special characters

  1. S

    VBA to extract string between 2 special characters (where spec. characters appear twice)

    I'm looking for some VBA to extract the text: 1620011017 from the below string; Inv_1620056384_1620011017_1034258 There could be any number of characters, so I think I would need to define it based on the fact it's the string between the 2 underscores. I think starting from the right of the...
  2. S

    Restrict special character in cell

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a way to not allowed "&" character in excel cell. If i try to type "&" character then a message should pop like "Character not allowed". Thanks in advance. Best Regards,
  3. G

    Macro to follow Hyperlink with Ampersand in folder name

    Hi I have created a macro that is set to follow a hyperlink to a folder named, c:\products\Weight&Dimensions. My macro seems to stop at the '&' sign, causing an error as it is looking for a folder called c:\products\Weight. I can't remove the ampersand, so how can I get Excel to understand...
  4. D

    Splitting Text from special characters 3 times

    Hello, I have a cell containing the following information: "AM,1,10|LA,1,5|VU,1,5" The end product i need is one column containg AM (so after" and before , ) one column containing LA (so between | | ) one column containing VU (after | and before ") I need this to be a formula as the codes...
  5. B

    Highlighting special characters in excel

    I am trying to find a VB code that will highlight a cell that has a special characters with the exception of the following ,-.:;{}[]_/,()*? ?@&
  6. F

    Adding Numbers Surrounded by Text and Special Characters?

    In Column A i have a list of ingredients by percentage: 100% honey 98% sugar, 2% water 50% sugar, 40% flour (going on like that for hundreds of rows) Is there an easy way (formula) that I can have column B return only the numbers from A, added together for a total? For example column B would...
  7. I

    Deleting Special Characters

    Hi Good Day everyone! I have an excel file that needs to remove all special characters except for the following 1.)A-Z & a-z 2.) 0-9 3.), . - _ é É I have found a vba code but I really cant update it cause I might break the file. This code only removes the characters under xChars. is...
  8. S

    Reject Special Characters in Input Box string VBA

    I have a spreadsheet with a macro to add new countries. The macro adds a new sheet for each country and users enter the name into an Input Box. I have the code to reject country names with spaces (because it messes up later steps) but special characters other than underscore also mess it up...
  9. D

    Special Characters & Duplicate Names

    Hello, I have a Macro that I am using to generate a weekly report which works great. The comments in the macro explains what it is that the macro does. This all works great until it runs up against special characters in the project name (as you know worksheet names cannot have special...
  10. P

    VBA RegExp CODE 5019

    Hi folks, It's my first time here and I'm needing your help. I'm trying to use a specific regular expression, but when a I try execute, the message shows "Run-time error 5019" The regular expression I'm using is "(Sumário\n[^]+)". I done some tests and the error is "^". How can I done it...
  11. J

    split text string at 3rd instance of special character from the right of string.

    Hello - trying to find code that will split a text string at the 3rd instance of a special character from the right of the string. example string - "xxx-yyyy-zzz-FL-1-15-8" I would like to split the text at the 3rd "-" from the right (split between FL and 1). I then need to paste the 2 values...
  12. C

    Removal of special characters and deduplication from a single column (accounting)

    Hello - I am working with an accounting spreadsheet with more than 350,000 lines and I need to do two things: 1) Replacement of special characters (i.e. $,%,*,', etc.) with a space (" "), 2) I need to indicate duplicates by removing them altogether from the listing and highlighting the cell...
  13. J

    Remove All Special Characters

    I have an Excel file (form) with several macros embedded that do a variety of functions. When a user saves their Excel file, I have a macro which creates a CSV copy of the values input so that I can load to my database. From time to time, a user will copy and paste something into the Excel file...
  14. M

    Countifs function using special characters

    Hi how to differentiate between "cat" and "cat*" using countif function
  15. A

    How to find and replace special characters in vba

    Hi, My requirement is to see if any special character is present in character string and replace it with given character. This should be done in all cells in column, one by one using loop. How to do this?
  16. G

    Custom built formula module incorrectly outputs special characters

    Hello, I have a custom built formula module which converts numbers into Lithuanian words (i.e., it would convert "22" to "twenty two", only in Lithuanian). The code is provided bellow. But the formula can not output special Lithuanian characters, such as ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū. It gives...
  17. C

    Working with Name Manger and special characters

    I am working in Name Manger and hit a roadblock. I need for Name Manger to combine words to work in an 1/2 Zip, Boat Neck, Cardigan, Collared, Cowl Neck, Crewneck, Full Zip, Henley, Hooded, Keyhole, Kimono, Poncho, Scoop Neck, Shrug, Sweatercoat, Tunic, Turtleneck, Mock, Twinset, Vest...
  18. T

    Show special characters/symbols for carriage returns and line feeds

    I'd like to know if there is some special way that we can visualize carriage returns, line feeds and other whitespace(like tabs) within cell text similar to what you can see on this screenshot of Notepad++: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ocDNf.jpg I'd like to either achieve this by changing to a font...
  19. Y

    Match function failing due to unrecognized characters

    Greetings. I need your help with one match function that is failing only for some situations. The functions is right now as following: =INDEX(Tracker!Q4:CR4,1,(MATCH(Status!K3,Tracker!Q4:CR4,0)-1)) Its purpose is to read the a character string from "Status!K?" cells, search for that string...
  20. F

    Remove special characters - with exceptions

    I am using the following UDF to remove all special characters Function RemoveSpecialCharacters(s As String) With CreateObject("vbscript.regexp") .Pattern = "[^A-Z0-9_\- /&]" .IgnoreCase = True .Global = True RemoveSpecialCharacters = .Replace(s, "") End With End Function But I...

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