1. S

    Payment Terms - Cash Flow Forecasting

    Hello Mr. Excel Community - I'm trying to forecast payment date/amount for some payment terms that are more complicated than the usual net 30. Does anyone have any recommendations here for some formulas that are dynamic? Here are some of the payment terms: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 35%...
  2. B

    how to check if all prices are the same

    I have 1000 rows of text which includes the Province, weight classes, prices, etc. All the text looks like this: <tbody> ON_XY_DOH|PARCEL|30|40.99 </tbody> In this case the last two numbers are what matter. This means that if shipping weights are up to 30 pounds we charge 40.99 So there's...
  3. I

    Assign a cell a specific value

    Hi, I'm not sure if i have the correct title on this thread, here is what i am trying to achieve. I have 4 shipping templates. 1. Flat Rate Envelopes 2. Small Box 3. Medium Box 4. Large Box I also have an excel sheet that has products, each product has one of those shipping methods above...
  4. M

    Pulling Value From A Table

    Hi Everyone, I need some help automating an excel sheet I use at work. None of the "Excel Experts" at work can tell me how to do this. I'm not sure if it's even possible to do what I want to do. So we use this excel sheet to calculate shipping, the shipping rates are based off of where the load...
  5. P

    Referencing Excel spreadsheet via Outlook?

    Hello, I would like to have a Userform in Outlook that I can call up to insert a unique identifier (eg. A barcode) and have it reference a specific excel file, and display some finite pieces of data based on that excel file reference (eg. Country, product, shipping condition, etc). How can this...
  6. S

    Formula Recommendation

    I have referred to a number of your videos and your advice has helped me immensely. Can you please proved a recommendation for me? I am putting together an order form and to set up the shipping and handling. Here are the guidelines: <colgroup class=""><col width="101" class="" style="width...
  7. M

    2D lookup with multiple results

    Hi all - long time listener, first time caller. Just kidding, I used to be active around here a few years ago and do my best to answer questions when I could in my spare time; I enjoyed it. I've been in a role that used excel a lot less so haven't been on in awhile. I am trying to return...
  8. DataBlake

    Shipping Calculator

    Hello, I have an issue where i have a shipping chart and want to use vlookup on the weight to grab a shipping price. the only thing is that anything past 150 lbs will be charged $0.47 per pound thats over 150. So lets say a have the weight in row B. B2 = 200. If B2 > 150 it needs to grab the...
  9. L

    Compare values in 2 different columns in 2 different workbooks and list differences

    I have workbook1 column b that contains shipping numbers and I need to compare it to workbook2 column c which also has shipping numbers. Basically we are trying to ensure that the shipping numbers in workbook1 column b are contained in workbook2 column c and match exactly. If not, then we need...
  10. S

    Parts of a string..?

    Hi guys.. So I am not sure how this can be but into a formular so I can get the wanted result on the right above in the table. On the left side there are more numbers and Letters to the left but they are not consisted or hang on.. there are numbers like FT12345678 or TT12345678910 if the...
  11. J

    VBA - transfer specific data within a sheet to specific sheet by unique identifier

    Hey Mr. Excels,:cool: I am currently running a project that requires an automation on data. I have altogether 78 sheets: - 3 sheets are output data. - these 3 sheets are differentiated by payment types. - the rest of the 75 sheets are category sheets - category is located in J column in...
  12. D

    Copying/Clearing Information using Check Box (Form Control)

    Hi I have the following conundrum: I am creating a sheet that collects billing and shipping information and I want to use a check box that will copy the billing information to the shipping information section if the box is checked and delete the shipping information if the box is unchecked...
  13. A

    Formula help for text!

    For each row, I have four columns labled Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 which represents the shipping quarter for each customer. Under the appropriate shipping quarter, I have an alpha identifier (for one of more than a dozen products). The other quarters for that rowis blank. I want to pull all the alpha...
  14. T

    Column to Rows (not transpose)

    Hi all, I have a document (export from DB) with order numbers and in the column to the right all the shipping codes for this order. I need to have the shipping codes (with ordernumber) on seperate rows (see table below). The shipping codes from column b to different columns is something I can...
  15. C

    Advanced Lookup Function

    I need a way to move data from dataset 1 to dataset 2 using a formula in dataset 2 that references dataset 1 via label (quantity, price, shipping cost per unit) and item code. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  16. S

    Auto count shipping request for quotes: Sumproduct(--(...),(mid(offset??

    Here's an image: Context: I need to get a shipping cost to finalize my quotes. Some quotes are really complicated and long. In the example, I want to return the total qty of Mother boards, Hard drives and 4gb ram. Appreciate the help!
  17. A

    vlookup function applied to the table containing equal values

    Hello Everyone, I need to generate an invoice (new table) extracting data from tables 1&2 below. The input values are: Product #, Quantity and Destination. The ouput parameters are: price per kg , discount per kg, shipping per kg, total price. I'm trying to use vlookup function but...
  18. D

    Forumla to Find Shipping Cost from Weight

    Hi all, Having a thick moment here and can't get my head round something that I'm sure is really simple. In Sheet1, I have a table of items and the weight of the item is in column X. In Sheet2 I have a table of shipping costs depending on weight. The table is below. <tbody> <tbody> Item...
  19. Y

    Html in excel

    Hi, so im using excel to make bulk update using a pre-existing template in which one of the columns contain a HTML code. that html contain a specific url for an image that i would like to be able to change in bulk. for example: A2 contains...
  20. M

    Condition breakdown

    I have this COND column in Excel which I need to import into Access but as you see, each row has this long string that needs to be converted into rows: Sold to party, Price Group and Shipping Condition would need to be represented 5 times for this particular Price Group....I'm at a lost trying...

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