1. Chris_010101

    UK Pro-Rata Holiday Calculator

    Hello, This one has the potential to be quite complicated, as UK holiday law is governed under the Working Time Directive. I have been trying to make a calculator on Excel which calculates holiday entitlement and can also take into account if someone starts employment part-way through the...
  2. G

    Help identifying whether Sheet1!A* = Sheet2!A* and then populating with Sheet2!C*

    I have ~50,000 usernames in Column A on Sheet1. Many of those usernames repeat. On Sheet2, I have the same usernames in Column A, followed by their employee IDs in Column B. But on Sheet2, there are no repeats. I want to copy over the IDs from Sheet2 into the corresponding place in Sheet1...
  3. P

    VBA inserting in wrong sheet

    Hey guys! I have been working on a project for a while to automate a task for my work. Final steps now, but for some reason my code is not working as it should, even if I try different versions. Sub InsertColumnsAndLabel() ' Select the "YT" sheet Sheets("YT").Select ' Insert 4...
  4. brendalpzm

    Copy worksheet into a new workbook

    Let's say I have 2 workbooks and i have to create 1 wb1 = workbook with the macro wb2 = worbook with the info so I have an activeX button in wb1, when I click it it should copy the KeySheet from wb2, create a new workbook (wb3) and paste the sheet onto this new workbook Idk if i explained...
  5. I

    Copy sheet from active/open workbook to other closed workbook.

    Hello All...please someone help a VBA code that can automate copy of sheet from open workbook and paste to other but closed workbook. Then overwrite if sheet name exist. Example as follows: Open File1 = main file, have the sheet name "report". Consist macro that copy the sheet name "report" to...
  6. D

    How to compare study plan on two different sheets?

    Hello guys, I picked some extra classes this semester and am now trying to create a weekly schedule of my classes. At first I made a table with all activities from my classes, but I noticed some overlaps. I have some kind of ranking system where I put colors near the class (as you can see in...
  7. E

    Create mails with table - standard header specific row

    I am trying to create a code that can create Namelist amount of emails. Each email should include some specific cell variables such as name and email AND a table in which i need the header from the excel sheet and a specific row. I have tried to incoporate a take one row at a time approach but...
  8. J

    Add a sheet vba

    Hi, I would like my code to show on an additional sheet when I run it. When I try to run my code, my excel just bug. Can you help me please? Thanks Sub Question4() Dim mA(1 To 100, 1 To 100) As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim j As Integer For i = 1 To 100 For j = 1 To...
  9. V

    VBA - sheets comparison

    Hello everyone. I need a VBA to compare two sheets and highlights the unique values. I have this VBA, but it also highlights if a cell changed it´s position, which I don’t need. I only need the VBA to highlight which cells have different values and the unique cells in each sheets. Sub...
  10. V

    VBA Sheet color change condition

    Hello everybody, I would like to change the colors of certain sheets, which meet this condition => If Left(cell, 1) = " " Or Right(cell, 1) = " " Then cell.Interior.Color = 65535 Sub Select_All_Cells_with_Data() Dim sht Set Rng = ActiveSheet.UsedRange Rng.Cells(1, 1).Select For i = 1 To...
  11. L

    Pivot table creation without sheet name

    I have been searching a solution and cannot seem to find one, is this possible, What I am trying to do is write a macro that will create a pivot table onto another tab. The sheet that the data is on is titled with a customer reference number which changes from workbook to workbook. Is it...
  12. L

    VBA for creating a new sheet but staying on previous sheet

    Thought I would be able to do this one, but I over-estimated my abilities. In my workbook I have one sheet, the title of the sheet changes dependent on the customer reference. -e.g. Cust250885-ref-A485FR etc. I would like to run a macro for creating a new tab ( when created - it can stay named...
  13. D

    Dynamically update for sheet name

    Good Afternoon I have a vb statement in my excel macro that I need to dynamically change the workbook sheet just created as the macro loops. the current statement is [Sheet1!A1:J1].Resize(N).Value2 = S after that i have a line that adds a new sheet to the workbook...
  14. Z

    Macro for a new row and new sheet based up on a new cell reference column

    I have a table of workstreams that on the go. There is a main page with all the workstreams on at the moment, and then sheets name depending on the reference for ease of tracking. So 'Home', 'ABC001', "ABC002' etc. Could I create a macro that would make a new row and record the next available...
  15. G

    Copy all the data from one specific sheet, paste and save that on a new workbook which as to be save in csv on a specific folder path - VBA

    Hello, I'm new to vba, i saw a post when i was researching to: how to copy all the details from one sheet, copy this and save it in csv format on a specific folder. Then luckily I saw the code @Georgiboy posted and tested it: Sub Print_Test() Dim FSO As Object Dim TextFile As Object Dim rCell...
  16. B

    How to deselect and fire a click event for images laid dynamically on a sheet

    Hi all, I have a program that inserts various square images onto the same size cells, on one particular sheet. From the code on a form, I want to disable all the images, to remove the grab points thus obviously preventing them from being moved, resized, etc. I also want to be able to click...
  17. A

    VBA macro to loop through all workbook > find keywords in cell > copy adjacent cell > paste it in a master file into respective header

    I have several workbook(.xlsx) that have only 1 sheet per workbook. I would like to loop through all the workbooks in the folder one by one and find certain cells with specific keywords and copy the cell adjacent to it. Next, copy all the cells and paste it in a master file into its respective...
  18. R

    Copy data on daily basis dynamically

    I have an excel sheet that contains all of my data named (Book1), and that excel sheet (Book1) updates on daily basis. What I want is to transfer the data for each date to another excel work book (Book2) on daily basis, without over writing the old data on the work book (Book2). For example if...
  19. G

    How to duplicate each row in every sheet number of times

    HI! I got a new problem. I have 10 sheets and 800 rows per sheet. I want to duplicate each row 1200 times in every sheet and I want do it on go. can anyone help me? P.S each row has a formula, format, and value.
  20. A

    message box in vba when range is less then.. vba in the sheet itself - view code

    How do I do the code in the sheet itself in the "view code" when the value in column K (any row in the column) is less than 10, a message will pop up to the screen that says - "10 days left until expiration" I would appreciate your assistance!

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