1. A

    Add a line after each unique value

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to separate some values on my spreadsheet, and I can't seem to think of any effective way to write some vba code to do this automatically. In Column A (starting from row 2 until the end of data), I have some values. "Secured", "Unsecured", "7A"... They...
  2. S

    Formula to return a sorted list, eliminating values already returned

    Hi all, I have a giant database of NBA players and their NBA 2k ratings, what I'm trying to do is automatically pull them into team lists: To get the starting 5 I use this formula in column C...
  3. L

    Excel (Office 365) not showing sorted Pivot Chart data

    Hi, I have just updated to Office 365 (Windows 10) so I have the latest 2019 version of Excel. When I create a pivot chart, the chart and PivotChart Fields are visible but the sorted data is not visible. I have never had this issue before (Excel 2013). With the older version of Excel, the...
  4. N

    Move Data From one work book to another with Criteria

    Hi, I am stuck in one of my projects and I have no clue to work around this. I have a report with 50000 rows of data with 21 columns. I want to move data based on certain code words I created in column D For EG: RS, RA, PE, RO and So on. The data should be moved from Data Raw file to Data...
  5. L

    Sorting a column with all cells in the row moving with the sort.

    Hello I have a sheet with over a dozen columns and around 200 rows of data. I want to add a sort to one of the columns that will sequence dates oldest to newest. The results should move all of the cells in the row with the sorted column. As in, each row is a record, and I want all the records...
  6. P

    Macro - Sort Column/Range Alphabetically

    This is, in fact, related to, and follows on from, a previous post - Summary I have recorded a Macro to sort a column (C) within Range("B24:AF218") to sort Column 'C'...
  7. R

    Sorting Alphanumeric characters

    Hi The below is a set of data which I have where the sname is sorted in a particular sequence. Abcd....z0123456789 So the record are sorted first with alphabet character and then by number. But when I try to sort the same in Excel it doesn't work according to the above order. <tbody>...
  8. D

    Index Match Not returning expected answer

    Hi, I am using the following formula: =INDEX(D4:D35,MATCH(MIN(ABS(D4:D35-B13)),ABS(D4:D35-B13),-1)) Cell B13 contains the number 660 My array contains the following list sorted into descending order: 4680 4100 3330 2900 2530 2430 2210 2020...
  9. D

    Weekday Data not Recognized for Sorting on Slicer

    I have two tables of data that I am using to create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Then I'm creating slicers which slice multiple charts from the two different sources (via technique from this video: ) One of the slicers needs to be Day of the Week...
  10. 3

    Display initial list 3 times sorted on different criteria

    Hi All, I have an initial list. I would like to be able to display this initial list 3 times sorted on different criteria each time as below: <tbody> initial list list sorted on column C list sorted on column D list sorted on column Total <tbody> Rank Name C D Total 1 name1 10 20 30 2...
  11. B

    Sort table using function/equation only

    Hello All, How can I sort a table into another table on the same row in different columns as shown in the example below. The sort based on data in the row #2 from high to low (descending). Thanks in advance for any helps. *BDT <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M 1 Source 1 2 3 4 5...
  12. S

    Sorts using a Macro

    Hi guys, Im looking for a little help with my spreadsheet. What im trying to do is a sort using row K largest to smallest then row I largest to smallest, however, the selection of rows is different each time I do the sort. I tried to record a macro after highlighting my selection but it just...
  13. A

    Excel - Grouping pre sorted data based on column values

    I have a table with data sorted into rows for review, rows that are ok and rows that are other, between each data set is a blank row. I want to run a macro that: extracts the data for a person(I've got this), groups the data by review/OK/other , closing(hiding) 'Ok' and 'other' groupings...
  14. C


    Hi, I need to pull pricing from a table that has Material # (ColA), Date Price was change(ColB) and the price (ColC). I want to pull for material based on a date of purchase. The table referenced is not sorted by material currently as it list of chronological price changes thus it is sorted by...
  15. M

    Sort Name Range

    I would like a simple code to sort a Named Range called MyRange. 1 Column wide sorted Alphabetically No headers
  16. M

    Sort VBA Code

    Hi Mr Excel, would like to ask for your inputs on how to make this code work. I'm encountering an error when running it. Code: With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Data Analysis").Sort .SetRange Range("o3:o289") .Header = xlGuess .MatchCase = False .Orientation =...
  17. M

    Sort Files into Subfolders Based on First 6 Characters

    Hi, I tried searching for this on the forum but I was not able to find anything similar to what I am trying to accomplish. I have a bunch of files that have the file name structured as follows "C_1000xxxxxxxx", "C1001xxxxxxxx." The length of the file name changes based on the part after the...
  18. ironsides

    Macro help (Replace M)

    I copy and paste market cap data from NASDAQ and paste the results in col H The results I get when sorted is: 96,323 M 9,128 M 833 M 670 M 613 M 530 M 47,681 M How do I replace the M with ,000 so when sorted it will be correct? Begins in cell H19 The macro I'm using is: Sub SortH() ' '...
  19. C

    Best Way To Combine Two Macros

    Hello! I currently have two macros that I use in order... The first takes a large sheet of data ("100"), and split it into smaller sheets of 101 rows. (100 rows + 1 header). These sheets become titled "Raw 1", "Raw 2", "Raw 3" etc. Sub DataToSheets() Dim src As Worksheet Dim lr As...
  20. sharky12345

    Sort columns A:C but leave others

    How can I sort columns A:C using VBA but leave the others columns untouched? Column A needs to be sorted from A2 down and in ascending order.

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