spin button

  1. K

    VBA Spin buttons in user form - how to declare them as a variable?

    Hi all! I have a user form with lots of text boxes and spin buttons that work as a time picker. So one textbox shows value of spin button (from -1 to 25) for hours and other one shows value between -1 and 60 for minutes. Each of this spin buttons contains the same code: For hours: Private...
  2. S

    How do I link Spin Button to populate a Combo Box?

    Hello, I am new to Excel VBA, so please bear with my explanation. I have a User form with a Multipage setup (3 pages) and on the 1st page, I take the user input for No. of Departments using a Spin Button. Now I want a Combo Box to be populated based on the number selected in the Spin Button...
  3. M

    Creating calendar with month and date change on button click

    So I am trying to create a sort of month view: I have manually typed in the dates, and working hours each day. I have also added a button on the right side. How can I change month by using the button, and automatically change the dates so I can fill inn working hours for the next month?
  4. M

    Spin Button VBA

    Hi I would like toggle using a spin button left and right through cells I15, AN15, BP15, CU15, DY15, FD15, GH15, HM15, IR15, JV15, LA15, ME15. Please advise EDIT: I need help to toggle through rages using a spin button left and right. I15:AN14, AN15:BP14, BP15:CU14, CU15:DY14, DY15:FD14...
  5. U

    Spin Button on a VBA Form Controlled through/by a range.

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of Descriptions of User Names - obviously password protected itself. I have a range of names of "Descriptions" in the column A1 to A20. This range I have called "MyUserNames" and might contain "Amazon - Paul" or "Amazon - Liza". In the corresponding...
  6. D

    Reset spin button (form control) when new selection made from Combo box

    Hi All, I have tried searching numerous forums to help, on what I am hoping is an easy solution! I am creating a dashboard and have a combo box driving cells in my dashboard. One of which is a cell which contains a summary of text. I have created a spin button which allows you to scroll...
  7. L

    Floating Spin Button between Spreadsheet Tabs

    I'd like a spin button that is accessible no matter what spreadsheet (tab) I'm in. The button will be used to match columns of data with another column of data. The reason I'm trying to do this is because I cannot seem to find out how to match two columns of data... I need to match data with...
  8. M

    spin button fractions

    Ok, so I figured it out, but I am guessing there has to be a more efficient way. I am trying to have spin buttons for inches and fractions on a user form. Is there a better way than having a hidden text box? I wasn't able to store the value properly and it kept failing. Open to suggestions...
  9. D

    Excel 2010: Same VBA code but different forms controls

    Hi all, I have several listboxes and spin buttons. They all have same code. Here is the code I use for listbox 1 and apply to all other: Private Sub ListBox1_Click() Range("A1").Value = vbNullString End Sub Here is my question. Can all the listboxes and spin buttons be combined...
  10. M

    How to use spinbutton to alternate among sheets?

    Hi, I imagined a command to open a spreadsheet containing a typed text (textbox1) in its name. CityName = textbox1.text For i = 1 To Sheets.count If InStr(1, CityName, sheets(i).name, 1) <> 0 and InStr(1, CityName, sheets(i).name, 1) <> Null Then Number_of_Found_Sheets(j) = i j = j+1 End...
  11. B

    Relative references for form controls

    Hi Is there a way to copy cells that contain form controls so that the references become relative? I have removed the dollar-sign from the cell link field but that doesn't help. The new cells and form controls (spin buttons) get the same reference as the copied form control. Do I really have to...
  12. M

    How to associate SpinButton to a listbox?

    Hello, I have a form with a listbox. It has some properties and, using a "textbox_change", a array and a button "finish", I can save values to that properties in a sheet. To facilitate handling, without having to keep clicking all the time in the listbox, I created a SpinButton and it's...
  13. M

    Moving through a listbox using spinbutton.

    Hi, I wish one could told me how we move through a listbox using spinbutton, ie, when we click in the spin button, we go up or down the list box.
  14. M

    Can 100 Form Controls be handled all at once?

    The challenge is in putting 100 spin boxes in 100 consecutive rows and having them assigned (Cell Link) to their respective rows (C10, C11, C12, ...). Must this be done one at a time? What would be an efficient way to put them in position and assign them?
  15. MarkCBB

    Offset Chart with named range

    Hi there, I have put together a chart with "Spin buttons" (Form controls) that increase the data range by incrementing the offset formula in a Named range. However when I email the sheets from the workbook, and then have a look at the new worksheets that were emails the "Spin button" does not...
  16. P

    Worksheet spin button with slow startup

    I'm using Excel 2007 on XP. I have a spin button on the worksheet which is very slow to respond on the first click. The spin button changes some linked variables and that changes the information displayed on the page. I strongly suspect that the first click is resulting in some sort of...
  17. X

    Spin button editing

    Hi all, This may seem like a stupidly simple question but I'm stumped. If you have a spin button added to your worksheet, how can you delete it or change its size and position. I cannot right click on it or find any way of selecting it to perform these operations. I've tried opening the VB...
  18. detangler

    Customize ActiveX SpinButton Value - Not Decrementing (or Incrementing) Correctly

    Please help me with this!! I'm not a vba programmer and have exhausted very means and have done tons of research and came up with the attached code. Basically, I have an Active X SpinButton control directly on a spreadsheet that changes the input cell. (The idea is that later on, there'll be a...
  19. B

    Listing the value of a spinbutton...

    I have a userform (VBA) with a spinbutton and an accompanying textbox. I want to list text in a column for the number in the text box. If I click the spin button three times and have the value 3 in the textbox, is there a way that I can have "Location 1", "Location 2" and "Location 3" in 3...
  20. D

    Excel Challenge - AMP Super Simulator

    Hi, AMP, an Australian financial services firm, has built a retirement calculator on the web that made me hear a "klunk" sound when my jaw bounced off the ground. It has a bar graph with a second Y axis. The second Y axis features a horizontal line with a spin button on the end that moves...

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