1. T

    Shift Range in VBA?

    Hello, I have a Range "Rng" that I use in a loop: Set Rng = .Range("A1") In some cases, though, I need it to be A2. What I did was Set Rng = Rng.Offset(0,1) But it doesn't seem to work. Any idea?
  2. X

    Need help with formula.. possibly an array?

    First off sorry for not being able to insert as an excel table I couldn't figure out how to input such a large table.. I’m having issues coming up with a formula that will get theresults I need. Below is an image of the data on my sheet. What is displayed in column A is the days of the...
  3. T

    Ignore shift on open

    I want to add a control so depsite the user holding down the shift ket, macros still run (assuming macros are enabled of course)! This article indeed does this: However it mentions this code needs to be added in the Ribbon module: Sub...
  4. D

    Automate Daily Reports to master sheet

    Hey guys, I get extensive daily reports in the form of workbooks with multiple sheets. I have a master workbook with multiple sheets as well. We operate by shift numbers. In the master workbook, I have shift numbers in columns. For example, row 8 is shift 5, row 9 is shift 6, row 10 is shift...
  5. A

    Delete Zero 0 and shift the cells up

    Hi, Could you please give me a macro to delete the cell which has only "0" and shift the cells up.. Thanks
  6. P

    Part numbers sorted by shift

    Hi everyone My data comes to me in the following way 123456G 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 234567B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 345678R 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 456789B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 The number with the letter is the first cell and is part number and shift built The other numbers are measurements of part...
  7. D

    How to turn off an autosave macro once it's been started? - VBA

    I have a person that gave me their spreadsheet which they use for manufacturing production. At the start of a shift, the shift supervisor presses a "Start of Shift" button. They asked me to place an autosave macro in there so it backs up throughout the day. I put the following macro in: Sub...
  8. E

    pattern and shift in even and odd lottery

    Hello, Trying to found away to find next pattern or shift change using excel. please see below. E-E-O-O-E E-E-O-E-E O-O-E-E-E E-O-E-O-O E-E-E-O-O E-E-O-O-O O-O-E-O-O E-O-E-E-O O-E-O-O-O E-O-E-E-E E-E-E-E-O O-E-O-E-O E-O-E-O-E O-E-E-O-O O-E-O-O-E E-O-O-E-O O-O-E-E-O E-O-O-O-E O-E-E-O-E O-O-O-O-O...
  9. J

    Formula Required

    Hi, I'm after a formula that can calculate - If shift 1 equal zero it will return shift 2 and verse versa Thank you <colgroup><col width="93" style="width: 70pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3401;"> <col width="130" style="width: 98pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt...
  10. P

    Data Validation

    Hi There, I'm have some problems with data validation. What im trying to do is stop people over planning a line past the planned finish time. In column g you put in an amount that generates a finished time in column k I've tried to put the following validation in column g so that it stops...
  11. W

    How to translate shift allocations to show count by interval

    Hi, I have the total number of employees allocated to each shift, what is the best way to formulate to show the count of each employee in an interval for each day of the month. M-F 8am -5pm-: 20 employees M-Sat 6am -3 pm, with wednesday off: 10 employees How do I formulate this show I can...
  12. A

    Unable To Trigger Control Change Events After Control Initially Changed

    I've run into a snag in my Excel VBA project. In my userform (userform1), I am using a combination of 4 combo boxes (uf1cb_hrstart, uf1cb_minstart, uf1cb_hrend, and uf1cb_minend) to allow the user to select hr and minute values for both start and end times. Upon userform1 initialization these...
  13. L

    SUMPRODUCT combining two and more criteria for check

    disregard pls..thx
  14. I

    Retrieving the same cell in multiple workbooks to one master data sheet

    Hi All! My question is that I have numerous workbooks that an employee keeps record of and keeps data in Cell P1. (Different workbook for every day). I need to retrieve Cell P1 to compile the information into one ongoing running sheet. Example below: Shift 1 Dept A in its own workbook...
  15. T

    Device downtime calculation during performance measure hours

    Good afternoon all, I am trying to find a way to calculate our devices downtime during our Performance Measures hours for each month. As of now i add each device,from each shift, each day for the entire month. Example: Performance Measure hours are Monday-Friday 5am to 9pm. We have three shifts...
  16. K

    Time Calculation Based on Shift Pattern

    Hello, I try to find formula in column C to calculate time based on shift patterns that could be different. Sometimes shifts can be 8 hours per day, or it can be day off in the middle of the week, because of bank holiday. Please see below data. in column C are results. C2= 13.5 hours...
  17. E

    Nested IF?

    I am setting up a work schedule and I am trying to create a formula that will check to make sure that each day at least has a day (D) and a grave (G) shift assigned to an employee. If it does not have one of the two shifts, I would like for the missing shift to appear only in row 4. I think I...
  18. H

    Hello to all can anyone help

    First of all like to say Hello to everyone i am a new here so please be patient with me LOL and at 67 takes a little longer for things to sink in ;) i have just done a sign in sheet for work staff and i have a command button that puts in the date and time of start of shift and the same for...
  19. R

    How to sum up the values of the working schedule symbols from a range that matching the value legend for these characters

    I have a shift schedule with symbol and legend with duration value of each shift symbol. I want to summarize the value corresponding to the symbols for each employee. Now I use: =COUNTIF($D5:$AH5;$A$13)*($N$13*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$14)*($N$14*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$15)*($N$15*24) where D5:AH5 is...
  20. D

    VBA to look for an @ symbol and shift rest of row to right if not there

    Hi everyone. I'm having a hard time trying to sort out an Excel VBA. I need to search column D and if there is not an @ symbol anywhere in the cell, shift the rest of the row to the right 1 cell and empty the cell without the @ symbol. I'm looking to see if the cell has an email address, if it...

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