1. H

    largest, smallest, 2nd largest & 2nd smallest

    Posted on but could not got complete answer I need 4 formulae for: largest, smallest, 2nd largest (smaller than largest & non duplicate of largest) & 2nd smallest (larger than...
  2. G

    Transforming a large set of numbers into a 0 to 10 scale

    Hi all and thank you in advance for reading my thread. I have a set of numbers in a column M4:M36. The smallest number is 0 and the larget is in the hundreds of million. I would like to create another column to return a value from 0 to 10 where the biggest number in column M would return 10 and...
  3. H

    Excel Small If Formula For Multiple Criterias

    Hello Friends, I am using the below formula to extract the smallest value from the data =SMALL(IF(($G$2=gsm_pc_weight_ref_no)*($J$2=gsm_pc_weight_design_color_name)*($H$2>=gsm_pc_weight_date)*($I$2<=gsm_pc_weight_date),gsm_pc_weight_value,""),ROW(1:1)) CTL+SHF+ENT Cells H2 & I2 in the...
  4. A

    Sorting multiples sheets

    I have multiple sheets with student score data in cells C1:AP9 No headers sort from left to right using row 9. Largest to smallest I tried using a macro with no luck. Any ideas or a VBA??? Thanks
  5. kelly mort

    Compress images with vba code

    HelloWorld, I have the feeling there is a way to compress image files with a vba script. If anyone agrees to that can we take up that challenge? Basically, I will be compressing from a folder. And will like the smallest size possible. Say below 100kb . Thanks in advance Kelly
  6. F

    How to sort the Ranking in pivot from highest to lowest

    I inserted a ranking in my pivot table based on the final score. But when i am trying to sort it from smallest to highest, it does not work. How can i sort it. Thanks
  7. kelly mort

    Sum values of six textboxes out of 9 textboxes with a condition

    Hello and merry Christmas to you (if you do celebrate it) I need help with this challenge : There are these 9 textboxes on my userform that I want to add values from six of them and place the result in the 10th textbox. Now these are the rules for the summing : 1. Add the first 4 boxes if...
  8. H

    Formula for SMALLEST VALUE not working

    Hello friends, I am using this formula to to get the smallest value in the range. Like 1st to 5th Smallest value. Here is a sample data <tbody> 95822 123 95825 123 95828 123 95830 123 95831 123 40041541 127 40043227 127 40042045 129 12943122 A 130 12943122 B 130...
  9. T

    Displaying the contents of cell to a msgbox vba

    Hi, I have the code below which looks for a min valve in a range which is working ok. The range of columns and rows does vary which I have sorted in the code. At the moment the lowest value is highlighted on the sheet (data) and a Msgbox will report its location, i.e. $AA:$2000 or $BZ:$1000...
  10. r1998

    smallest number in array with blanks

    Dear friends n respected seniors I am finding it very difficult to solve this problem, bcoz of blanks in array. :( i want to get the smallest number from a group of numbers separated by a blank I have this data in column J starting from j1 , and data in column K is the required result entered...
  11. P

    Change A to Z to Smallest to Largest in Excel

    Have numbers in Excel 2016 column that sorts with A to Z instead of smallest. How can I change order from A to Z to smallest to largest? Cells/columns are defined as a numeric type. Thanks in advance!
  12. P

    SMALL function excluding specific cell!ArHhL08110anmBjx0Xyj3khzBu0S Here is a link to the data set, sheets1:5 have random numbers in A1:N10 On sheet6 it uses =SMALL(Sheet1:Sheet5!$A$1:$N$10,ROWS($1:1)) to =SMALL(Sheet1:Sheet5!$A$1:$N$10,ROWS($1:20)) to get the 20 smallest numbers in the range, wondering anyone...
  13. A

    SMALL function to show top 10 smallest values with their names

    Hey community, I need formula to show TOP 10 smallest values with their names ( Cell A1:A119 contains names of products and B1:B119 quantity of products ) Note: some products got same quantity
  14. T

    Get smallest number is a sequence of data

    Hi, I need some help to get Excel to extract all the smallest numbers [RED] in a repeating data sequence that goes from maximum to mininum and back to maximum... <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> 11-Jan-03 162.63 12-Jan-03 151.60 13-Jan-03 140.43 14-Jan-03 129.08 15-Jan-03 117.48 16-Jan-03...
  15. M

    Formula gone wrong after it was working fine

    Hi guys, I used this formula before and that I had to make some changes, it stopped functioning the way it supposed to in I7, this is the formula IF(A7="","",INDEX(C$1:H$1,MATCH(MAX(IF(C7:H7<>"",C$15:H$15-C$5:H$5/1000)),IF(C7:H7<>"",C$15:H$15-C$5:H$5/1000),0))) The formula is supposed to...
  16. B

    Modifying this formula to sort from A to Z instead of Z to A

    I have the formula array formula that works great. However, I would like to modify it so it sorts from smallest to largest. Right now, it is sorting largest to smallest and not vice versa. I did trying nesting this inside the Small function but I may not have set up the Rows function properly...
  17. A

    Find Smallest and Next Smallest Value

    Hi, The problem I am having is that my two formulas are finding the same result Formula 1 =INDEX($D5:$D11,MATCH(SMALL($G5:$G11,1),$G5:$G11,0)) Formula 2 =INDEX($D5:$D11,MATCH(SMALL($G5:$G11,2),$G5:$G11,0)) D5:D11 (staff names) G5:G11 (number of files) I am trying to find the staff member...
  18. G

    Excel 'Template' w. Macros

    Becasue I am not adept a creating macros I frequently have to create spreadsheets that are similar to the samples that can be downloaded from: by recording them. After creating the macros buttons are applied and macros are assigned to them to for...
  19. D

    Smallest value greater than zero across multiple cells

    Hi all I'm trying to sum the smallest value greater than zero across multiple (scattered/random) cells. I know how to do this if the cells were in straightforward row or column range, but not sure what the best way is across random cells. Any ideas? Many thanks
  20. J

    Keep table filtered by "Sort largest to smallest"

    Hi, I have a table and when I update it, it loses its "Sort largest to smallest", and I have to press the filter and then set the criteria again. I would like to avoid this and "keep" the table sorted by my first column that has the large and small numbers in it. Any idéa on how to keep a...

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