1. B

    Case sensitive sumproduct

    Hello, I have a problem with a formula in a staff holiday tracker. The tracker has the employees names in Coloumn A, from row 6 to row 15. Coloumns B-NI correspond to the days of the year: each employee enters the leave codes, as per the table below: <tbody> Leave Name Code Sick Leave S...
  2. H

    Sick Leave

    Good Day. Please help with the necessary formula. My employee gets 36 days sick leave over 36 months of work. But for the first 6 months he only get 1 day for every 26 days worked. on day 1 of the 7th month the rest of the 36 days "kick in"and needs to be added to the rest. HELP ! ...
  3. H

    Sick Leave Accrued Formula?

    Hello everyone. I work in a trade school have been asked to calculate is sick leave accrual for the staff. The company pays employees biweekly (40 hours each week, 80 biweekly, 8 hours a day. There is no limit to sick days carried over. I only need to show sick time accrued. I would like to be...
  4. N

    Assigning Values to Text

    Hello, I am trying to assign values to text in multiple cells. I am trying to make an employee attendance tracker less manual. For example when I fill a cell that represents a day on a calendar I would use the word "sick" when they call out. How do I make that word "sick" equal to a value of 8...
  5. C

    Formula to first find and then sum

    I have a workbook with tabs 1 - 31 representing the days of the month. On each sheet we have employees name, ID, start time, date, and Comments. I currently have a Summary sheet that pulls over the ID and Comment, if any. What I now need is something to total, if a person (ID) has a comment...
  6. C

    Sickness Occasions excluding weekends

    Im having trouble trying to exclude the weekdends from my sickness occasions formula {=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(B1:B365>=(A1-365),IF(D1:D365="Sick",ROW(D1:D365))),IF(B1:B365>=(A1-365),IF(D1:D365<>"Sick",ROW(D1:D365)))),1))} Sick database looks like Date 01/01/19 Sick 02/01/19...
  7. C

    adding more coloums to sum if

    =SUMIF(table[[#All],[Date]],"="&B4,table[[#All],[CRG HRS]]) i now need to add the following which is right next to each other. (this is a pivital table <tbody> CRG HRS Sick Annual PPH </tbody>
  8. A

    To find out the missed date

    Hi I have two reports to check the attendance, one is attendance tracker which we update manuualy in excel. In coloumns headings are names, dates (for example, column A has name, b has 1st march, c has 2nd march and so on.) row waise it has absent, priveledge leave or sick leave. Report 1...
  9. E

    Counting Cells based on separate column with Index/Match

    I have a table that has group/division names, employee names, and then tracking an attendance measure for multiple days throughout the year. I'm trying to create a table at the top so that division leads can type in the day and see how many people they had check in that day. Checkins start...
  10. K

    If Sumproduct Help

    Hello, I am attempting to build a formula that displays the status of employees on a calendar. I am trying to get the "Value If True" portion of the formula to change based on the status selected. So, if Vacation is selected, then "Vac" is displayed. If "Sick" is selected, then "Vac" changes...
  11. T

    Holiday spreadsheet

    Hi All I am hoping you can help me. I have to produce a holiday calender/sick calender for staff of 28. They can book half day am, halfday pm, full day, and there is sick am, sick pm, sick full day. so against each date i will enter HAM or HPM or HFD, same with the sick row SAM, SPM, SFD. I...
  12. bill351

    Percentage comparison between 2 cells

    Hi Guys n Girls I am tracking Sick and Overtime in a financial year spreadsheet which is working well in showing the top hours for different staff. I would like if possible to show a percentage comparison with the 2 columns with the Sick and Overtime data in it and with that highlight the staffs...
  13. F

    Sick leave accrual

    Hello. I need assistance building a simple spreadsheet to track sick leave that has a 1 hour for every 40 worked accrual rate. This needs to be a rolling balance set-up so if a PT employee works 25 hours one week and 30 the next, the accrual will be triggered by the 40 hour mark and start the...
  14. F

    Addition formula.

    I'm currently trying to create a formula that will allow me to enter in sick days for employees. I'm a little bit stuck with it though at the moment, and could really use a hand.. Basically, Every month an employee "earns" one sick day, up to a maximum of 60. At the beginning of the year, I'd...
  15. zakasnak

    government sick leave calc/formula

    Hello! It's been awhile..... I am looking for formulas to figure out months & days from sick leave accumulated to count toward retirement. At retirement age, providing I'm not ever sick between now & then, I will have 1342 hours of accumulated sick leave. Anything over a year (2087 hours) is...
  16. G

    Attendance Tracking for Rolling 12 months

    karmarjoy 07:38 AM Today I'm sure this has been asked but I have to have this done today for a job interview. Yes, on a Saturday. LOL. So, the assignment is a spreadsheet to track sick days taken. Each sick day taken falls off after 12 months. I've got the workbook (by Year and by month) done...
  17. J

    Split Dates formula

    Hi I have attached a document with 2 sheets Sheet 1 has no formulas and is purely data that shows sick time between 2 dates there are multiple entries per cost centre, I have highlighted in yellow on sheet one the days it should return. Sheet 2 - currently in E4 I have a formula that...
  18. M

    Accrued Sick Pay

    Listed below is a dummy spreadsheet. I am trying how to get column E not to exceed 24 hours and row 27 column C (total accrued sick time) not to exceed 48. The formula is regular hours/30=accrued sick time. You cannot accrue more than 48 and cannot use more than 24 available hours per calendar...
  19. R

    Excel timesheet - netting sick, vacation, with extra time worked

    Hi, I like many other do not pay OT until a person actually works 40 hours. So if a person works 10 hours on Monday (2 hours of OT) but takes 2 hours of sick time on Tuesday. I want my spreadsheet to Net the sick time on Tuesday against the two hours extra time worked on Monday. I think...
  20. S

    timeroll speadsheet

    Our company has 15 sick days a year of these days 3 can be used as personal. The following formula I have used to figure sick/personal days left for the year starting in February 2013. B75=+Jan.2013!B75 totals sick days remianing for year-(AJ75 total sick days used for the month)-(AJ76 total...

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