1. J


    Control shift up never takes me to the top of the page like control shift down does. How can I quickly get to the top of a large data set.
  2. G

    CTRL + S not working as expected

    I've had this problem show up before and I don't know what causes it. I expect CTRL+S to save the workbook but instead, it's putting it into full screen, hiding my headings, and hiding my tabs... How do I fix this?
  3. U

    VBA - Shortcut Name

    Hi Gurus, Do you have any VBA codes that I can use to shortcut the name name. Example: Tab 1 ABC Management ABC Mgmt. ABC Retirement Company ABC Ret. Co. ABC Corporate System ABC Corp. System In Tab 1, I have the raw name (column 1 above) while in Tab 2 I have list of of name and its...
  4. I

    shortcut keys in macro

    Hello, Is there a way to create a list of all the shortcut keys I am already using in my personal xls file? Basically, I need a list off all my macros and their shortcut keys. Thanks,
  5. S

    Set a shortcut key for "Copy Format"

    Hi, Is there a way to set a shortcut key for "Copy Format" ? Or use VBA to imitate the usual mouse-click / mouse-double-click function of "Copy Format" Thanks a lot!
  6. M

    What is the quickest way to Paste Values by Transpose without using the mouse?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste Values with Transpose?
  7. CPGDeveloper

    Batch Script for New Versions and Shortcuts

    I administer an MS Access DB with approximately 20 end users. Each user has a copy of the FE on their desktop. When I need to make changes, the Form_Load Event of the initial form identifies that a new version is available and runs a batch script to copy down the new version of the front end to...
  8. Orangeanorak

    Delete - Hide rows with no data

    Hi I have been sent a multipage spreadsheet with thousands of rows. Many rows are blank/contain no data and appear randomly throught the sheets.. Is there a shortcut to delete/hide all blank rows. I do not want to highlight them all individually and format/hide Thank you
  9. S

    Stepping through code in the VBE for Excel 2016

    Greetings, I would like to be able to step through lines of code in the Visual Basic Editor, but am unable to do so with F8. My 'F' buttons are set to monitor brightness. How do I locate the shortcut key to step through lines of code, and either reset it or just view current shortcut keys...
  10. J

    Excel Keyboard shortcuts

    Hi Guys, I have office 365 insider. My question is that for Power Pivot the keyboard shortcut should be Alt + B + M. Instead I have to use Alt + Y4+ M. is there a setting I should do?? can I change the Keyboard Shortcut?? For me it is 1 key extra. Thanks for your help.
  11. C

    Macro Short Shortcut?

    All, I have a VERY large document that I have to calculate margins in. With so many lines I created a Macro to assist (ctrl+w) by doing a goal seek function. I need one specific margin to make the product viable. This works much better but it's annoying that you can't just drag down...
  12. N

    Keyboard shortcut for com add ins

    Hello everyone, does anyone know the shortcut keys to access the com add ins? I know the shortcut to access add ins in Alt+T+I but is there one for com add ins? I toggle between add ins frequently as some clash with others and need to be disabled so it would be great if there was a fast way to...
  13. G

    Keyboard Shortcut to Copy Down a Range

    Hi, I have data in A2:A1000 and would like to put a formula in cell B2 and then copy it down from B3 to B1000. I know that I can use the fill handle and mouse to copy it quickly to B3:B1000. If I wanted to use the keyboard, is there a shortcut key sequence that I can use to select the...
  14. M

    Create Shortcut via VBA

    Hello Everyone, I wonder if it's possible to make a shortcut with multiple targets, because my code doesn't work with 3 paths. Below code and screenshots. Sub aa() Dim sShortcutLocation As String sShortcutLocation = "C:\Temp Logs\AA.lnk" With...
  15. Dr. Demento

    (Re-)assigning VBA Editor Shortcut Keys

    I understand how to assign shortcut keys in Excel, but I'm coming up blank on how to run a Sub while in the VBE using a shortcut key. Thanks y'all.
  16. D

    Shortcut to Table Filter Search ?

    Hi Guys, I just want to ask is there a way to go to a table filter then search box without using ALT + down? I've used command application.sendkeys before but it does something odd with the keyboard namely Num lock I use VBA for this shortcut. Thanks again guys.
  17. G

    Shortcut keys for excel

    Hi I have tried to create shortcut keys in excel that is embedded in a word doc using macros. I have done it saving to personal macro workbook but when I g0 back into the word doc and double click into spreadsheet the macros I had previously recorded are not being recognized. What am I doing wrong?
  18. mikecox39

    Timestamp shortcut format missmatch

    I set the cell format as time and 24 hr. So, when I enter 21:10 the time displays in the cell that way and if I enter 9:10 p the time displays as 21:10, just as expected. However, when I use the timestamp shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+:) the time displays as 9:10 pm. How do I force the timestamp...
  19. G


    In previous versions of Access, I could drag a form or query up to the tool bar and it would create a shortcut that enabled quick Access to that query or Form. I know that I can create a shortcut on my desktop in the same manner, but is there a way to create the same shortcut in the tool ribbon...
  20. G

    Extreme Beginner- VB Macro commands.

    Hi Guys, I'm a student completely new to Visual Basic and I've been tasked with creating a Macro that upon pressing the shortcut ctrl+a has to change the text in a specific cell to Bold and blue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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