shared workbook

  1. C

    Custom Ribbon Strange Behaviour in Shared Workbook Saved in Maximized Window Mode

    Hello! I have gotten so much help from this board and I do not feel the greatest where my first contribution is in the form of another question/problem, but now that I am here, who know!? I will try and keep it short. I have built an Excel-based scheduling tool with a custom ribbon in a shared...
  2. J

    Identify if shared workbook is locked by another user before running macro

    Hi All, Ive searched and searched and cant find an answer to my query. If it has been answered already please point me in the right direction. I have a shared excel workbook where multiple staff could be in at the same time. Staff input and update data via a userform. To populate the excel...
  3. Martin_H

    The code runs slowly [VBA]

    Hi, I use this code (see below) to collect data from 4 different worksheets into a central worksheet called ß_PCF. It works well, but it's a bit slow. It usually takes around 10 seconds. It should be noted that this code runs in a shared and locked workbook. Would it be possible to run it...
  4. 7

    Shared Workbooks with VBA

    Hi, i have developed the following architecture to manage and report on the bidding process: - a workbook that generates quotes in a CPQ format, deployed on the salespersons local machine - after the bids are finalized the salesperson automatically uploads the quote in a centrally hosted...
  5. K

    row highlight code doesnt work in Shared WorkBook

    Dear All, Following code is to highlight the Row in the given range when a cell is selected. This codes works perfectly alright until the time the workbook is Shared. "Application defined or Object defined error" is shown when the workbook is Shared. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal...
  6. K

    Protect SharedWorkbook

    Dear All, I have a workbook which has to be shared between 3 to 4 people, who will update data at the same time. but depending on the user opening the file, certain sheets to be hidden and visible. How do i achieve the same. Kindly suggest. Regards Krishnamoorthy S
  7. J

    Change from Shared Workbook to Coauthoring

    Hi, I have created a client manager in excel 2013 at work which uses the shared workbook feature. I need to use drop down lists so all the data validation needs to be set up before i share the workbook. If we make any mistakes we have to unshare the workbook, copy and paste the 'data validation...
  8. C

    Restriction to users in specific sheets in a shared workbook

    Hi, I have a shared workbook where there will be many users working together simultaneously. Lets say users are "A", "B", "C", "D" and so on. I want to code the file such that user A can only access the spreadsheet that is to be worked by him and other users should not have edit/delete access...
  9. E

    Shared Workbook issues and error messages

    Office 2010, Windows 10, An Excel Shared workbook being used by 12 Users stored in a shared folder on the network server. The issue is when a user tries to save the workbook after making their changes, they get the following error message. Then they have to close the file and lose their...
  10. J

    Excel VBA message box for multi-user updates

    Hi, I have a shared workbook with the option of autosave and update set to every 5 minutes. I would like that after an auto update and save if a user modified a specific cell a message box will appear. I have already tried Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) and Worksheet_Calculate()...
  11. N

    VBA User Form in a shared workbook

    Hello, I have searched high and low but to no avail. Please can anyone help...? :confused::confused::confused: I have built a user form in excel, which I need to be updated by multiple users, so I have shared the workbook. Upon clicking 'Save' the date is transferred to the next available line...
  12. V

    Shared workbook - but users see different information!

    We have been using a shared workbook with various tabs (excel 2010 - now 2013) for about 6 months now without any issues. However, 1 of the 6 users reported today that when she opens the shared workbook, she now can only see data from 2 months ago - not the most recent version (even though she...
  13. J

    Run user form in Shared Workbook

    Hi all Is there a way to run a user form in a shared Workbook??
  14. J

    Activate Macro/vba for a shared workbook

    Hi All Is there any way to keep your Macro's (VBA) enabled on a shared workbook???<strike></strike>:confused:
  15. S

    Running VBA macros in a shared document

    I have an excel workbook which has several VBA forms with macros running to handle the information inserted by the user. Everything runs well until I define the workbook as shared, allowing others to make changes to it. Once defined, one of the forms aborts with the following error: 'Run time...
  16. D

    VBA to save shared workbook any time a cell is modified ?

    I am completely new to VBA, but from what I know it seems this should be possible. Could anyone please walk me through how (and where) to enter a VBA that will automatically save the shared workbook any time any user changes any cell. The practical application is that I have a PO log that...
  17. C

    Does Shared Workbook feature work when file is managed through SharePoint ?

    Dear All, From the web link : I have understood that the SHARED WORKBOOK feature in Excel, allows multiple user to read and write on a single EXCEL Workbook kept on a common...
  18. E

    Any way to force-close a shared workbook without writing to file?

    Hello fellow Excel guys, I'm a developer for my company, and we use a shared workbook which is accessed by several people through the day. It relies heavily on VBA (so much so that I have separated out the code into an .xlam add-in which is referenced from the main file, in order to keep the...
  19. M

    Can't delete excel file "because the file is open in another program"

    Hello, I'm having a huge problem with a shared workbook that is being used by a few people at my office. I created a template which is used to SaveAs a new workbook each day. This workbook is shared and was working fine up until a week ago. Now every time a second user tries to open the...
  20. Alan_P

    Shared Workbook - Auto close when idle too long, still showing as open?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if someone can help, I have a shared workbook that I've added the below code to so that it automatically saves and closes if someone has it open for 30 minutes and hasn't used it (it was constantly annoying people leaving it open all the time!!) :banghead: It works...

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