1. L

    Split by delimiter question

    I have looked at other questions but haven't quite found the answer I need. I have a column with data in it split by delimiter ; 1;4;10;23; etc.. each row could have anything from 1 to 26 items in that column all split by delimiter I have 26 columns set up to take the data one column...
  2. H

    How to split the name and display the status of task/project for each name?

    Hi. I want to create a summary report. The table below (at the left side) show that project A is in progress and managed by M1 and M2 (need to key in by staff). To create a summary report (table at the right side), I use INDEX and MATCH (with the help from helper column). But the problem is, it...
  3. airforceone

    String Parsing

    ABCD1Copied EntryExpected Result2Dog*Brown,White,Black,Dragon*Golden,Green,Red,Black,Panda*Red,Black,GreenDog*Brown,White,BlackDragon*Golden,Green,Red,BlackPanda*Red,Black,Green As shown above I would like to parse the cell value for every "*" entry to arrive at the expected result, below is my...
  4. E

    Sort and split by 2 criterias

    Hello All Could someone direct me to the right direction So I have some data, for example Name Time Count John 14:00 20 Matilda 00:20 11 Ben 01:00 30 Susan 00:45 10 Edd 02:00 14 Tom 12:00 40 I need to sort this in time order and then split this data into the multiple tables...
  5. G

    Splitting a Date Range

    Good day, I'm having issues separating out a date range so I can display them. It works for August but September isn't pulling correctly and I'm not sure what's wrong with it. It appears to not work for February, November, and December as well. ABCDEFGHI123August 29, 2021 - September 04...
  6. D

    Splitting a list into columns

    Hi there! Hoping someone can help. So I have a table > column A has the ID, Column B has the Associate Name and column C has the badge type. What I want is to have 2 separate columns that list the names from the 2 separate badge types. How do I do this without using VBA. I'm trying to figure...
  7. Dermot

    Creating a SPLIT function in Excel using lambdas

    A SPLIT function (to break delimited text into separate cells) would be very useful. It is easy to do in VBA, which has a built in function to do it, but I thought I'd try to do it with lambdas. I found it extremely difficult (not least because it is so hard to check recursive lambdas if you...
  8. P

    How to split 1 excel file to multipe file

    I have large excel file with more than 20.000 rows I want to seperate every 700 row with same header and formula, and save as to a new file with name like this “file1-700”, “file701-1400”. until end of row, Any help would be great, really apreciate it
  9. Z

    Splitting a large Worksheet into multiple work books after n rows while keeping the header row

    I have a large dataset of only 3 columns. I want this set to be split every x rows into a separate excel file, or workbook. I also want the header row to remain the same in all files. If you want a sample of what I am looking for I can provide some screenshots. I have looked everywhere...
  10. K

    Renaming Worksheet VBA to insert in Longer VBA

    I am trying to split out a workbook with about 100 tabs into separate excel files, so I can PowerQuery them. I have it to the point where it splits out my files and renames them and puts them all in a folder, BUT I would LOVE if I could figure out how to also have the VBA rename the worksheet...
  11. S

    Splitting the big table into smaller ones

    Hello everyone, I have been looking but haven't found how to transport data from one big table to more smaller ones. In specific - I want to split it into more smaller pieces. I manually did it so you can see what I want to do automatically: (I post a SS because can't use mini-sheets via...
  12. S

    How to split numbers separated by semicolons in a cell?

    I have a number string in cell A1 that looks something like this: 12; 34; 56; 78; 90 I would like to extract each number into cells A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6, respectively. After extracting, cell A2 should contain 12, A3 34, and so on. Thank you very much for your help.
  13. Y

    Getting one List (VBA ListBox) to filter into 5 categories based on selection

    I have a list box on my VBA form with a list of U.S. States. The person filling out the form will select states they wish to be licensed in for work. Following their selection and submitting the form I want the states they have selected to appear in 5 predetermined categories with a "," between...
  14. D

    VBA to split delimited data in cell and duplicate row

    Hi everyone, I am hoping you guys can help me out with a roadblock I'm running into. I have this set of data, pretty linear, but one cell has multiple variables in it. I want to split the data in that cell, but duplicate everything else. Let me show you an example below: ORIGINAL DATA...
  15. D

    Need help converting 15 minutes intervals into 30 minutes interval

    Hi everyone, I am trying to convert a 15-minute interval export into a 30 minutes interval and sum up the different values (Total 1 - Total 9) within that 30-minute interval. The data table is as below: Text Date TIME_Interval Split_Number Split_Name Total 1 Total 2 Total 3 Total 4 Total 5...
  16. H

    Split all sheets into separate workbooks, but always include "sheet2" with them

    Noob here. I've seen some questions that are close to this (split sheets two at a time, etc), but I haven't found exactly what I need yet. Hoping y'all can help me out. I have a button set up that dynamically creates new worksheets based on data in sheet3. I have a second button that splits...
  17. B

    VBA code to Conactenate the data in a row by removing duplicates and sepearating it by comma.

    Hi, Can someone help me with VBA code to do the below task. I have data in A2-Z2 where in each there will be some data. this data in each cell migh be sepearted by comma. what i am looking for is to publish a out put in AB where it concatenates data from A2-Z2 by removing duplicates and...
  18. J

    Parsing a text file

    I have an xml file that is about 80MB. I constantly have to import it in excel and do filtering in it. Sadly, it takes too long to open and sometimes crash. So I have decided to manually break it down into pieces. My steps are usually: 1-Use a software that split the files into multiple...
  19. O

    Questions about usage of SQL Server as Back end and MS Access as Front End

    Dear Friends, I am now so close to finish my Access database (2016) which include both Front end and back end. This will be used by around 200 users. I have 13 table and 13 forms. Current size of the access is 30 MB. I think it will be 1 GB after a year. So I have a plan to use SQL Server as...
  20. W

    VBA code to split the data as per requirement based on key words

    Hi, Can someone help we with a code for below scenario. I have data in A column and need to split it to B, C, D Columns. below is possible formats of data. 1. If it contains data with "AB" then it has to pull the 8 digit alpha numeric (8 numbers + 5 alphabets) ID and paste it in B column cell...
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