1. E

    Change Pivot Data Source Based on Cell Selection

    Hello, Workbook name: Report Sheet with pivot: Summary Sheets with data source: Source1 , Source2 (data in range A1:C14) In the above workbook, I defined the name PivotChange_Source with formula =INDIRECT(Summary!$A$1&"!A1:C14") to change the Pivot source within the Workbook based on A1 input...
  2. R

    Change Power Query Source based on Toggle

    Hi, I have looked around and haven't found a workable solution for what I am trying to achieve. I have a query (importA) importing data from txt files, and I have a sheet (ManualData) for data to be put in manually. I want to add a setting option (toggle/radio button) to set the query source...
  3. S

    Edit Links>Change Source keeps resulting in endless multiple prompts to select new link

    Hi All, Longtime reader, first time poster. Thanks in advance for the help! I'm trying to use the Edit Links function to change a few links (one at a time, though some formulas may reference multiple files/links in the same cell), but whenever I use the feature, after I point to the new file...
  4. Jyggalag

    Pivot Table with Query

    Hi All, I am currently facing an issue in with my pivot table that I have been absolutely unable to fix and it does not seem like the Power Pivot forum is very active compared to this one. In addition, mine is more related to Pivot Tables than Power BI, Query or anything like that, so I may...
  5. Jyggalag

    Power Query question (never used before!)

    Hi all, I am considering to use power query to get data for my pivot table. However, I am EXTREMELY new to both pivot tables and power query. I want to import data into this pivot table (not using power query below): I have the source data saved here: So questionnaire data file 1 is week...
  6. T

    Copy paste website source code

    I copy website source code and paste it to excel just ctrl-c, ctrl-v. It paste fine and there aren't any website rendering, just plain text as source code is. There are about 800 rows. But pasting is slow. It takes about 5 seconds to paste. I have no macros running and tried also calculation in...
  7. S

    Define a list of files as a variable target (VBA)

    Hello, I use a code to copy files to a template file, and delete old one, then save as old file's name. But choosing every single file for like 500 files, is very boring. Since, I do this operation once a week, now I need more clever way to do it. I use "GetOpenFilename" in order to choose...
  8. O

    Field Type Amendment

    Morning, If I amend a field format in the source Excel document, will Power BI be able to refresh the data without errors? Basically I've got a data download from another system and the financial values were stored as text and I need to change them to decimal for a SUM but query editor can't...
  9. R

    Clear All Permissions in Data Source Settings Using VBA

    Sounds simple but I cannot find any information on how to clear all permissions in Data -- > Get Data -- > Data Source Settings --> Clear Permissions --> Clear All I have trawled the internet for a while but sadly to no avail. If anyone could atleast tell me where in the object model I can...
  10. M

    Noob Help Please

    I am hoping someone can help. It seems like such an easy thing to do and I just can't find the answer anywhere. So, I would like to search a range of cells F2:F6 (APPLICATION) for the word "Yes" The word will be returned in multiple cells and I would like to copy the B2:B6 corresponding cell...
  11. L

    advanced filter - OR vs AND

    Hi Please I need your help to understand Advanced filter. In the example below, the author said to use advanced filter that means to use OR condition. and he created the criteria and found this I understood all the above but what I do not understand, when I use a regular filter to filter...
  12. J

    Extract href link from source code using VBA

    Below is the source code which i am getting after browsing a website I just want to copy link /search/Listing/45678489?source=results in excel and want to know how to click it class="details" is same for all href links that i want copy while id keep on incrementing mk:1:mk, ms:2:mk and so on
  13. D

    VBA to copy data from multiple workbooks into single master xls

    Here is what I am trying to do. I have a few spreadsheets in a folder (c:\dump\tally). I am trying to grab the data found in A3:AA3 for each of these files in the "Rollup" tab and drop them into the Excel file hosting the macro in the Sheet1 tab. And since the source data is mostly formula...
  14. D

    Drop down list that can be expanded with new entries

    I need a drop down list of organisations for a cell. I have set it to allow list in the data validation settings but I am not sure of the code to go in the source box. The list is currently on a sheet called CSCs and is a table called tblOrganisation. If you need the table limits, it goes from...
  15. H

    Macro to copy all sheets from source workb

    I have a source workbook with several sheets. I would like to copy each sheet with the data into the destination workbook and to create sheets if these do not exist I am looking for code to do this Your assistance is most appreciated I have also posted on...
  16. S

    Formatting Inconsistent Source Data

    I'm trying to solve a problem to automate the formatting of some inconsistent source data we download daily for a partner. The source data is formatted like below. For the all lines we need to pull data into a simplified table. Ex. first line we need to pull the invoice # (11753195), Vendor...
  17. J

    VBA UserForm with Check Box

    I am trying to create a pretty simple UserForm that will contain 4-10 choices that I want end users to select all that apply and then create a text string based on their input. I have browsed the web but nothing seems really clear to me. Can anyone point me towards resources/step-by-step...
  18. H

    Blank Cells Copying As Zero

    hi I have some code I use to transfer huge chunks of data from a sheet in one file to another. Here is the code:- =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(1,INDEX((INT('/Users/SOS/Documents/My Documents/Horse/Football Advisor/Research/Master Data File/2017/Additional/New...
  19. D

    SQLITE Integration

    Hello everyone, Can you please tell me the best practice for importing SQLITE data into Excel? I want to create a pivot table for several users to access. I tried the get data from other source but doesn't seem to work
  20. gheyman

    Access: Form w/table as Source Filter

    When I have a Form based on a query, I am able to filter based on a Combo Box (Use the Combo selection as Criteria in Query). If you have a Form with its source being a Table, is there a way to filter the data? I only want to see records where [Status] is "Active"

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