1. R

    Auto Splitting of Data

  2. K

    imported comma seperated data

    I have a sheet that i want to import data to (sheet1 B2) this data is seperated by a comma i want to seperate and create it listed in a single column on (sheet 2 B2, B3, B4 etc) can someone please help with a formula thanks in advance
  3. S

    Seperate WS sort highest to lowest

    I have a report that has over 1500 data points. On a separate ws, I want to pull in the top 10 values that are highest to least. how can I do this? Thanks
  4. J

    Pivot Charts

    Hi, I am wanting to have 3 pivot charts that change automatically, but all showing different data. So far i have my pivot showing A = Months B = Percentage C = Sales D = SIH (stock in hand) I have a pivot chart working no problem for the first column which is percentage, i have tried...
  5. F

    Excel question

    The first column contains last name, while the second column contains first name. How can I merge the two columns and seperate the two names with a comma? Thank you
  6. U

    Combine selected worksheets in multiple workbooks in a seperate, new workbook

    I have 5 workbooks and I need to pull two select, completed sheets out of each of those 5 in order to combine those into a new workbook. From there I am going to use that new workbook to run a print macro I already have. It's just cumbersome to go into each of the 5 workbooks, select the...
  7. A

    Entering an IF formula into an adjacent cell with VBA

    Dear all It's been a long time since I sought help from your goodselves and I have forgotten so much that even this seemingly easy task is alluding me. I have scoured the boards to see if I can canabalise code for my purpose but with little success. So here goes - please go easy on me and...
  8. R

    Excel formula to look for '??' or 2 seperate '?' characters

    Hi guys, anyone who knows a formula to give a true/false output if cells countain double question marks or two seperate questions marks? This should be the result: <tbody> H?eLlo? True Good?night False Goodmorning?? True ?Goodevening False B??ye True </tbody>
  9. E

    Search next row if conditions are not met

    Hi All, I have a large spreadsheet in which the data changes on a monthly basis, each month i need to go through all the rows and find any that are not equal to "0". Unfortunately it is not as simple as applying a filter as there a lot of formatting issues (Which i do not control). Currently...
  10. S

    Convert Text (number and text) into date

    <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 05August2011 28April2011 23February2010 16June2011 17October2011 10November2012 05September2012 </tbody> I have a list of text on this format. How can i tranform it into date. I tried to seperate them but i'm blocked, i don't know how to convert...
  11. E

    Convert XLSX to CSV

    hi, I would like VBA script to select xls or xslx files from chosen location, than convert them to CSV and reopen them as CSV each in seperate sheets ready to work on. Please Help. Thank You :) W.
  12. N

    Group / hide multiple seperate columns

    Hi, I need to group multiple seperate columns. The issue is excel will not let me group seperate columns using the standard group feature. Is anyone aware of any kind of workaround to allow me to emulate this. Normally I would be able to press the + sign to expand and - to retract, I need to...
  13. G

    Query or Table Issue

    Afternoon I have a table that holds an open and closed date in 2 seperate columns with a name in another and a column that states open or closed. Is there a way I can create a query that will give me in seperate columns the following Name - Raised Yesteday - Closed yesterday I know how to...
  14. proficient

    Spli data from cell to columns

    Hi everyone, I have number of cells having complete detail of an employee in one cell (for each) need to split by heading, data is like; Designation: Executive, ID card: 0011, DOJ: 25-May-2016 How can I seperate the data? As I need designation in seperate column, Executive in seperate and so on...
  15. R

    *Tricky* - trying to concatenate which will permit bullets when copied out

    Hi - this seems to be a bit tricky. I've got a sheet with columns - each column, say 3 of them, is a list of items (actually they're summary points from colleagues). I concatenate just using & but clean the text and skip the blanks. I add a CHAR(10) at the end of each point that I concatenate...
  16. M

    Automatically make 52 sheets with correct date

    Hi, I'd like some advice on improving my timesheet file I use for work. At the moment, I have a seperate excel file for each month with 4 x weekly timesheets as seperate worksheets. I'd like to condense this into one big file, with 52 sheets in, one for each week. I'd like each sheet to be...
  17. T

    Seperate product description into 3 bullet points. #Bullet Point, Product Description, Divide, Seperate, Features

    Hi everyone, Thank for coming in. I have product informations and would like to seperate into 5 bullet point like below. <tbody> Product Description BP1 BP2 BP3 Solid,durable,waterproof,rustless. A must-have tool for your car. Set you free from the danger by cutting the seat belt. You...
  18. L

    Convert text to columns multiple sheets

    Hello, I'm trying to create a macro in VBA which should convert all cells from B2 and downwards into mutiple columns. I got 8 sheets called D1, D2, ..., D8 - which all need to be affected by this macro. The character to seperate will be a comma. The macro will seperate dates from each other...
  19. M

    How do I seperate the first string of numbers from text in a cell?

    I am trying to separate out the first four or five numbers in a cell that are followed by two or three letters and then followed by two or three more numbers. The problem I am running into is there are no spaces separating any characters. The cells will look like the following. 13244vww98 or...
  20. H

    Help with generating a table based on data on sheet

    Hi all, I have a sheet of quite basic data, and would like to generate a table from it which reflects the number of times each sequence of data occurs. I had it figured out I suppose, then got caught out by the stumbling block - this report is run daily, the date will change each day and I...

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