sheet names

  1. B

    Sheetname 'problem' and another Index-match problem

    first, I'm sorry for another index-match question, I have noticed a lot of these topic here. But I can't find one that helps me. Possible that I just suck a searching. But I've learned a lot from this site. Working on the Dutch version of 365 Question one: My excel file consists of a...
  2. P

    Copy data from cell range from previous day

    Hi all, So I am with a small challenge today. I have been working in some file I am not figuring out hot to solve this. So my problem: I have a Monthly Excel file, with some sheets. This sheets names (all days in the month) are the dates, as example: 01.01.2021, 02.01,2021.... etc... What...
  3. M

    Formula which reads specific Sheet names

    Hi Is it possible to create a formula which reads subsequent Sheet names? So if I had data in Sheet 1, for example, I'd like cell A1 to read the name of Sheet 2 (which would be called 'Chocolate') cell A2 to read the name of Sheet 3 (which would be called 'Crisps') I know you can use...
  4. M

    Spaces in tab names

    Hi, I'm trying to extract some data from an old workbook which is locked (and the password is unknown and I cannot crack it). I have managed to type in the location of data in the old workbook into a new workbook to extract it (=[OldSheetName.xls]OldSheetName!A1 and fill down), which works...
  5. A

    SUM on Every Sheet that Totals a Cell in Every Sheet With Same First 3 Letters of Own Name

    Hi all. Thank you for any help with this. New to the forum and stumped with this - not sure if it's best done with a SUM formula or with VBA instead. I have a workbook with sheet (tab) names like so: AAA00001, AAA00002, AAA0000A, BBB0000X, BBB00003, etc., etc. On each of these sheets, I have...
  6. ChrisRamsden

    Find sheet to pull data using sheet name in another workbook.

    Hi again everyone, Got another problem i would love some help with, and after having so much success here recently i wanted to challenge you all again. I am currently writing a macro to scan through multiple files looking for the sheet name which matches a cell reference in another workbook...
  7. M

    VBA to find and list all sheets with specific text, and place the sheet names in range to be used as loop

    VBA to find and list all sheets with specific text, and place the sheet names in range to be used as loop. I need help to make a few macros please. The first Macro “FindSheets” is to find and list all the sheet names which have a specific word/text/phrase. Let’s say “BOWCHICAWOWWOW”. Then...
  8. D

    HELP with Sheet names

    I am working on a spreadsheet that has a master sheet named weekly chart and a lot of other sheets named by dates. On the weekly chart sheet I have dates that I change each time I send the spreadsheet out. When I change these dates I want it to change all the sheet names on the remaining...
  9. D

    Naming Sheets by Date

    I am having trouble figuring out a VBA code to name all the sheets in my worksheet dates. I want to be able to change the dates in my main worksheet and automatically rename each sheet based off the dates I have entered. Please help!!
  10. G

    Referencing an array of cells to toggle sheet visibility based on each cell's content

    Hi, I'm trying to writea code that doesn't require stepping into vba to effect the outcome of themacro. Currently, I have acode that toggles the visibility of an array of sheets if the target cellmatches certain conditions (blue or dark blue fill). This code works great.However, I want to...
  11. G

    Check if sheet name exists, and insert sheet name and cell value into a table if true

    Hi, I'm havingconsiderable trouble writing a macro to do the following: 1) Select aparticular sheet in the workbook 2) Select a cell inthat worksheet 3) Check using a forloop if sheets exists and then insert data into a table if true The sheets I'mchecking for existence (whether they are...
  12. C

    Request assistance: VBA Code to create a drop down menu in a particular cell of a sheet using sheet names in the workbook, and based on pick taking da

    Ok, so I have been browsing the site for several days and haven't found anything that really addressed my situation so decided to make an account and ask my question. Also I'm not sure if my entire post title is visible so I'll go into as much detail as necessary below to explain my situation...
  13. M

    Create sheets based on cell value

    I have the following code '--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Create sheets for all agents in column E V2.0 '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim...
  14. S

    Tying a Sheet Name to a Cell within a Macro

    Hi All, I saw the earlier post of tying a sheet name to a Cell but I am creating a Macro that will take data and split it into 7 separate workbooks then take the data that is split and create new sheets that will sum up the data and add pivot tables to the data. This will all be done...
  15. A

    Starting sheet numbering with Sheet1

    Hi everyone, I have a worksheet in which I am inserting a variable number of new sheets monthly. I need the inserted sheets to always start with Sheet1, Sheet2 etc for further code to work (if you inserted Sheet1 and deleted it, newly generated sheets would start numbering with Sheet2 unless...
  16. G

    formula to point to a sheet

    Can anyone help me with an elegant solution for pointing at a spreadsheet name automatically? I have a few sheets called 1999, 2000, 2001 and so on and I would like to point to them from an ID list instead of writing the sheet's name Main sheet...
  17. H

    VBA that formats sheetname based on the sheetname itself

    I get an excel workbook everyweek that has 7 sheets on it. The person that sends the file puts the name of the sheet and the date range (i.e. OutPatient 01-01-2011 - 01-08-2011) when I import this into access it creates a table based on the sheet name. I want to append the data so I need to...
  18. R

    Macro copying values and sheet names of all activated sheets

    Hi! I am desperate to find a solution for my Workbook, for which I need to create a macro. My problem is that i don't really have much experience with macros. I really hope you can help me! That's the situation: I am creating a summary sheet for a document with over 100 sheets with the...
  19. R

    Search for Sheet Names

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with around 200 sheets in, each sheet has a name containing a policy number and there is normally another small part such as 01-000. I have the following code: Sub FindPolicy() Dim SearchData As String SearchData = InputBox("Enter policy number here") If SearchData...
  20. L

    MAcro for Multiple Sheets with defined names

    Good morning, I need a macro to combine multiple sheets into one combined sheet. I need it to only combine the Tabs that have "Debit Balance" in the name and move it into a sheet called "Debit Balance Summary" I am using Excel 2003. The active rows varies on all sheets but the columns remain...

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