1. A

    Insert Transparent .PNG Signature to Workbook?

    Is this possible? Have a few templates I'm looking to add dynamic signatures to from a dropdown and save to .PDF instead of printing, manually signing and scanning in. I have signature images in PNG format that I'm looking to overlay over the signature line. I've looked into the...
  2. Z

    store signature

    hi can i check with you guys, am i able to store signature in a cell. For example, i store "Peter" signature in a cell. Then in a new sheet when i create a list ,i will want to use lookup function to extract "peter" signature. i know how to use the fuction. i just want to know is storing...
  3. I

    How to edit this email from Excel VBA code to put body text after pasted info with signature?

    Hi. I have this VBA code that copies the current range starting from A1 and emails it out. It works however, the body text gets put below the pasted info and there is no signature. If I remove the body text the signature is there. How can I edit this to put the body text on the top and still...
  4. randaubienghoc

    Send bulk email from Excel issues: 1-Attach multiple files with file paths, 2-Copy visible ranges and 3-Add default email signature keeping formats

    Hi everyone, As a new VBA learner, I am seeking for your help to solve these three problems when automatically send Outlook email from Excel. The code is now lacking these improvements. Your support would be highly appreciated. 1. Attach multiple files with file paths by criteria (For same...
  5. J

    Sign a PDF from Excel VBA

    I have been searching for an answer in different forums without success, so I decided to open a post. Currently, I generate a PDF file from a range or a worksheet in Excel. What I need is to include a signature in the PDF file. This is the code that I gather from different sources to open the...
  6. D

    Make an image snap to a page

    I have a button that inserts a signature at the bottom of a sheet under the last row but if the rows are nearing the bottom of the page, the signature image will be pasted half on one page and half on the next page. Here is the code to paste a set signature and code to paste a custom signature...
  7. P

    VBA Outlook message formatting issue with Chart insertion

    I have VBA code that would open an new email and I want to add : Hello, <Email body text stored in as String Variable inserted here> <Chart copied from Excel inserted here> <Standard Signature inserted Here> I have the following code. It all works except that the Chart is inserted after...
  8. K

    Default Outlook Signature when generating email from VBA

    I have done a good bit of searching to modify some existing code to include the default outlook signature, but I haven't had any luck. Any help is appreciated I have cut the code to barebones in an effort to simplify. Sub create_Email_test() Dim oApp As Object Dim oMail As Object...
  9. D

    VBA email signature from secondary account

    I have a problem choosing the correct signature when sending mail from Excel via Outlook (Office365). I have 2 accounts set up in Outlook, one is primary email and the other is secondary email with both having different default signatures. Secondary email is a shared mailbox, but added as a...
  10. C

    EXCEL 2016 Send an email with signature

    I need to compose emails using VBA with signature in EXCEL 2016. I followed an tutorial on YouTube. This is the code I used, exactly same as the youtuber's but it works on his computer, not mine. Sub PrepareEmailNow() Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olEmail As Object Dim sig...
  11. T

    Outlook VBA way to differentiate between attachments and embedded images?

    I'm trying to prevent myself from accidentally sending a file to someone outside of my organization's domain. (We've all hit the "reply all" button and sent something to someone we didn't know was in the email chain, right?) I've got some code I found online, but it doesn't make a...
  12. C

    Setting up a personalized body and attachments to outlook from excel

    Hello, I found/modified the below code, which is pretty close to what I need done. <code data-editor="34b16c" data-block="true" data-offset-key="edq1k-0-0">[CODE]Sub MailBlast() </code><code data-editor="34b16c" data-block="true" data-offset-key="628t3-0-0"> Dim xRg As Range </code><code...
  13. L

    Send selected Range cell in body and using outlook signature

    Hello everyone, I have this VBA code which works great, I am trying to include rage selection. So in order words I want it work like the Sub send selection code. How to I incorporate the sub selection code with the below code. Sub Send_Email_With_Signature() Dim objOutApp As Object, objOutMail...
  14. B

    Keeping default signature when sending emails from Gmail using vba macro

    Hello, is there a way to keep the default signature associated with my gmail account when sending an email from Gmail through VBA (I am using CDO if that can be helpful). Below is the bit of code relevant to the email configuration: everything works fine except for the missing signature. Any...
  15. J

    Convert Excel to PDF with empty signature box

    Hello, We have an excel macro (vba) that converts our worksheet to pdf. However, we are trying to figure out a way to add signature boxes to the converted pdf file in an automated fashion. Can this be done via VBA? If so, how? TIA, Jay
  16. C

    Email Signature

    Can anyone help i have peaced together the below code through using Google and a bit of trial and error, I have created a macro to send an email based on data in a spread sheet. My problem is the email signature does not display the pictures can anyone help? see below code Dim xOutApp As...
  17. M

    DIY Digital Signature

    Hi, I am trying to create a DIY digital signature block on that inserts the signers details on a worksheet. this is what I have so far. The commandbutton is on a userform along with a couple of comboboxes. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim myCell As Range Dim myTextBox As textbox Set...
  18. gssachin

    How to add signature to my automail in VBA

    Dear All, I m using following codes to generate auto mail. In that I want to add signature. Please help Sub automail() Dim R As Range Set R = Sheets("PIVOT").Cells Dim i As Integer For i = 2 To 6 Range("B5").Select...
  19. D

    Userform Outlook VBA HTML Text Wrapping not working

    Hello Everyone I have an excel userform which generates an email and populates it with information the user has inputted within the various textboxes. The code works fine until the information within a textbox exceeds a certain length. I understand there is a way to lock column sizes with...
  20. R

    [VBA] Get signature with photo in mail generated from Excel

    Hi I need to send a mail from an Excel. A signature must be added at the end of this mail. The signature is not the standard signature set in Outlook. So every user added an extra (personalised) signature -Study- with the same name, so I can call this specific signature name. So far so good...
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