1. N

    VBA - Userform & Image size issue

    Hello everybody, I have a userform, for which I have specified the (Height = 720) & (Width = 1280) properties from the Properties panel. And I have made a Jpeg in Photoshop which is intended as a sidebar menu background in my userform and it's (Height = 720) and (Width = 190) Now, one would...
  2. M

    Sort list by size

    Hi, i want to analyse a big amount of number and would love some help. Column A = time Column B = Price Column C = Size Aprox 200 000 rows :O How can i sort this so the 20 biggest by size show up in Column D (biggest on top) followed by it´s time in Column E and it´s price Column F. If i...
  3. J

    Dynamically move linked pictures, to avoid overlaps / blank gaps between them

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help with some ideas. I have an Excel report with multiple linked pictures, one after another in a vertical layout. Each of these linked pictures points to a named range, and each of these named ranges points to a specific pivot table. Some of these...
  4. L

    Resize the same size [width] for all cells in row 7

    Hello community, I want to resize to the same width the row 7 (brands) except A7. I want the size 190 px. How to do it? Thank for your answer.
  5. O

    Resize the size of a Chart when pasting from Excel to Word

    I have some VBA code Charts("Chart5").ChartArea.Copy .Selection.GoTo what:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="FG5" wdApp.Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteEnhancedMetafile, Placement:=wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False I'm trying to paste into word but the chart just pastes...
  6. U

    Extract the the one or two characters of a string, depending on number of digits

    Hello, I have a cell which contains the size of an item, "Size20" for example. I have another cell which I'd like to have equal 500 if the size is 16 or larger, in which I have the formula =IF(S22<>"",IF(VALUE(RIGHT(S22,2))>15,500,0),0) However, this does not work for cells such as "Size8", as...
  7. E

    Column size / aspect ratio / view changes between laptops

    Hi, I've got this sheet where I've sized the columns, rows & zoom perfectly to fit a header picture on a single screen page where you don't have to scroll to see any of the data. Also, cells were sized specifically to overlay on top of specific parts of the header image. I just opened the same...
  8. B

    Arial size 8 as default. Should I use macro or is there a better way?

    I like to have all my spreadsheets as Arial size 8, many spreadsheets I receive from colleagues and clients as different sizes and font and I just change manually by highlight all and edit. Should I just use a macro and shortcut key to change this or can anyone suggest a better way?
  9. P

    Laptops and large Excel files

    Hi, I have started a new job which is heavily excel driven, I have encountered a few laptop issues with speed but mainly excel files failing as it "does not have enough resources" to complete the actions - so I have to close down Excel, re-boot etc etc When I look at the spec of my laptop it is...
  10. M

    Size limit on Modules in VBA?

    I'm nearing the completion of a macro-enabled workbook that has many modules. I remember seeing some forum posts online that talked about there being a size limit to modules. It seems that the unofficial word is that the limit is 64K for each one. One post I saw suggested to type the...
  11. V


    There is any code or vba or formula which can do the following 1. We are copying a data/formula 2. Now we want to paste it as values in a active cell, My problem is that every time data size is changed so formula/code/vba will work when we use that command/vba/code for paste values on that cell
  12. A

    Dependant Drop Down lists without a macros - how to reduce the file size

    Hello I've created a dependant drop down list in Excel to aid user entry but the size of the file is worrying. Empty it is 300KB, when I add my data in (around 6,000 rows) it goes up to 600KB. I could get around 100 responses (via email) that I would then need to attach to the relevant record...
  13. S

    How to create arrow that grows with size of value

    I have a graph that I need to recreate from a vendor. Only I don't know how they created the arrow that grows with the size of the value. Take a look at the linked image, any ideas?
  14. A

    Sudden explosion in size of sheet in workbook

    So, I've just joined a new team, and we make heavy use of Excel templates for data entry from our various clients. However, there's a lot edits that get made to these spreadsheets and occasionally and without warning, or even being informed, the file size suddenly increases by inexplicable...
  15. A

    Report Lookup Data

    Hello, I am struggling with a solution to select data within cells and skip cells that are blank. The following is a description of what I have going: Group 1 - Book Size 6 cells in 1 row Cell shows the size based on selection made. The selection can require up to 3 sizes. Group 2 - Book...
  16. L

    Hide Row based upon Cell Value Macro

    Hello All, I have a macro below that works fine but I would like the rows to be hidden if the cell value is blank as well. Any help appreciated Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Message Box Appears or Unhides Rows if Value is less than 25 If Range("C8").Value...
  17. C

    Multi Embedding - icons names & Sizes

    Hi all, I was in need of a macro that embedded multiple files and I eventually got it. However, I need to resize the icons and get their names (file name / source name), as none of the names are shown but only blank icons. Although I thought I had captured this pieace in the code below...
  18. kelly mort

    Trying to use "PageSetup.PaperSize" with a constant not working

    So I read stuffs and learned that I can use a message box to find the constant assigned to the current paper size then used that and pass it to the "<code style="box-sizing: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit...
  19. G

    Not allow users to hide columns in protected sheet

    Hi all, I have a protected sheet, where I want the users to be able to change the size of the columns but not to hide them. In the option "Protect sheet" I can unable "Format columns", but If I do that, the users will not be able to change the size of the columns. Is there a code for this...
  20. A

    Text list divided into columns

    I am trying to find a formula or VBA code Here is my problem: We are conducting an external audit. There are agencies withdifferent number of employee files this is not a fixed number. I input a formulathat gives me the sample size based on the total population(already done). Sowhat I am...

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