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    VBA - Copy template and create new sheets

    Hi, I have the below code shared by another user that I am using to create new sheets from a list of names in Sheet, 1.EMPLOYEES copying a template sheet, MASTER. The below code does this well, however I need help to add another step. In Sheet "1.EMPLOYEES" the name of the sheets is taken from...
  2. C

    Update cell based of powerquery result

    I have a button to update a powerquery on Sheet 2 from another workbook. the number of rows of data will vary. Now i want to include VB script on the button to update data on Sheet1 based off the data imported. What I am trying to accomplish. if Sheet2 column A has an entry that MATCHES Sheet1...
  3. T

    Find highest number when mixedwith text in each cell

    Hi everyone, I need to find the highest invoice number but the cels are not numbers but text They look like this, <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> CA0939 CA0940 CA0935 CA0928 so all I want to do is return the highest number into Sheet Control AB25 so it would be CA0940 its in sheet...
  4. K

    Print area using table/range of cells

    I have a sheet with about 20 tables of data (one table per tenant), and I would like it to print as many of these tables as can fit on one sheet, but I don't want it to split any of the tables across two sheets. For example, if page 1 could feasibly fit 2.5 tables of data, I would want page 1 to...
  5. B

    VBA - Merge multiple files to one sheet

    Hi everyone, thanks for the help on previous questions and the continued support. I have written some VBA to export some invoice to load in to sage but now need to combine the days exports in to one sheet to upload. Each export contains a sheet with a header row (A1:AI1) then a list of lines...
  6. J

    [VBA] Copy data from Certain Cells In a Sheet with different titles, but layout is the same?

    Hi all, Wondering if you could help me on this as I'm really not sure where to go. I am trying to copy data from a Sheet (A Project Charter) into a longform sheet that can then be used to update a tracker. The cells the Macro will be copying from will always be consistent however the Title of...
  7. M

    Count If

    sheet 1 Column M has if statement that shows days outstanding, =IF([@Status]="",TODAY()-[@[Date Back Charge Issued]],"") which works perfect, now on sheet 3 I want count how many instances in column M are between 0-60, there are 6 instances but it tells me there is 30, when I use formula...
  8. C

    Pivots and calculated field problem

    Hi All, So I have some data that I cannot edit. I have a column "planned date and time" and a column "actual date and time" my problem is I want to count the number of occurrences where the actual date and time is over 15mins before the planned date and time. This needs to be done outside the...
  9. L

    Quote Creation Document - Requiring double lookup

    Hi Would anyone be able to help me? I am trying to create a document that will auto populate from an excel sheet with product and pricing, sheet 1 is the quote template, with sheet 2 being the data behind. Sheet 1 - Quote template <tbody> D EFGH I J K 12 Product Desc Qty Unit Price total...
  10. I

    Extract Column header and data separated by multiple semicolon

    Column C in Sheet 1 has multiple "header: data" separated by multiple semicolon in each cell. Column C in Sheet 1 headers and data appears as "header1:; header 2: value1; header: value value 2; header1:; header 2: value1; header: value value 2" In Sheet 2, Column A, I have a list of column...
  11. M

    multiple fields on multiple sheets

    Not even sure if this is possible. I have a workbook with 31 sheet and want to st up an extra sheet that pulls all the data from A22 to h42 into a list to look like 1st A22 B22 C22 E22 F22 G22 H22 1st A23 B23 C23 E23 F23 G23 H23 and then so on that I can then drag to change the "1st" to...
  12. A

    VBA - ActiveX button

    Hello.. Assuming i got 2 sheets and 2 ActiveX button. Sheet 1 with Button1 and Sheet 2 with Button2. Both button contain the same coding which is for adding row above the button. The question is, how to trigger clicking Button 2 automatically when i click Button 1.
  13. M

    Autofilter table depending on the date value from different sheet MACRO VBA

    Hi sir as the title say, i want to filter a table depending on the value form different sheet i have 2 sheets Sheet 1 is where the cell is located with a date (Example cell is B1) on Sheet 2 i have a table with a column "DATE", i want to filter the column DATE, depending on the given date...
  14. A

    Need help! Lookup function

    Hello! I need help regarding my file. I am working on my cheque warehousing file. I have a sheet that contains all of my warehoused cheques.I need to create a file wherein it can give me same dated cheques in one sheet. Can you please give me tips on how to do it. I used vlookup but its tedious...
  15. P

    Clearing worksheets

    I have a file that i was wondering if there was a way to write this code differently or easier. The file has 7 worksheets and a button page. i want to clear all worksheet and end up on cell A2 of the button page. Here is the code: Dim sht As Worksheet For Each sht In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets...
  16. 0

    If(And) with a Vlookup

    Hi everyone, I have a situation where I've got a spreadsheet with 2 different columns of data that must match. If they match, I'll need to do a vlookup in order to find a specific account ID on another sheet. What I want to do is from sheet 1, if Acct Type = "Deposit", and Tender Type =...
  17. A

    Using same Recorded Macro to work on active Sheet - Slicers

    Hello All, I have tried to search on the site looking for a way to use a record macro on any sheet within a workbook. I currently select the slicers and it will work on the original sheet created, but not one the active sheet. Sub Yonick() With ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_GSM")...
  18. G

    Create a table on another sheet

    I am trying to create a table on a different sheet that is not my Activesheet using a button. This is my code so far; the problem area is in between the asterisks. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Set srtA = Sheets("Competitor Comparison") With srtA .ListObjects(1).Unlist...
  19. G

    VBA and protected sheets

    Hello, I have the following VBA code in a sheet that is giving me trouble when the sheet is protected: The original thread for this VBA and its purpose can be found at the bottom of this post. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim KyCell As Range If Target.CountLarge >...
  20. H

    VBA copy worksheet with option to rename

    Hi. I'd like to have a button on Sheet 1 where the user clicks it and it creates an exact copy of Sheet 1* but up pops a little box that says "Please enter your name below then click Ok" and when they do that, it creates a new worksheet that is an exact replica of what's on Sheet 1 (even down...

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