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Split text cell into columns of words.

If you have a cell containing a text string with spaces in it and you want to split it by spaces into columns, you can easily do so by using the Text-to-Columns functionality. Or you can use Power Query to clean up and split everything.

Or if you want to use formulas, this algorithm can help. Here we see the old way is a bit cumbersome and requires a set of columns with the anticipated number of words and hence requires user action to copy the formulas to the right. But the new dynamic function SEQUENCE really makes this a breeze, with a single-cell formula spilling the entire sentence out right-ways.

[Note that it keeps the punctuation marks attached to their nearest words, but users can attack that later. If punctation marks are preceeded by spaces, they too become a 'word.']

MrExcel posts17_a.xlsx
2Prior to Dynamic ArraysWord Number
3TEXTspaces in cellwords in cell12345
4Wall panels for interior wall.45Wallpanelsforinteriorwall.
5This a test.23Thisatest.
6This too is a test.45Thistooisatest.
7This has too many spaces for the Word Number maxtrix of 5.1112Thishastoomanyspaces
8Notice how the punctation follows the word! Right?78Noticehowthepunctationfollows
9…unless, of course, there is a space , like here . 1112…unless,ofcourse,thereis
11Dynamic array
12TEXTspaces in cellwords in cell
13Wall panels for interior wall.45Wallpanelsforinteriorwall.
14This a test.23Thisatest.
15This too is a test.45Thistooisatest.
16This has too many spaces for the Word Number maxtrix, but is okay here.1314ThishastoomanyspacesfortheWordNumbermaxtrix,butisokayhere.
17Notice how the punctation follows the word! Right?78Noticehowthepunctationfollowstheword!Right?
18…unless, of course, there is a space , like here . 1112…unless,ofcourse,thereisaspace,likehere.
Cell Formulas
C4:C9,C13:C18C4=LEN(B4)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B4," ",""))
D4:D9,D13:D18D4=LEN(B4)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B4," ",""))+1
F4:J9F4=TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE($B4," ",REPT(" ",LEN($B4))),(F$3-1)*LEN($B4)+1,LEN($B4)))
F13:J13,F18:Q18,F17:M17,F16:S16,F15:J15,F14:H14F13=TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(B13," ",REPT(" ",LEN(B13))),SEQUENCE(1,LEN(B13)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B13," ",""))+1,1,LEN(B13)),LEN(B13)))
Dynamic array formulas.
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