1. A

    Gauge Chart

    I'm trying to create a gauge chart in which the colors of the gauge are equal 45 of the 180 half circle as picture below but the values for each section are much different. See the chart to see which values would fit into each section of the chart. Is this even possible? Any help would be much...
  2. 5

    Speedometer with -% and +%

    Good Afternoon :) I know that Speedometers are not everyone's cup of tea, but I was after some assistance, please. I've searched this forum for an answer but nobody has asked the question, so here goes... I have managed to put a speedometer together but am stuck on negative and positive %...
  3. Welsh Mark3

    Sales Dashboard / Speedometer Radials

    Are there any sale dashboard templates people use that they could share? Particularly interested in Speedometer Radial type graphs. I.e green is good, yellow ok and red is bad.
  4. L

    speedometer excel 2013

    hi i just want to create a speedometer from excel starts from start from 275 and end with 320.also it should be 270 degrees. how can i make it.
  5. G

    Excel 3D Maps - Speedometer or similar funcationality

    I'm brand new to 3D Maps in Excel, but have found them to be quite useful, though limited. I have Lat/Lon coordinates over time, but I also want to include some sort of Speed overlay that would show up when I use Create Video. (I have the Data Cards showing the data I am looking for, but that...
  6. R

    Excel Speedometer/Gauge

    Hello guys, I have searched the forum but i cannot find something similar to my actual problem. I tried to make a classic speedometer with doughnut and pie chart and it does not work properly (ex. my value is 80 and the needle is somewhere else totally) I use excel 2013. The speedometer...
  7. S

    Speedometer Chart from -100 to +100

    Hi everyone, I created a speedometer chart using a combination of a doughnut and pie chart (in one) based off a YouTube tutorial I found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6c93-fQlCs The problem I'm having is that the needle only goes from 0 to 100, but I need it to go from -100 to +100...
  8. N

    Speedometer Chart without donut

    Hi, I have been tasked with the (seemingly impossible) job of recreating the below speedometer chart in excel without using a donut chart. This graph is being used through a custom system to publish web reports that apparently won't accept donut charts. Sooooooo any ideas ?
  9. V

    Change Speedometer chart Gauge color based on range

    Hello all, Kindly help me with a small macro or vba script, to change the gauge color based on pointer range value. Here is excel file : http://devserver.swsdreams.com/client/mrexcel/speedometer-final.xls Please see the color range in Ranges column. Is there any way to change the...
  10. C

    URGENT! Please Help (: Formula to add image according to data input

    First of all, I am fairly new to excel and I am working on a project for a friend and would kindly like your help or input. This is urgent, so I would appreciate any suggestions (: Also, apologies in advance, due to my lack of excel experience, I'm not too familiar with excel lingo. So please be...
  11. M

    Speedometer Dial in Excel 2003 and multiple images

    Hi, I have seen various discussions about creating a speedometer style dial using 2007 etc but no conclusive way of doing it in 2003. (Maybe there isn’t). Anyway I set out to have a go myself. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Ok, I started...
  12. F

    Speedometer on shared server

    I downloaded Speedometer on to my machine (on the C: drive), but now everyone wants to use it as well...they love the output. Is there a way to place Speedometer on a shared drive (e.g., F: so that it is available to more than one user?

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