and have resulting number entered in table

    I have a table called npss_quote. The header row is A10:M10 with the data starting in row 11. Column B for each row in the table has a data validation list referring to a list of 7 items. Upon the selection of one of the items, Activities, I want a pop up msg box to appear. This allows you to...
  8. T

    How to create selection dependant comboboxs and define data source

    Hello, A forum contributer helped me create a dynamic array for 2 comboboxs which works great. Now I would like to understand how to either create a third combobox or set of third comboboxs based on the selection in box 2? Presently the first row of all columns is the title with the data below...
  9. G

    Delete all defined named ranges from a selection

    Is there a way to delete all named ranges from a selection? Here is the selection that I am trying to delete the named ranged from: Range("CompOverviewTable[[#Headers],[Competitor_one]]").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Offset(-1, 0).Select
  10. Z

    VBA treeview

    I am doing the parent, child method on the treelist that i am doing on a workbook. The list of data i am trying to make into this list is extensive. I am looking for suggestions to the worksheet i am linking on how to either layout my list better or be able to select specific cells. The...
  11. I

    Chart based on Store selection

    I rarely post questions on here as I've so often been able to find posts on how to solve my problem. In this case, I'm struggling. I want to chart data based on the selection of a Store. How do I do this? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Gross Sales Oct-18 Nov-18...
  12. M

    VBA move selection to different sheet and insert based on selection

    Hi, I am working on below to move a selection of rows in sheet x given the string "Dead" to a next sheet (sheet y) and subsequently insert the amount of rows selected in that next sheet. Can anyone give an example how to show this in the code? Many thanks! Sub Moverow() Dim i As Long...
  13. E

    Selection Change Macro Error when Autofilter Hides Row

    I have a selection change macro in a file that updates only when the selection occurs in the "NIIN" column of values. The macro works fine unless you apply a filter (from the preapplied AutoFilter) that hides the row that is currently being graphed and even if I select a now visible cell it...
  14. A

    Report Lookup Data

    Hello, I am struggling with a solution to select data within cells and skip cells that are blank. The following is a description of what I have going: Group 1 - Book Size 6 cells in 1 row Cell shows the size based on selection made. The selection can require up to 3 sizes. Group 2 - Book...
  15. D

    How to only allow 1 listbox selection at a time?

    Hi, I have 2 listboxes (ListBox1 and ListBox2). When I select something in listbox1, listbox2 deselects and vice versa. I have tried these in listbox1 and listbox2 change and click events: ListBox1.Selected(ListBox1.ListIndex) = False and ListBox2.Selected(ListBox2.ListIndex) = False They...
  16. B

    Filter Data from Drop Down List

    Hello All, This is what I need to do. I have a drop down list in sheet 1 that when a customer name is selected I want to copy in just the selected data for that customer name from another worksheet. I do not want to see all the records just the records associated for that customer. I've tried...
  17. L

    active cell in selected cells

    Hi I selected cells A1:A20. They are all selected and the active one now is A1. I can make A2 as an active one without losing the selection by pressing Tab key, I can make cell A10 as an active one by pressing tab key as well. My question, if A10 was the active one. How can I go back to cell A1...
  18. John.McLaughlin

    I want to control the order of cell selection during data entry.

    I have a simple worksheet to enter customer Info. I want to control the order of cell selection and reduce the users need to Tab Right. User enters First Name, press enter VBA to bounce right and enter Last Name (instead of Tab Right) After Last Name is entered, press enter VBA to drop down...
  19. FrumpyJones

    Have Excel grab (somewhat) random rows

    Hi Everyone. So I have data (say 500 rows). The data is broken up by persons, and what I want excel to do is ultimately grab a random sample of rows from each person (Let's say 5) and that the samples for each person must be at least two away from the previous one. In the real world there will...
  20. A

    Method for maintaining listbox possible values

    Hi, I'm usually an Excel person and not so much an Access person so please forgive my stupid question: I plan to build a database which in various forms rolling up into various tables I want to control selection choices a user can make. Some of these list might be 3 options long, some might be...

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