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May 19, 2018
Hi all

Just a bit of a general info required really.

At work I have read only access to 2 work books. Both of these are staff rotas. There are a myirad of shifts, shift lengths, shift times etc etc… Both these workbooks are just filled in manually with no useful information when shift cover is required there is no facility to show what shift needs to be covered and which member of staff can cover it.

Anyway I have been asked to create a 3rd wookbook to bring the two together and then to manipulate the data to be more useful to our staff.

So I have linked the 2 into one by using =(location of workbook A1) etc. This works fine but only brings in the data and none of the formatting. ( Fill colours are used a lot to show staff availability or absence for example)

I have been looking for another approach and just found connections...….what does this do? I have never used it but it sounds useful.

Any advice would be helpful.....

Many thanks


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