split columns

  1. DRSteele

    Split text cell into columns of words.

    If you have a cell containing a text string with spaces in it and you want to split it by spaces into columns, you can easily do so by using the Text-to-Columns functionality. Or you can use Power Query to clean up and split everything. Or if you want to use formulas, this algorithm can help...
  2. A

    Split Data into Multiple Sheets based on Column (45K rows of Data, Overflow error HELP)

    Hi everyone. First time posting. The problem is exactly as described. I am new to MACROS and VBA. This is the code I am using (Thank you to the individual who posted it) Split data into multiple worksheet based on column variables - edited from online sources on the line i = 2 to lr, it is...
  3. E

    Split Column to text in google sheets custom

    I need to split the column into text please can someone tell me how to do this in google sheets <tbody> AJANTPHARM19JAN1180CE CE AJANTPHARM 19JAN 1180 ADANIPOWER19AUG65CE CE ADANIPOWER 19AUG 65 APOLLOHOSP19AUG1400CE CE APOLLOHOSP 19AUG 1400 </tbody> Above is an example of how the column...
  4. G

    Excel TABLE - VBA to move cell from one table to another

    New to VBA and trying to piece together a macro but the table part is causing me problems. I have multiple "3 or 4 column" tables on a worksheet. I want to move a cell value by Double Clicking the cell on one table, then click anywhere on another table to move that cell value to that table...
  5. J

    Split multiple text in individual cells and count them as separate instances in chart or pivot.

    <tbody> Name Reporting period Condition Location Feed ID1 June 18 headaches, dental, eye UK Nil ID1 June 17 blood,urinary, dental UK Nil ID2 June 18 brain, blood, urinary, dental US Tube ID2 May 17 brain, urinary,dental,eye, US Tube ID3 April 18 eye, dental Can Drip ID3 April 17 eye...
  6. A

    VBA to Split file into multiple CSV files based on Column

    Hi All, I have a file of received items in the company. I need to split the File into CSV files based on the Scanner Number (HHT Name). The main in this is like I would like to select the columns only which columns need to be exported in csv (from 3 -6 columns based on the Brand, with or...
  7. J

    Split String into 2 Columns by 40 characters and 800 characters, Whole Word

    I have 90-120 character strings in Column A. I need Column B to take the first 40 whole word characters and Column C to take the remaining characters up to 800. I have been researching a solution to this problem and everything I have seen has been slightly off from what I am looking for. I am...
  8. D

    Split Column By Position

    Hello Any help here appreciated. In M, I am trying to reference a numeric value in a column as the number of characters to split a column by, but I am not sure how to do this. The value I want to split by is in Column 5 and the Column I want to split is Column1. I came up with this...
  9. G

    Splitting a 2013 Excel workbook

    Hi, I would like to split an Excel 2013 Workbook vertically at Column N so that when I filter data to the right of Column N the data on the left of Column N is not effected i.e. the rows are not hidden. Is this possible and can anyone help? Kind Regards Garry
  10. S

    Power Query - Split by Space - Except text

    Is there a way to split by space as a delimiter but only if the space falls between a number? So you got some poorly formed excel that has all the data in one column an example I created this. Because if people have different or hyphenated names then that will throw it off so if we can get...
  11. J

    splitting 1 sheet into 3 based on value in column AO

    I have a spreadsheet with a formula in column AO which returns 3 results "TRUE","FALSE" or "No KB" i need the entire rows for the whole of my "report" sheet to send the data to their individual sheets depending on what is in AO. "TRUE" to sheet "Matches" "FALSE" to sheet "No Matches" "No KB" to...
  12. K

    Question about splitting cell/column

    I have a column in my spreadsheet called Model#. The format of these model numbers look like this: T Bold 5000.FX.B The dots are basically separators. I would like to copy over these model numbers to another column but remove the last dot and whatever that comes after it. For example: T...
  13. B

    Split a column with no delimiter

    I have a spreadsheet that has 2417 cells of web page id's in column A. (example:<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="328"><tr height="17"><td class="xl24" style="height:12.9pt;width:246pt" height="17" width="328">crayons-pack-1004)</td> </tr></table> I would like to split the...
  14. B

    Split Suburb, state and postcode into three seperate colums

    Hi I am looking for some help in how to split the follow addresses into two separate boxes. Example of current database. Lucas Heights 2234 Sylvania 2224 Barden Ridge 2234 I need Lucas Heights in one box and 2234 in another, any ideas of a macro? Regards, Rob.
  15. P

    Splitting of columns in different worksheets

    I have N no. of columns in the 1st worksheet which can be named as Master or source sheet and the requirement is to split the columns as per required into the different worksheets of the same workbook. Example: I should be able to split it like 2 or 3 columns in worksheet 2, 5 or 6 columns in...
  16. A

    splitting cells based on commas

    How do I split a series of cells based on commas? There is a series of data in 2 consecutive cells, with the data in each cell corresponding to the data in the adjacent cell. I need that each pair should be lined up in separate columns. Here is the example: I need to match up the SKU with the...

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