1. S

    Setup a List Box to Work with a Subform in Access

    How would you setup a list box to filter in your subform using two different items in the list box?
  2. S

    Setup Combo Box (with 3 fields) - Assistance with why it won't sort my Form Items Correctly

    I have a Combo Box with (3) Fields: SELECT [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM], [GP Schedule].BEID, [GP Schedule].BusinessEntityName FROM [GP Schedule] WHERE ((([GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]) Is Not Null)) ORDER BY [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]; I have it setup and bound to Column 2 - which is the BEID. When I select...
  3. E

    Sending emails from excel based on row - Urgent

    Hi Team, I have a data as below and the data starts from row 3. Row 1 and 2 are headers. What i want macro to do is to create a new workbook for respective user and draft an email with standard text from outlook. In below example for James there should be 2 emails generated because the name is...
  4. P

    VBA Script for Copy/Transpose and combine cells - help requested

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to VBA and scripts so I finally decided to make a post after trying unsuccessfully to parse through things here and stackoverflow over the last couple days. The problem is that the software I'm using spits out the obtained data in a completely unusable way for...
  5. M

    user form Check box, recheck with code

    Can someone show me what code I would need to add to my current code. I want the "checkbox1" To look at the line that am on at on Column 'I" or "9" however that works and if the value is greater than "0" t recheck the box when the user form is opened. I am pretty new at this and have tried...
  6. P

    Index Match - bring back 2nd match

    I am trying setup an index match but I have 2 of the same value. How can I setup my index match to bring back the second match? thanks
  7. M

    Adding another dimension to an array and preserving

    So I have an array called Setup declared as a variant. i pass a range to the array eg A1:E7 and Setup becomes an array like this setup (1 to 7, 1 to 5) i want add another dimension (1 to 3) but preserve the range data already in the array. What’s the best way to do this? I know I can’t...
  8. H

    Mortality Expectation Calculation

    I have a mortality table for 100 people, and I'm trying to calculate the expected deaths each year for 20 years. This requires me to calculate the probability of one death and multiply by 1, then calculate the probability of two deaths and multiply by 2, and so on up to 100. The setup of the...
  9. W

    Does scheduled refresh works properly for someone?

    Hi guys, I am really struggling to use PowerBI in the following setup: I have a PowerBI desktop. I Created a project where I import data from an excel file on my PC and I installed personal gateway and setup a scheduled refresh, so it will be published online also. I get to endless problems...
  10. L

    Userform Print in Landscape

    Can anyone help, share idea, how to code VBA excel to page setup of userform and print userform in landscape.
  11. B

    Conditional formatting rule

    Hello, is there anyone that would know how to setup a conditional formatting rule to bold any number that is in column A if it's appearing in column R?
  12. L

    Excel graph with 2 legends

    Hi all, I want to create a graph based on years (2017, 2018 and 2019), companies (A1, A2 and A3) and type of product (cake, chocolate and cookie). I know it's possible to create a graph based on 2 of these, but it is possible to based one on all of them? If so, how should I setup my data? Thanks.
  13. N

    Return Reference for date between dates

    I have this setup COL A - COL B - COL C F1 - 01/01/2016 - 31/02/2016 F2 - 01/01/2017 - 31/02/2017 F3 - 01/01/2018 - 31/02/2018 F4 - 01/01/2019 - 31/02/2019 For a specific date that falls within a given period, i wish to return the relevant reference. F1, F2, F3, F4 So e.g. for 30/03/2017 the...
  14. B

    Help with repeating formula automatically adjust cells

    I really can't word this well, so I'll explain what I mean. I have 2 sheets, the first one you manually type things and the 2nd formats it into a certain way. The first sheet is setup vertically with names being the rows, and the formatted sheet has the names as the columns. To format the 2nd...
  15. T

    Intraday stock data from Yahoo Finance using JSON

    Hi all, This is my first post here - Please be kind: I am new to VBA /JSON and Power query. I am trying to retrieve this table in Excel (I use Excel 2010 and/or Excel 365): How...
  16. N

    VBA to Setup Pivot Tables Not Working

    Hi, I have VBA code that sets up a pivot table, but for some reason my range is not selecting properly. It is supposed to select the range starting in cell A1 to last column and last row. But instead it is selecting A:AS. Here is the code. The part that is not working properly is...
  17. M

    Display 1 or 0 based on multiple conditions. If one is accomplished, stop the second one from running.

    Hey guys I have another problem if you could please help me, thank you. I have this setup: I want to display 1 in column M for the first item that has the condition Yes, column K is a drop down with Yes and No. I don't know how to stop the second formula to run if the first one is...
  18. J

    Static to Dynamic Chart - Update Series

    How would I go about updating the series on a chart that is currently setup like this to utilize a table? Series Name: =Harrisburg!$H$6 Series Values: =Harrisburg!$H$7:$H$146 The table is already setup and when I create a new chart from that table the data series information looks the same...
  19. M

    Page Setup: Title Rows, Header and Footer with References

    I'm trying to use .PageSetup to get a few pages in a workbook ready for print, but I'm having trouble getting the expected response with Title Rows, and I can't find a good code example for using VBA to insert a header (and footer) with cell references. Below is the code that I have, and I need...
  20. Johnny Thunder

    Anyone have a link to the Excel Jeanie or a Copy of the Download Files in English?

    I am currently using the German version and it works great but I always end up having to retranslate alot of the text when it generates HTML code. I can setup a Google Drive Folder for the files to be placed inside for other users if someone has it? Please let me know, thanks!

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