1. DRSteele

    Split text cell into columns of words.

    If you have a cell containing a text string with spaces in it and you want to split it by spaces into columns, you can easily do so by using the Text-to-Columns functionality. Or you can use Power Query to clean up and split everything. Or if you want to use formulas, this algorithm can help...
  2. B

    Adding spaces in IF formula

    I am needing to add a few spaces between E3 and J3. Could someone help me modify the formula below. =IF(E3="","",IF(C$3<>"",C$3&"","")&F3&" Rev "&E3)&J3 Thanks for the help
  3. B

    Text to Columns on Two, or more, blank spaces?

    In Cell A1 I have a Huge Text String that originated in a .pdf file. There are no useful delimiters, such as commas or semi-colons. any text that has two or more spaces between is a field in the original .pdf is there a way to split this out is by using two or more blank spaces as the delimiter?
  4. S

    spaces after figures

    Hi, I received 1 excel file contained values but having 2 or 3 spaces after figures, I think this is formatting issue, what formula can I apply to get figures only. In the below example x means space Current figures 100xx 300xxx 210x Wanted 100 300 210
  5. T

    Deleting spaces from blank cell in sheet?

    Hi Everyone. I need a macro that can help me clean up my data range. We export data from our CRM system which is very old and the data needs sorting out before i can do anything with it. I've done most of the macros but am stuck and looking for help. I need a macro to help me empty out cells...
  6. M

    SUMPRODUCT excluding blank cells

    I'm trying to count how many agents hit goal in a particular quarter. I've set up the following formula to see if the number in column B is greater than that in column H, subtracting if LOA is entered. My problem is it's counting blank spaces, totally throwing off my calculations, and I can't...
  7. Z

    Spaces in a searchable dropdown

    I have made a drop down list that is searchable using formulas and it works. However if i type in 2x4 it gives me certain items. If i type in 2 x 4 with spaces it gives me different items. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(ROWS($I$2:I2),$C$2:$D$3799,2,0),"") this one looks to see if there is text from what is...
  8. U

    The opposite: Delimited to formatted text

    Hello, Text to Delimited text seems to be common, but not the other way around. I have an excel table with thousands of rows, all neatly organized in a rational manner. all cells are used with no spaces. i need to output data into a text file for another computer program's input. It needs to...
  9. J

    Create new tab with a template, locking old one when completed

    Hi All, I am attempting to create an archiving system for work and having some trouble finding a way to do a certain thing because I'm not sure how to word it for the searches... So, we have an archiving system, which is a 9 x 9 box for samples (81 samples); on the worksheet so far i have a...
  10. S

    Spaces don't look like spaces?

    Hello, I am putting together a string, and using the print statement to output to a file. I have an equation in the cell that I want to print out. The equation results in a string. That string has general characters, and spaces in it, and looks fine in excel. I use the following to print to...
  11. B

    Spaces spaces and more spaces

    Hello all, I have a text file that gets imported into excel that is + separated. Most of the columns have many spaces at the end of them. I can't use the space separator during the import because it will break up areas of descriptions. I would love to hear your thoughts on how I can get rid of...
  12. S

    Spaces causing error

    Hi guys, Would appreciate any advice on the following please. The formula below is functioning reasonably well except for spaces occurring a the end of each returned result. =VLOOKUP([@Column2],'list of part numbers'!A:C,3,FALSE) I have to "Find and Replace" the spaces for the data to show...
  13. A

    VBA to assign car parking spaces

    Hi, I'm pretty new to VBA, and was hoping someone might be able to help me with something i am trying to write: Sheet 1 (input tab): Row 1 contains Mon-Fri, with the rows below detailing what car parking spaces are available for those days, for example, if space 18 is available on monday...
  14. S

    How to add spaces to the both sides of text in a cell

    I need to add spaces in the beginning and end of a text. e.g Text is John. I need 4 spaces before J and 7 spaces after n. How to accomplish this.
  15. R

    Need Excel Formula to trim spaces before Numbers

    Hi there, Please provide excel formula to trim spaces before numbers, i have received large data that contains spaces in each cell before the amount. I am using MS Office 2010. Thanks, Raaj.
  16. M

    warehouse racking file

    Hi All. I have just been sorting out an excel file for the warehouse locations for pallet spaces. What I was trying to do was if a was in a space I could either use an EU for euro pallet or UK for a UK pallet which are bigger than the Euro pallet it would turn Red to say there was a pallet there...
  17. F

    Remove leading spaces from text pasted in Texform of Userform

    Hello to all, I have a Userform with a TextBox and I need to paste to some multiline text from clipboard. The issue is that text I need to paste it has lines with many leading spaces for some lines and I want to remove those leading spaces (and trailing if there are) automatically when I paste...
  18. A

    Obtaining Most Common Word in a Column

    Hi there everyone, First to mention, my knowledge and skills on Excel are really poor and going through some practice/research I got to a point I can't figure out a solution for this issue. So, I need to basically get what the most common word between some cells. I've checked many solutions...
  19. danhendo888

    Removing spaces from cell with numbers

    Tried formatting the column to Text, Numbers, General, Currency but cannot seem to remove the spaces Both columns are aligned to the left and have spaces in front of them. <tbody> Worksheet Formulas <thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] Cell Formula </thead><tbody> #DAE7F5[/URL] "]J2...
  20. E

    VBA Index Match doesn't allow spaces?

    Context: I am trying to automate a task through a macro. I have a source file and a destination file and dumping in specific data from the source file onto the destination file. However, since the source file has a different table layout, I created a hidden sheet in the destination file to hold...

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