1. Chris_010101

    Mail Merge Macro - Saves to PDF/Word

    Hello I use a macro to save mail merged documents into word and PDF files; very handy. I must select all the rows above the row I need in the recipient list for it to work. If I only ticked "Sam" and left "Connor" and "Vincent" unticked, the macro will produce a "runtime error 5631" on...
  2. C

    Named ranges from multiple sections of cells copy paste not working

    I named 4 different sections of cells as a range name, specifically sheet 2 a1:a5, a10:a15 and a20:a25. named it "split" I wanted to copy paste into same range on sheet 1 and named it "splittgt" It gets all the way to paste then gives me this error. "This action wont work on multiple...
  3. V

    Split in row and auto insert row as per requirement

    Hi, we have the following sheet where we want to split in row wise instead of column wise, can we do this from macro or any formula, its a large database query sheet...
  4. S

    VBA Macro to split data

    Hello All, I'm trying to create a macro which splits data out of textjoin formula and output it as list. I have created a macro which do that, but it's not moving the cells and the data is not correct. So I need to adjust the macro to add empty cell in column G to keep up with the data. Here...
  5. K

    How do i populate an Array from another array

    Hello, I'm having troubles figuring this out. I have an external Array in a notepad, where there are a Bunch of strings. I Want to make a new Array from a line from this Array. Say "Arr(0)" contains the following:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 From there I want a new array (lets call it nArr) that can...
  6. M

    Extracting text string from cell with no delimiters

    Hi See sample data: ABCDEFGHIJKL1Product CodeOrderOrdered PartsIntended...
  7. P

    Vba code needed to create workbooks based on column data

    Good evening everyone, I'm new to VBA and i need a simple VBA code to split a sheet into new workbooks based on data in column F (Date), so i can create several workbooks based on date. TYPE Loc Code Area Source Date ZUST 1233 277884 3 3333 20230216 ZUST 1233 277886 3...
  8. H

    Merging Match and Split Formulas

    Hello Do you think that would be possible to merge both formulas/functions in order to obtain my ColumnLetter value ? If so, what would be the proper syntax? Dim ColumnNumber As Long Dim ColumnLetter As String ColumnNumber = WorksheetFunction.Match("Column Name", Rows("1:1"), 0)...
  9. D

    Convert each row to List

    How do I convert each row into a list without adding a new column? What I have so far: = Table.TransformColumns(TESTT, each Splitter.SplitTextByDelimiter(",", QuoteStyle.Csv)([TESTT])) It gives error: Expression.Error: We cannot convert a value of type Function to type List. Details...
  10. N

    Split and group values in excel

    Hi I have a column of values which has different suffix after a dot, i need it to group it based on the value after dot. Example i need to split all values that end with .pdf into one column, values with.xls as another column, etc,,, how to do this is my doubt.
  11. Jeffrey Mahoney


    TextSplitVar is a recursive formula to split a single cell or text array by the delimiter and return the variable chosen. It checks the number of variables and provides the last variable if the user asked for too large a number. It also adds one more delimiter at the end on the first iteration...
  12. C

    Split data in to rows, new line

    We have a spreadsheet with thousands of rows, that looks like this: We need to (if at all possible with formulas only) separate the data (; is the separator) in such a way that the first row above ends up looking like this (obviously it's needed for all the rows, the data must be moved...
  13. Z

    Split address based on Country and different factor

    Hello, I have list of 15000 names which I want to split in Column 1, Column 2, City, State, Zip, Country. The problem is they don't have any particular order. They are of different countries Some has Zip code, some don't Some has city, Some don't Some has university department (multiple), so...
  14. P

    Formula or code to split stock from warehouse to 2 selling points

    Good evening, I would really appreciate a help on this problem Suppose i have a 50 pieces of an item in my warehouse and i want to send it to 2 selling points. The one selling point has already 10 pieces and the other 20 pieces. What formula do i need to give me the solution of having equal...
  15. D

    Split a row into multiple rows based on a comma delimited string

    Good Afternoon I have the following worksheet (sheet1) im needing to split any rows that contain a comma delimited value in the desc column into a new line and maintain all other other values. Is there a easy way? (you can see that the 1st row desc contains the values blue,red,yellow...
  16. B

    Split tasks equally among the team with the effort not to cross a certain time limit

    Hello All, This requirement is about assigning tasks to my team on a daily basis. > Effort required for each task & per task is constant & listed >Backlog count of each task may vary on a daily basis or even task name might increase >Agents in the team might vary >There will a Yes or No for...
  17. L

    Split by delimiter question

    I have looked at other questions but haven't quite found the answer I need. I have a column with data in it split by delimiter ; 1;4;10;23; etc.. each row could have anything from 1 to 26 items in that column all split by delimiter I have 26 columns set up to take the data one column...
  18. H

    How to split the name and display the status of task/project for each name?

    Hi. I want to create a summary report. The table below (at the left side) show that project A is in progress and managed by M1 and M2 (need to key in by staff). To create a summary report (table at the right side), I use INDEX and MATCH (with the help from helper column). But the problem is, it...
  19. airforceone

    String Parsing

    ABCD1Copied EntryExpected Result2Dog*Brown,White,Black,Dragon*Golden,Green,Red,Black,Panda*Red,Black,GreenDog*Brown,White,BlackDragon*Golden,Green,Red,BlackPanda*Red,Black,Green As shown above I would like to parse the cell value for every "*" entry to arrive at the expected result, below is my...
  20. E

    Sort and split by 2 criterias

    Hello All Could someone direct me to the right direction So I have some data, for example Name Time Count John 14:00 20 Matilda 00:20 11 Ben 01:00 30 Susan 00:45 10 Edd 02:00 14 Tom 12:00 40 I need to sort this in time order and then split this data into the multiple tables...

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