1. M

    [Comma Delimited String] Need Help Extract Values

    I have tried several formulas from this forum, but I cannot get what I need. I have a long spreadsheet with over 1000 values.... One of the columns....columns AC contains the following string....this is just an example... These strings are not fixed. There could only be one value or...
  2. J

    How to remove semicolons at the end of numbers but not between

    Hello, So, I'm working with numerical codes and some of them are separated by (;) and some are not. When I exported the file for some reason there would be 15 semicolons attached to the codes. I would like to remove the semicolons at the end of each number but need to keep the ones in between...
  3. S

    Deleting unwanted characters in a txt

    I use this code to write to a txt file: Dim rCell As Range Dim rRow As Range Dim sOutput As String Dim sFname As String, lFnum As Long 'Open a text file to write sFname = "\\SERVER\Company\FÖRETAGEN\RTFL Care AB\Tidrapporter\" + Range("e3").Value + ".txt" lFnum...
  4. U

    Semi colon as csv separator

    Hi all, I have a macro where i'm trying to convert an excel file to csv with semi-colon separator. I thought the method was to convert to csv, and secondly to replace coma by semi-colon but it's not working. It seems we can force the separator somehow, but I don't know how to do it inside my...
  5. Jan Hoffmann

    Exporting to CSV-format using comma instead of Semicolon

    Hello Everybody, I have an Excel-sheet, which I want to save as csv-format. I need the columns to be delimited by comma, however when I save the file as a csv-file, the columns are delimited by semicolon instead. How can I change this? Thank you in advance. Best regards Jan Hoffmann
  6. K

    Why does comma reverts to semicolon in data validation list on file reopen?

    This is frustrating me! I want to create a data validation list where some of the entries contain a comma. So I do like this: which gives me what I want, namely entries containing commas: I save the file and everything is fine... until I reopen it again. Then I see this: and when I go...

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