sheet 1 & 2

  1. V

    VBA - sheets comparison

    Hello everyone. I need a VBA to compare two sheets and highlights the unique values. I have this VBA, but it also highlights if a cell changed it´s position, which I don’t need. I only need the VBA to highlight which cells have different values and the unique cells in each sheets. Sub...
  2. F

    Check and copy most current non blank cell over the course of a month

    I enter the daily sales report for each sales person ... it is an updated total every day i am trying to create a monthly tally for all the other information with the spreadsheet but i need it to reference over the course of the whole month, final sales totals can be up to $50,0000 for the month...
  3. R

    A Macro that imports row data from another sheet?

    Hi everyone, I need a Macro that populates a range of cells with a formula. At first, I thought this would be an easy problem... but I'm starting to think that it is a more advanced problem than I originally guessed. To explain: In my spreadsheet, I have two sheets: PERM_DATA and...
  4. Jyggalag

    Please help me create an IndexMatch-like formula

    Dear all, I am currently sitting with a rather large sheet of data. I have made a smaller, and more simple data sheet for simplicity's sake. Currently I have the following information: As you can see, the data for 2016 has already been filled out (through an old and more manual method)...
  5. Mister_J

    Can you Mirror/Link cells on different sheets that work both ways?

    Little bit of background: I have set up an excel chart that allows me to track projects that I'm working on and update the status as phases are completed. It is not really being used to calculate values just track data that I need to monitor and update as tasks are completed. This chart contains...
  6. S

    Master Sheet and sub sheets

    Hi guys, I'm attempting to build a master sheet that contains employee information. I want only the master sheet to be editable. I have roughly 500 employees listed, along with 10 other relevant columns. I want to break down the next sub sheets into office positions. I have 8 different...
  7. S

    Dynamic Search bar in excel from partial input in an other Sheet

    Hi everybody, I'm working in Human Ressources and I'm creating a file with a lot of datas on our employees. I have a Workbook with several Worksheet and i'd like to make a dynamic Search bar with a dynamic list box to display results, this "search bar" would've to fill the "result box" in...
  8. H

    Help, Copy next cell and paste it

    Hi there! I have a problem with copy and pasting values into another sheet with a button(Macro). I will explain what i mean. For example, i have 2 columns, A and B in sheet1. Column A is ID number. (Every ID is unique) Column B is Orders. (Between 1-50) Lets say that i have 10 rows with...
  9. A

    Need assistance to copy data to next empty row in another sheet

    I am new to VBA and would greatly appreciate some assistance with this. I have a spreadsheet that will take all the data in Sheet1, Column A and will copy the data into Sheet2. The macro I currently have will transpose all the data from Sheet1:Column A to Sheet2 into 9 columns, then it will...
  10. L

    Copy cells from 1 sheet to another in a loop using a different starting and ending position

    Hi could you please help me with this loop. I’m trying to copy all cells from my current sheet starting at “B9” down. To a New sheet Starting at cell “A34” I marked out the 2 areas where I’m stuck. Thanks Range("B9").Select ‘ starting point Dim x As Variant Dim Icount As...
  11. W

    Running recorded macro on different workbook

    My brain is hurting from trying to figure this out, so any help would be greatly appreciated : ) I already have a Macro saved to my Personal file in order to use it on any workbook -- the macro is intended to add information to 'Sheet2' of a workbook, as well as paste data from 'Sheet1', as...
  12. S

    How to use a variable in another sheet/workbook

    Hello everybody, I have been working on a task where I have to copy some data from cell A1 and A2 in sheet2 of a workbook to a macro that uses it later. I have declared some variable and the values present in sheet2, cell A1 & A2 is assigned to them. But it gives me "Runtime error 9 : Script...
  13. L

    Hopefully and easy question

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing alot of processing on Sheet1 and putting the output on Sheet2. Can you tell me how to change my code so it will write out to "Sheet2" without flipping back and forth from "Sheet2" to "Sheet1" Here is my code: Sub Grid_Dates() ' ' Grid_Dates Macro ' '...
  14. E

    Automatically copy and re-sort data on different sheets I have a list of 3-letter codes in column A which are associated with dates in column B. This list contains dates for the entire year of 2014, and must be sorted by column A, alphabetically. On sheet 2 (titled Returns per Month)...
  15. S

    Run Time Error For Copying Rows Based on Cell Value Using Filter

    Good day, I would appreciate any input in solving my problem. I have put together a simple calculator providing outputs in selected sheets. The Data goes beyond 6000 rows at times. I have been searching to solve this problem for the past 4 hours with different variation, but I like the idea of...
  16. K

    Deleting Row from Sheet 2 if Sheet 1 condition True

    Dear All, I have different sheets Called "Master", "AD", "E-mail", "Internet". I like to make it in a way that If I change master sheet it will reflect in the other sheet. As if I change ABC AD value to No the it will delete all the ABC Name Rows from the other sheets as well. Maseter...
  17. M

    Command Button (ActiveX Control) and VBAs

    I have two sheets in my workbook, Sheet 1 & Sheet 2. Sheet one includes several rows of data, spreading out between columns A-G. The G Column is a command button. I want the Command Button to move the data from that row in Sheet 1, to the next available row in Sheet 2. I imagine that a VBA code...
  18. M

    Automatic Data Transfer Sheet 1 to Sheet 2

    Hey Everyone, I have several rows of data. The last cell for each row (Column E) includes a checkbox. Once checked, the cell is marked complete. Is there a way to have that row transfer to Sheet 2 of the same workbook once the cell is marked complete? Thank you for any help.
  19. C

    copy qty's from sheet1 to sheet2 w/ diff layout

    Hi! My boss wants me to update daily 2 files with almost the same content but with entirely different format. I think theres less error & I can do tons of other work if I can only update file 1 & file 2 automatically updates itself. Im a new to formulas so this one is complicated for me. Can...

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