1. A

    Calculate number of sickness days with rolling shift patterns

    I am looking to find out if there is a way to use excel formula to work out the cumulative number of working days a employee has been absent for when they work shift patterns So if the shift patterns are 4 on 4off, 2 days week one and 5 days week day two and the last shift pattern we have is 2...
  2. A

    How to check if a 2 specific time falls in between 2 times (Shifts) in Excel?

    1.I want to find out if an event with start time and end time falls "inside" or "Outside" working shifts for associates. 2.Segregate and calculate the production duration that falls within shift hours or outside shift hours. (The Shift timings are 5pm to 2am which would be the next day so that...
  3. F

    Flag shifts conflicts on multi-location schedule

    Hi There, I have been working on a multilocation (6) weekly scheduling board for 19 employees with some of them having different attributes (notary/supervisor). I would like to make sure the same employee doesn't get schedule at two location for the same time, but sometimes, employees have two...
  4. A

    VBA - get alphanumeric code using date in column header

    Hi again, i am trying to copy a alphanumeric "name" from column A to my source workbook. These names are the usernames of people responsible for particular shifts. <tbody> #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align...
  5. D

    Conditional Format based on time difference

    <tbody> Employee ID Name Start Finish 161 Paul 10/08/2019 23:00:00 11/08/2019 06:00:00 100 Fred 10/08/2019 23:00:00 11/08/2019 06:00:00 224 Jane 11/08/2019 10:00:00 11/08/2019 18:00:00 100 John 11/08/2019 15:00:00 12/08/2019 03:00:00 161 Paul 11/08/2019 16:00:00 12/08/2019 02:00:00...
  6. N

    Is this beyond Excel's capabilities?

    Hi all! I have come here several times in the past to find excellent help with my spreadsheets but I am thinking that I may be looking for something beyond the scope of Excel. I have been asked to take over my department scheduling and I am looking for a solution that will replace the current...
  7. E

    Separating Hours Worked By Shift

    I have three shifts that I need to separate hours worked into. Attached is a picture of what I am trying to do it includes the start and end times of the shifts.
  8. C

    Sorting a column that shifts down

    I have two separate fields of Data in this work book. The top one sorts just fine as the first row of data never moves. However, the second field of data shifts down every time a new entry is made into field 1. the formula I have right now is this: With Worksheets("Sheet1") LastRow =...
  9. C

    Calculate if any part of a time range is within another time range.

    Hi, I have a time window for what is considered a night shift, e.g. 0000 - 0559. These times can change wither before or after midnight. I want to supply a start and end time of a numbers of shifts and see if any part of those shifts falls within the hours above. I had tried this formula...
  10. D

    Conditional Formating

    Hi, I am looking to highlight two shifts on a work rota using conditional formatting but am really struggling. The shifts I am looking to highlight are 2pm to 10pm and 3pm to 11pm. How can I achieve this please? Thanks, Dean
  11. M

    macro shift the row of the selected cell up or down

    Book1ABCDE1DateNamePriceFormula 1Formula 2225-JanJam2000nono326-JanRichard2500nono427-JanJames3000nono5678910111213Sheet1 hi guys i have a table example is the above table, i want to make a button that will shifts rows from A to C up or down depending on the selected cell. is that possible? thanks
  12. L

    SUMPRODUCT combining two and more criteria for check

    disregard pls..thx
  13. C

    VBA macro, if text+enter then date+shift row down

    Hi, I am useless and an amateur at VBA and therefore posting this thread :confused: I would like a VBA macro functioning as described below: Only when inserting text in cell C3 and hitting enter, then today's date appears in B3 and the whole row including all data shifts down. Also I would...
  14. W

    Countif with multiple criteria

    Hello! I'm running a file where I put down the number of hours an employee worked on a certain day - I then color-code it to differentiate between night and day shifts. I'm using the colorfunction for that. I then run a count to calculate how many men worked on day shift and night shift -...
  15. S

    Extract column data by date

    ON spread sheet 1 I have a row of dates lets say B1:AB1 In A2:A8 I have a list of names. In the cells B2:AB8 are letters representing shifts On Spreadsheet 2 I have the same list of names In B1 I want to enter a date the matches one of the dates on spreadsheet 1 in B2:B8 I want to see...
  16. ADAMC

    conditional formattings throws out cell text alignment

    Hi all, Not a major issue but can anyone tell me why if I apply conditional formatting my cell alignment shifts to the right from centre? B2 is a formula: =SUM(Demand!$O2:$Q2) B3 conditional format is =AND(C2 < B2 ,C2 <> " ") - GREEN Formatting is aligned centre but as soon my conditional...
  17. T

    Work schedule calculation

    Hi! Hopefully someone can push in the right direction with my excel problem. Attached is a sample of my spreadsheet. It is a work schedule for several persons on several different work shifts, all with different lengths. My goal is to add a overview for each person with the total number of hours...
  18. S

    Formulas for pulling data from volunteer shift log

    I am tracking volunteer shifts in a spreadsheet that looks like this: I want two forumulas: 1- A formula that identifies the most recent date on...
  19. D

    Conditions Based on system time.

    Hello, My goal is to have a condition based on time: if the system time is 7:00 AM to 3:15 PM "First" would display in the 4th row of column P. However if the time is 3:15:01 pm - 11:15 pm "Second" would be displayed, and "Third" would follow if the time was 11:15:01 pm - 6:59:59...
  20. C

    Calculate Number of Employees Who Were At Work Each Hour?

    I have been all over trying to figure this out. I attached a link at the bottom of this post to one discussion that was helpful but didn't solve my problem. I need to know how many employees I have working each hour of the day based on a 24/7 business with swing shifts and graveyard shifts...

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