1. Z

    Filter results of separate sheet based on another cell text

    I have two sheets setup: One with records, and one with links. I've got the point with the code below where if I double click on the heading "Link" within the Records sheet then it directs to the Links sheet and filters them based upon the reference in the original "Link" heading. I was...
  2. S

    Look up value with lowest rank

    Hi all, I am trying to look up in Power BI, Sample file here I need to lookup the column "location" from the 'Lookup Table' to 'My Table' The Video ID is used to link between two tables. However the video ID has duplicates in it. Question- How can I create a new column 'Location' in My...
  3. S

    Referencing Values from columns on Master sheet and skipping blank values

    Hey I'm wondering what formula I can use to get these two sheets below from a master sheet. I would like to be able to type out values in either the In or the Out columns on my master sheet (3rd picture) and have them automatically be printed out in my In and my Out sheet along with their...
  4. D

    Being driven made by Zero Width Space throughout sheet.

    I have a sheet which is a mixture of SharePoint list imports, pasting from a webpage etc. During this process, some zero width spaces are littered throughout the document. Of course it's helpful that I can't see them and don't know there is even an issue until I export to my other programme...
  5. tly0227

    Hidden difference between copied cell and entered text when data & formatting is the same

    I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I have a database of employees. Column E: Employee ID# I have a table on a 2nd sheet, Files, that is a list of documents that I can't find Employee Folders for. Column B: Employee ID I have a column, T: Unfiled docs flag, with the following formula...
  6. H

    Conditional Formatting based on WHEN I enter data

    I have a workbook where I enter the same data each time I have a client show up for a session. I have to fill in the same 10 values based on what they say to me each time. I like to leave their values from the last session so I can remember what they were talking about. I am wondering if there...
  7. CsJHUN

    VBA userform progress bar for cycles (just sharing my code)

    Hi guys, i googled and forumed many solution for progressbars. Some are way above my head (with kernel inputs, hardware keys, so on), so i try to made one for myself which easily readable and understandable. I made a simple userform with 3 label. First is just for sub title, third is for text...
  8. M

    Filling an array with sheet names - VBA

    Greetings, I need to print a set of user-defined sheets form a workbook and I want them in ONE print job, not individual print jobs. Reason being, I want to create a PDF file with 1-10 pages, not ten pdf files. I can gather the sheet names the user chooses and put them in a place in the...
  9. P

    VBA Macro Select Worksheet If Name Contains String

    Complete macro noob and not sure what to do. I have borrowed a macro from this forum to select a tab based on the worksheet name Sub Macro1() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If ws.Name Like "* Apple" Then ws.Select Exit For End If Next ws End...
  10. N

    Lookup then RAG status

    Hi all, Need some formula help (i think) I need a RAG dashboard lookup formula, its based on a list of text. Ive tried a few things including custom number & index match but it doesnt seem to work. Any idea on how i can do this? I have this list of data: Name Testing Approvals Reviews...
  11. T

    Web Scraping with Excel VBA

    Hello, I have some script below in which I am trying to extract the information listed in the red box into an Excel file using VBA. Ideally, I would really love to get everything under the <div class="kioskDockDoor blueBg" line but I'll take any help I can get. I've tried multiple variations of...
  12. E

    Exporting to CSV, messed up date format.

    Using this: Private Sub Create_CSV() Dim content As String Dim Rng As Range Set Rng = Range("A12:AS30") Dim Path As String Dim FileName1 As String Dim FileName2 As String Dim FileName3 As String Dim sWB As Workbook, _ sWS As Worksheet Dim dWB As Workbook, _ dWS As...
  13. A

    AutoFill in Selection Range Method

    Sub demo() Dim myRange As Range Set myRange = Selection myRange.Cells(1, 10).Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=test" & "(RC[-9])" Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("RC[-9]:RC" & Range("Selection" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row), Type:=xlFillDefault End Sub A B C D E F G H I J Text1...
  14. G

    FormulaLocal vs Formula2Local issue

    Hi folks! I'm just trying to write a formula in a cell. if I use Formula2Local I got a '1004' Runtime error. Worksheets("SK").Cells(ACT_row, Col_VAL).Formula2Local = Aggr_costi if I use FormulaLocal everything run smoothly Worksheets("SK").Cells(ACT_row, Col_VAL).FormulaLocal = Aggr_costi The...
  15. K

    Turning a Table into a sorted Column

    Hi. I'm working on a vacation calendar for a group of teams. I have the data in a table like this: group name location TeamA Person1 S TeamA Person2 R TeamA Person3 P TeamA Person4 S TeamB Person5 R TeamB Person6 P TeamB Person7 S TeamB Person8 R TeamB Person9 P TeamB...
  16. C

    VBA: Search for Text strings and return value from table

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster - let me thank you all for years of troubleshooting and learning with pro's how to be a bit better in Excel. My question is around VBA - not very well versed in it - and will try to explain as best as I can. I have a list of countries with a score...
  17. J

    Formula: Countifs

    Hi guys I'm trying to put together a countifs statement but am getting a little stuck. I want the formula to calculate how many blanks are in the corresponding C column, if the value in the B column is 5. I managed the first condition (to count how many 5s there are in B): =COUNTIF(B2:B10,5)...
  18. R

    dependent cells to follow decimal formatting of parent cell

    Hello, New to this forum, I thank you for your help in advance. I need dependent cells to follow the decimal formatting of a one parent cell. I've done this with format painter but my parent cell decimal requirements changes from time to time and I need the dependent cells to adjust and...
  19. H

    Help 2 this Formula (if and) or

    Hey Group I need some Help to this formula =IF(And(D9=1;L11=1);D12) That Part Works Fine i now need a "Or function after that Working formula so it might look like that perhaps =IF(And(D9=1;L11=1);D12)or If(And(D9=1;L11=2);D11) i have try that but it wont Work and not for any thing i...
  20. J

    M code for same date last year

    Hi. I have a problem that is driving me nuts. Am fairly new to M code but thought trial and error would have solved my problem by now. Upside is I have learned a lot on the way even if I still haven't solved my problem. I have a (text) column called EntryDate with the date of all orders...
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