1. D

    Object required

    I am getting the object required error with this code: Sub cmdCopy() Dim wsDst As Worksheet, wsSrc As Worksheet, tblrow As ListRow Dim Combo As String, sht As Worksheet, tbl As ListObject Dim lastrow As Long, DocYearName As String, Site As String, lr As Long Dim RowColor As Long...
  2. K

    VBA to apply advance filter to find blank cells

    this is my current code. NR.Range("A1").Value = CS.Range("D5").Value '(REQUIRED) NR.Range("A2").Value = "<" & Format(CDate(Now()), "mm/dd/yyyy") NR.Range("A3").Value = "<" & Format(CDate(Now()), "mm/dd/yyyy") NR.Range("B1").Value = CS.Range("O5").Value '(DUE) NR.Range("B2").Value = "<"...
  3. G

    Countblank and If statements

    =IF(ISBLANK(Q22),"FAIL",COUNTif(C27:Q27)"=>"&$Q$22),IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27,">"&$O$18),"FAIL","PASS") I think I got myself twisted up here. The idea is to replace one of the Pass/Fail columns on the right with a code that leaves the portion IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27, ">"&$O$18), "FAIL", "PASS") intact...
  4. I

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days

    Required to make monthly revenue sheet based on the months days
  5. K

    Object Required error with ActiveX Combobox

    Why do codes A & B below give me an Object Required (424) error (A is assigned to a button, B obviously fires on WB open) but C works without any issues?: A: ComboBox1.Value = "" ComboBox2.Value = "" B: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ROWC As Integer ROWC = Worksheets("JOB...
  6. H

    Code needed for Max & Min Values

    I have B2:B10 which are dynamic cells & keeps on UPDATING (based on time criteria) Corresponding MAXIMUM & MINIMUM values required in E2:E10 & F2:F10 Code required to accomplish. I am using Excel 2007. Thanks in adv. Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col...
  7. R

    Required auto fill of months using month number

    HI every one, i need a small logic if any one can help it will be very great full to me. <tbody> Month 8 Year 2019 Calander Year 08.2019 09.2019 10.2019 11.2019 12.2019 01.2020 02.2020 03.2020 04.2020 05.2020 06.2020 07.2020 08.2020 09.2020...
  8. H

    Capture Highest & Lowest Value

    B2 gets updated by values due RTD B3 I have kept a flag which becomes 1 for a certain time period (ONLY ONCE DURING A DAY) Solution required: B4=HIGHEST VALUE of B2 when B3=1 else 0 B5= LOWEST VALUE of B2 when B3=1 else 0 How to accomplish? Thanks in adv
  9. R

    Required Field Check > Based On Color Index

    Hello - Thank you for any help in advance. I'm still trying to learn VBA and have been trying to figure this out for a while - and need some help. I am trying to make certain fields required before the user can access the print button I created using the form tools on a specific worksheet. To...
  10. I

    Looking for advice / recommendations

    Hi, I have a worksheet that I enter data into each month. At the end of the month I would like to make a copy of the page or the values entered into it then clear the cells & start over again for the next month. The required advice is how should I go about creating a copy / saving a copy etc...
  11. M

    VBA - Push column I data down depending on F

    Hi - I have a report that spits out false info. Due date (F) populates 2 dates. In this case there are 4 x 27/06/19 that shouldn't exist. This in turn means the WIP Qty is 4 numbers short (I). How can I push (I) down everytime it finds the wrong date? That would also depend on Job # (C) being...
  12. M

    VBA Loop Copy & Vertical Paste 2 data points based on [3rd] Criteria

    I have some data that I need to flip and copy & paste vertically based on the value at the intersection of a row & column. Below is the data as it is currently & how I need it to look. The result is based on where the policy is marked as 'Required' for that job & policy. I have tried various...
  13. V

    VBA to break a spreadsheet into many within a zip file

    Hello. I am new to forum, a novice in excel and learning VBA. I have a request from my boss to see if I could develop a button that will break up a single spreadsheet "billing" file into multiple spreadsheets to upload into our billing software. The specs would include: 1. A new spreadsheet...
  14. A

    'Object Required' error Trying To Populate Textbox In One Userform With The Selected Value From Listbox in Second Userform (Xposted)

    I have hit a roadblock in the progress of my VBA project. I am reaching out to a second group of pros to see if perhaps they have a solution after having limited success where I had originally posted my question. I have two open userforms. userform1 (uf3_group_1) has a textbox (textbox1) in...
  15. D

    Type mismatch '13'

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a code snippet in order to save my useform entry into my Access sheet. The code is <code><code> Next ctrl If IsNull(str) Or str = "" Then MsgBox("Record Saved") DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord -- line that is highlighted when code errors out...
  16. B

    Qty required to get to the next 100th

    Hello, I have a a big list of varying numbers and I need to calculate how many are needed to reach the next 100. eg 145 result needed would be 55 (next 100 is 200) 23 result needed would be 77 (next 100 is 100) 412 result needed would be 88 (need 100 is 500) I've got around this by sorting...
  17. S

    Print more than one copy VBA

    Hi, I have the following code to print, but would like to add a number from a cell so that it prints more copies if required. Can anyone help ? Sub Sunday() Range("Sunday").PrintOut Range("Sunday2").PrintOut End Sub Thanks...
  18. J

    .csv file dropping formatting

    Hello. Is there a way to save a .csv file with the required formatting? I need to enter "0000" in a range of cells. When the .csv file was open on my computer, I formatted the range for text so I could enter the required "0000" in the cells. I save the file and sent it to someone else, but...
  19. Sean15

    How to identify duplicates using two criteria

    Hello: Excel 2010CDEFG1NameInvoice NoDuplicate invoice2Peter Paul121245no3PeterPaul121245yes4Tiffany5675225yes5Macy5675225no6Tiffany5675225yes7PeterPaul121245yes8PeterPaul1524456NoSheet1 If name in column C and Invoice No in column E appears more than once, required result in column G...
  20. S

    Linking vs Connection

    Hi all Just a bit of a general info required really. At work I have read only access to 2 work books. Both of these are staff rotas. There are a myirad of shifts, shift lengths, shift times etc etc… Both these workbooks are just filled in manually with no useful information when...

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