1. S

    Very Large Excel - Some Columns Are Slow to Copy and Paste

    All, I created a very large Excel file (i.e. hundreds of MBs or 100,000 rows by 369 columns) for calculating a sample of about 100,000 insurance policies across five or so different companies. I started off by building out the first row with all the needed formulas and then have copied them...
  2. K

    Speed Up Macro Segment

    Hello, I have a very long macro that's taking a REALLY long time to run (so long that my computer goes into standby mode while it runs). I narrowed the problem area of the code down to the segment below, and am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make this more efficient. It does what...
  3. M

    Slow refresh

    Hi, I am beginning in power Query in Excel. I have a general issue is the speed of refresh. I have something very basic code like : Source1 = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="tblprofit"]}[Content], #"Filtered Rows1" = Table.SelectRows(Source1, each ([Sales organisation] <> null) and...
  4. T

    Slow calculation of calculated column in Power Pivot

    Hi, I'm having a performance issue while running the following formula: "=Calculate(sum(lines[CB unit]),Filter(Lines,Lines[Index]<=earlier(Lines[index]))" I'm only iterating over 150K rows, but the calculation times out and never seems to finish. It works fine with 2K rows, but really starts...
  5. C

    Writing collection to sheet seems slow.

    Hi, I have a 2 dimension collection. The collections has 7 rows and 25 columns. Writing this collection to a sheet takes about 60 seconds, which is slow to me. The calculations are set to manual, and the displays, events and screenupdaing are set to false. What else could be causing the...
  6. J

    Splitting a cell by delimiter with formula. Warning: 312 splits needed for this.

    Hi! I can't seem to find a way to split cells in Excel using formulas (I need it to be dynamic, so I can't use the built-in splitter). What I have is up to 8 rows and 39 columns put into one cell. It's easy enough to get them spread out when I get them split up, but I can't split them. I can't...
  7. J

    This code for saving worksheet is very slow

    Hi, This code I have to add new workbook > copy data from active sheet to Sheet1 of new workbook then save runs slow. Private Sub SaveSheet() Dim WB1 As Workbook, WB2 As Workbook Dim WS1 As Worksheet, WS2 As Worksheet NUMBERA = Sheets("Main").TextBox1.Value LR = Range("A65000").End(xlUp).Row...
  8. V

    Slow recalculation of workbook

    Hi, I have problem with my workbook, I solved first issue with user defined functions, but now I have very slow workbook, with small amount of data (comparing other workbooks I made), can somebody help me? reference to my last thread...
  9. R

    Spreadsheet incredibly slow when moving tabs

    Hi I realize the title is not that helpful I have a relatively large spreadsheet - around 7 MB - with a lots of calculations and 50+ tabs It calculates fine and very quickly. However, my problem is that if I move a tab or insert a blank line (even if that line does not impact any...
  10. S

    Excel for Office 365 very slow

    Hello, We have recently installed 64-bit excel for Office 365, and it seems to be very slow in response time / stickiness in cells. Anyone know what might be causing this? thanks
  11. M

    Speed up spreadsheet

    Can anyone help please, I have just added a picture vlookup into by spreadsheet that has now made the spreadsheet run so slow, some times I am waiting up to 15 seconds to move the cursor around the spread sheet. I have in 2 of my 20 or so VBA codes added the following, which did help speed it...
  12. T

    Solver with rounding issues and running very slow with integer constraint

    Hi, I'm trying out Solver and it's very very slow! My test spreadsheet has 25 rows of test data and it ran over 30 minutes and froze all the other Excel screens, so I finally ended the task. It probably would've ran for 2 hours if I let it. Part of the issue is, the constraint is set to...
  13. D

    Help - Slow Performance on File (Experts Needed)

    I have an issue with a Gantt Chart Template that I created, its very slow for some reason (I cant find the root cause :warning:) Could you please take a look of it and support me to speed it up? Thanks a lot!!! Download Link:
  14. D

    Excel Gantt: Slow Performance

    Hello Mr. Excel Team Members, I have an issue with a Gantt Chart Template that I create, something it makes it extremely slow... I'm not sure if its due the formulas, conditional formatting or other stuff... Could you please take a look of it and support me to speed it up? Thanks a lot...
  15. Y

    Listbox selection slow

    I set listbox items to load picture in the picture box. Selecting an item in listbox is slow, the higher the size of the jpg file, the longer it takes to load, which do not give room to select another item quickly. is there any solution to this?
  16. S

    Excel Spreadsheet running slow

    Does anyone know how to speed up an excel file? I have a lot of data that is running with several formulas, but I don't feel it should be this slow. I have other documents with more info that doesn't run this slow...
  17. A

    Web query error

    Sometimes I get an error when getting data from the web. (Either due to lost internet connection or slow internet connections.) The error occurs on Send. if, for example, the website can not be reached, lost internet, or slow internet, I would like to give a message to each scenario. How can I...
  18. P

    Appl. slow

    We have a N/w of 3 computers. The Access prog is on one computer and is accessed by the other 2 computers. The Appl. runs well on the comp. on which it is installed. But it is slow on the computer accessing it. What can be done for this?
  19. Jym396

    Entering numbers is very slow

    Workbook with 3 sheets: Timesheet, Charts, Data. ONLY the Timesheet when I enter a number or time, calculation is slow (~5-6 secs). It does not happen with alpha characters. Dimension for Timesheet is A1:AG566 A few vlookups and many if statements. The thing that puzzles me is this happened...
  20. B

    VBA For Next Loop runs slower after first time through

    This one is throwing me for a loop (apologies for the pun...please still help me!). I'm confused about this one. Here's what the macro does, high level. Opens a template workbook. Saves a copy of the template workbook as a temp file. Loops through a list of other "original" workbooks: One at...

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