1. N

    Index Match after sorting

    I have one excel file that has two tabs that i want to work together. In Tab1 i want the priority list to be updated manually. Then on tab2 i want the priority list to be filled automatically from tab1. The order numbers will be in different sequence on both tabs so i want the priority to...
  2. M

    Google sheet query

    silly question I have a spreadsheet that I have been told to put on to google drive. I have found an issue where one person has sorted a column (ie click on the C at the top and sort into alphabetical) instead of filtering. does anyone know if you can lock a sheet so users cannot sort but...
  3. M

    VBA to filter a table based on a range.

    Hi team I have a table on Sheet 1 and some values on sheet 2 column E Is there a way i can filter the table in sheet one to display content only if Column A in the table matcehs the values from Sheet 2 column E . I hope this want too confusing :) Thanks in advance
  4. W

    Linking two columns and then ordering a column

    Hello, I've created an example that illustrates what I'm working because the work is private. So in the example, relative to the actual work, there is an ID number that is related to a Name. And when I receive the excel files, the order of the names need to be adjusted. So in the example, the...
  5. R

    Keeping a conditional format formula from moving while sorting

    Hello The two images are examples of what I am working with. Briefly D4 = B4-C4 ..................... The same goes for I4 = G4-H4 The result in d4 shows that if I decided to pay this bill on January 31, 2023 it is too early there for it will stripe out yellow and red. < this is a visual...
  6. J

    Sorting numbers that end in letters

    I'm trying to sort a column that lists IDs that include letters and numbers. The issue is that some IDs are just numbers (450), while others end in letters (450A, 450B, etc.) I want it to sort as 450, 450A, 450B, 451, 452A, etc., but instead its sorting as 450, 451, 450A, 450B." I've tried...
  7. P

    Range Grouping problem

    I have a spreadsheet with cell information on a worksheet. For instance in Column A, I have have Cell name ("A1", "A2","A3" , "B21" ... etc) In another column I have interior cell colors for each cell listed in Column A. Instead of using: ActiveSheet.Range("A1").interior.color =...
  8. Z

    Sum values are changing after sorting

    Hi, I have a column that is full of sum values from a data set. Then, I have another column that I set up to give me values based on this formula, essentially: (A1/$A$2) [it's to find proportions]. When I go to custom sort the table by the header in the formula column, the sum values get messed...
  9. R

    Creating a variable list of columns and ranges to copy to another sheet based off values in cells

    I've got an inputs tab and 3 other worksheets in one wkbk. On my inputs tab, i've got cells I2:I14 that have column letters in it (A, AB, N, E, etc.) - these can be changed so they are variable. They correspond to the other worksheets within the wkbk. So 13 cells of columns to ID while...
  10. C

    VBA for sorting all data in active sheet(varies in column and row length)

    Hi, Like the title says, I'm trying to make a VBA to sort "all" my data based on D column(descend). I need a VBA that works on the active sheet regardless of name(always different). Also, the number of columns and rows changes every time I run the report, so I cannot have a specific range...
  11. L

    Sorting Apples pt. 3

    Hi, I'm trying to see if its possible to do in excel or to build a macro for the following situation: We have multiple types of apples (Fuji, Red, Gala, Golden, HoneyCrisp, and Green). All apples are each uniquely barcoded that are evenly distributed into 6 baskets. When it comes to uneven...
  12. S

    is there a fast way to match my "cell content" to the "row number"

    is there a fast way to match my "cell content" to the "row number" Hello guys, please help me is there a fast way to match my "cell content" to the "row number"? TT_TT[/URL] Ex: the ones with the yellow Highlight my "cell content" 326 matches with the "row number" 326 my cell content 337...
  13. M

    Sorting Find and Assign specified values

    Item Name Fixed Price Lube Oil Qty1: 549, Qty2:999, Qty 3: 1399, Qty 4: 1699, Qty 5: Dcapsules Balancing Figure of Total Order Value, ABCD1Order...
  14. K

    VBA sort each dataset without removing blank rows

    Hi to all and thanks in advance for the help... I am trying to create a macro which will do the following in my sheet: I want to sort (each time with a column of my choice), each one of the small data sets, which are located between empty lines of a large data set. For example: I want to sort by...
  15. E

    Sort 15min (96) entries per day in single row

    Hello, This is a data sorting question. Sort 15min (96) entries per day in single row. This way each row has single date with a column for each 15 minute interval of every day instead of 96 rows of the same date end to end and only a single column of data entry. Restated; Currently, Column A =...
  16. T

    UDF to reformat hierarchical numbering for sorting

    The fact that Excel is unable to identify and correctly sort hierarchical numbering (ex. 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.3...) is an age-old problem which has been widely discussed in many fora. There are numerous workarounds, but they are often project-specific or formula-based. At the moment, I have...
  17. M

    Subtotal by Funding on one sheet but put the results on another sheet

    What I'm trying to do is create a macro that does the following: 1. On the "By Transaction" worksheet sort by the Funding column . 2. Subtotal by Total Amount Due by a change of Funding 3. Copy the Funding and Total Amount Due Subtotal onto another sheet "By Funding" where there are other fields...
  18. C

    Pivot table sorting numbers as text

    I have a pivot table created from a table on a different worksheet. My first row is a field called Working Week followed by 2 other fields. I am trying to sort the Working Week columns numerically from lowest to highest but the pivot table sees the data as text and is not sorting as I would...
  19. G

    Using Excel to Sort and display Contest results for different categories

    I am extremely new to any complex workings or Excel. I know how to create a simple spreadsheet and how to manually sort the columns while looking at that spread sheet. I am looking for assistance in how to create a document for contest results. The goal is to be able to enter the data on one...
  20. 03856me

    Formula Sorting and nested IF statements

    I am working on a project for an event where contestants time is recorded real time and depending on all the other contestants scores (as they are entered) a "place" and a "score" are awarded. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc places are awarded points if they are members, based on the contestant with the...

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