1. M

    Subtotal by Funding on one sheet but put the results on another sheet

    What I'm trying to do is create a macro that does the following: 1. On the "By Transaction" worksheet sort by the Funding column . 2. Subtotal by Total Amount Due by a change of Funding 3. Copy the Funding and Total Amount Due Subtotal onto another sheet "By Funding" where there are other fields...
  2. C

    Pivot table sorting numbers as text

    I have a pivot table created from a table on a different worksheet. My first row is a field called Working Week followed by 2 other fields. I am trying to sort the Working Week columns numerically from lowest to highest but the pivot table sees the data as text and is not sorting as I would...
  3. G

    Using Excel to Sort and display Contest results for different categories

    I am extremely new to any complex workings or Excel. I know how to create a simple spreadsheet and how to manually sort the columns while looking at that spread sheet. I am looking for assistance in how to create a document for contest results. The goal is to be able to enter the data on one...
  4. 0

    Formula Sorting and nested IF statements

    I am working on a project for an event where contestants time is recorded real time and depending on all the other contestants scores (as they are entered) a "place" and a "score" are awarded. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc places are awarded points if they are members, based on the contestant with the...
  5. Saher Naji

    Sorting Excel rows

    Hello, I'm trying to make the formula working on each 2 rows respectively, but I couldn't FX SWP product is displayed in 2 rows. I want to separate the two rows, and put one in the Short sheet and one in the Long sheet. Each FX SWP has the same Swap Number, with two Trade Number, one will have...
  6. lockarde

    Sort range based on value

    Good morning all, I have an issue with a spreadsheet I use to track job details. Ideally, these details are supposed to be entered as they come in, but sometimes people wait, and suddenly there are details from several days or even weeks past. Is there a way to sort all of these details by...
  7. V

    Scheduling Sheet

    Anyone able to provide some quick help? I have a worksheet I am working with to schedule fabrication. I need two macros to format the sheet and a background process. Macro 1: Button Labeled "Fab Start"; sorts by Column I "Planned Start" oldest to newest creates...
  8. S

    Command action button

    i need a command action button to sort a table called table1 based on column ”No. Date” from Z to A. it’s important to note that my table increases everyday so the range must not be limited to a certain limit
  9. V

    Sorting Poducts VBA Running Slow

    Hello All, Thanks for the Education you are providing. I have been using the below code (originally created by Hiker95 in here) for the last 4 years now but now it is getting very slow to sort products, This is used to sort products entered randomly for each order with different products...
  10. A

    Sorting Dates with General format and time stamp

    Hello All - I have been sent a worksheet with dates from a user in Australia. The date format is: 17/06/2016, so Day, Month, Year. And to be more specific, what I've been sent is: 17/06/2016 18:53, so D, M, Year and a time stamp. There are other dates that I need to merge and sort with these...
  11. L

    reversing the order of 2 columns

    Hi Is there any way/trick to reverse a table without using sorting? Here is my table From <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> average grade 0 f 50 c 60 b 80 a </tbody> To <colgroup><col width="64" span="2"...
  12. A

    First time creating macros for complicated sorting

    Hey, all! Just a bit of background: I work in sales at a hotel. I've been tasked with manually entering our numbers into a new system until it interfaces with the program the front desk uses to keep track of rooms. It's daunting. I'm given an extremely dense Excel file with information about...
  13. G

    Maintain cell value of referenced cell after sorting

    I have a list of values in range B6:B52; each value represents a report. In column D, I have the name of the reports going down the column referencing column B such that: D6 = B6 D57 = B7 D108 = B8 D159 = B9 .. and so on As I add values to column B, the value automatically gets referred to the...
  14. N

    I am Hoping to Find a Sort Macro

    Hello...I am a schoolteacher who wants to provide students with a chance to retake failed tests, and I want the data organized by class periods. I am requesting a macro to perform the following sort functions: Sort 1 is ascending from A2 to AT205 sorting by Column AT(Test Score) Sort 2 is...
  15. K

    Sorting Tables (ListObjects) with VBA

    Hi All. I have a sheet with a number of Tables in it that I would like to sort on a regular basis. Currently I have the following code which works, but I'm curious to know if there is a easier way with looping to sort all the tables in the sheet at once. Any suggestions? Sub Sort_Lists()...
  16. B

    Sorting Across the Down with Photos

    I'm creating a database of sorts with Excel. They want a photo page with links to a details page for each item. I'm trying to make a sheet that is 10 columns wide and then raps to the next row. The links are tied to the images so they need to be sortable in the case that a new item is added. I...
  17. D

    Sorting columns in Tables

    When creating a table, Excel turns every column in the table into a sortable column via a drop down arrow next to the column name. Is it possible to turn off this sorting ability for some of the columns in a table?
  18. T

    Index Match Match Match

    Hello!!! I am having difficultly getting a formula to work. =INDEX(OLPPricingTable,MATCH(PricingType,OLPPricingTablePricingTypes,0),MATCH(D200,OLPPricingTableChannels,0),MATCH(OLPNPRTotal,OLPPricingTableNPRLookup,1)) I need to match a column exactly, a row exactly and a column greater...
  19. kweaver

    Error opening file after sorting, saving, and closing

    I have an Excel workbook with a tab named "Master". I have a sorting button that calls this routine: Sub SortByEmpNo() Sheets("Master").Activate With ActiveSheet.Sort .SortFields.Add Key:=Range("A10"), Order:=xlAscending .SetRange Range("A10:G1013") .Header = xlYes .Apply End With End...
  20. S

    Allow sorting in a protected sheet

    Hi all, I need to allow sorting in an unlocked table within a protected sheet. I have enabled filtering, but for some reason sorting is an issue. Every time I try and sort I'm prompted with "The cell or chart you're trying to change is on a protected sheet. To make a change, protect the sheet...

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