1. C

    VBA: Search for Text strings and return value from table

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster - let me thank you all for years of troubleshooting and learning with pro's how to be a bit better in Excel. My question is around VBA - not very well versed in it - and will try to explain as best as I can. I have a list of countries with a score...
  2. J

    Formula: Countifs

    Hi guys I'm trying to put together a countifs statement but am getting a little stuck. I want the formula to calculate how many blanks are in the corresponding C column, if the value in the B column is 5. I managed the first condition (to count how many 5s there are in B): =COUNTIF(B2:B10,5)...
  3. R

    dependent cells to follow decimal formatting of parent cell

    Hello, New to this forum, I thank you for your help in advance. I need dependent cells to follow the decimal formatting of a one parent cell. I've done this with format painter but my parent cell decimal requirements changes from time to time and I need the dependent cells to adjust and...
  4. H

    Help 2 this Formula (if and) or

    Hey Group I need some Help to this formula =IF(And(D9=1;L11=1);D12) That Part Works Fine i now need a "Or function after that Working formula so it might look like that perhaps =IF(And(D9=1;L11=1);D12)or If(And(D9=1;L11=2);D11) i have try that but it wont Work and not for any thing i...
  5. J

    M code for same date last year

    Hi. I have a problem that is driving me nuts. Am fairly new to M code but thought trial and error would have solved my problem by now. Upside is I have learned a lot on the way even if I still haven't solved my problem. I have a (text) column called EntryDate with the date of all orders...
  6. M

    Calculate group average based on multi-tab constituent values

    I'm trying to calculate a simple AVERAGE based on two source tabs 'Category' and 'Score'. Stipulations: 1) No helper columns on the source tabs; data from source tabs are exports from other systems that must remain untouched 2) Average scores on 'Result' tab should be calculated using a formula...
  7. R

    VBA code for copy/paste a variable amount of rows and adding a certain value in one specific column

    Hi there, I´m new in the VBA world and I´m trying to learn how to use it in an efficient way and at the same time develop a feature in my spreadsheet, see bullet 4 below: #1 Copy an activated row, insert a new row below and paste the formula in column(not formula) there (Solved) #2 Highlight...
  8. J

    Can I run the filter for Column A off the drop down menu in Cell D9?

    Any Help would be appreciated. I had one issue solved on here today if I can get this one I would be ecstatic! Thank you! - Jessy
  9. D

    SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for 2 criterias

    SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for one criteria, can be solved using: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(G10:G100,A10:A100,A5,B10:B100,B5,C10:C100,C3:C6)) According to: But If I need to apply SUMIFS with multiple possibilities for 2 criterias...
  10. R

    Userform help

    This is my first attempt at building a Userform. It was actually going well and everything was working until I realized that one of my boxes was not posting a result. On the form I have a series of questions with Points awarded based on the answer. For example: It the answer to question 1 is...
  11. L

    Advanced Filter multiple criteria

    I have a data sheet similar to this. I would like to know what I need to do to create formulas/functions that allow this to happen while running an advanced filter. <tbody> Rank(5 Star Rating System Name(Multiple duplicate names) Tier(Typical letter grade scale) 1 Name1 A 1 Name2 B 2...
  12. C

    Find all dates related to a client and then find the average time difference between them

    Hi there, I have an export from our zendesk helpdesk and am trying to find the average time to solve a ticket. So far, I have tried to sum the Open date and the solved dates, then average the result. that seems to get me the correct answer ( i think!) until the first "solved date" is blank...
  13. K

    find in entire workbook and write to userform

    Hi, I want to replicate the search function from excel, but without going to the cell location when there is a value found. So I started making a search function myself. It works to the point that I can find a value in a selected cell, which is pointless. This is my code Private Sub...
  14. A


    I can't figure out why I'm getting this error only on this one row. All my other formulas on the Revenue Summary sheet work fine. {=SUMPRODUCT((MONTH(InventoryTracking[Date Sold])='Revenue Summary'!M2)*(InventoryTracking[Sale Price (Before Tax)]))} **no problems with this one**...
  15. J

    Excel 2016 VBA: Disable all tabs in tabstrip except for selected tab

    I have a tabstrip named ufRooms.tsWoodRun. Trying to disable all other tabs when selecting one so you can't accidentally select another before pressing the enter key. Anyone know if theres a way to do that? Thanks, Jordan
  16. J

    Excel 2016: Runtime Tabstrip From Named Range

    Hello, I have been trying to create a runtime tabstrip unsuccessfully. I have 4 named ranges I need it to populate the tab names from depending on which tab on ufRooms.tsWood is selected. The 4 named ranges are named the same as the 4 tab names on tsWood ie: Doors, Windows, Trim, MiscWood...
  17. J

    Excel 2016: Select case troubleshooting

    Having trouble wrapping my head around condensing this. The blue version is working, the black version is working, but the green is what I'm trying to make happen but not sure how to go about it. It's making "test" a value of zero rather than copying q to test. I get why just not the how to...
  18. G

    How to mark Post as solved

    Hi everyone its been awhile since i have been on here to post a question. so appologise now for this question. How do i mark my post as solved? i can not seam to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance
  19. S

    Excel VBA - Help code scroll button to hide rows in multiple Sheets.

    -Excel 2013 -Windows 7 Professional I would like my scroll button to hide the same rows in specific Worksheets. I'm new to VBA so I used the Record Macro trick, however the constant switching the screen does causes the application to freeze. I wrote the code to the point where it hides the...
  20. M

    My issue is now solved

    Hello, Looking around I couldn't find any way to do it, but maybe i'm not looking at the proper place, is there a way to tag a thread as solved so other members can identify the issue as solved ? Thanks Matthieu.

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