1. P

    Split cell contents in different sets

    I am looking for a Excel Formula or function or VBA which is simple to understand. The actual data is Text and not a Numeric values The cell contents is to be divided into different sets with flower brackets and a comma separator. It should separate the data equally based on values in...
  2. N

    split amount conditionly

    I need help, here I also attached image of excel sheet to explain my question. I have this installment payment sheet. Payed amount to be entered in column E. What I want, I want to enter amount in column E regardless of months for example I had payed 3,76,000 rupees in 15 July and then second...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Build Formula based on Variable Count

    Hello All, I am working on a project that has several macros but there is one piece of the puzzle I am unable to completed. I will do my best to explain what I need visually. I have a loop that looks at a sheet (Timing Assumptions) and based on a row called Percentages, the user is able to...
  4. A

    Excel macro -Split semicolon separated entries to new rows

    I currently have this data in a sheet Sl No Date Reviewed by Assignment Pole Number Feature Class Attribute Error Category Observation 1 8/2/2019 Bob.B Batch1 101039656 Cross-Arm Rotation Attribute Arm is reversed, causing primaries to cross; Delete riser. 2 8/2/2019 Bob.B Batch1...
  5. M

    Split string into numbers in Excel VBA

    The string can be like "abc123(456 k789)". It is to be splitted in array like array[0]=123, array[1]=456, array[2]= 789. So the problem is to split array based on numbers.
  6. darrenmccoy

    Help to split address into columns

    Hi Experts, Could you help me with formulas to split addresses? I need to count the spaces from the left and split the street number into column B, then split the street name(s) into column C, then count the spaces from the right and split the the street type into column D...
  7. G

    Split value in half and add

    <tbody> A 500 B 750 C 750 </tbody> How can I split A in half and add the half (250) to B & C to equal 1000 or it can not be done? Thanks in advance GT
  8. P

    Selecting data based on cell entry higher in column

    Hi, need help with the following. Have a workbook with 1200 lines and 4 columns. Its a list of building material for a office block split by size. For each size there are a number of different products listed. These are then replicated over the 49 floors of the building. Sample below ...
  9. L

    Breaking split at not 0

    Hello guys, I have a sequence: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 00000001 00000005 00000009 00000013 00000017 00000021 </tbody> I want to extend it indefinitely, well until it fits, but i was not sure what the best approach would be. I was thinking of taking it as a string...
  10. gheyman

    Split form Refresh Problem

    I have a split form based on Table. The below code runs an append query that updates the aforementioned table. My problem is that after the append query is run, the Split form does not refresh to show the new data that was added to the form. If I hit the Refresh button in the Ribbon the form...
  11. K

    Split Access Database Keeps Crashing

    We recently upgraded all our systems to Windows 10 64 bit and Microsoft Office Professional 64 bit. We were using a split access database with Office 2013 which was working perfectly. Since the upgrade, when using the database on one of the systems, it constantly crashes and then Access...
  12. smide

    Assign an index to each group identified by date

    Hello. In column A (A1:A600) I have a dates and time in format dd.mm.yyyy - hh:mm (example. 07.10.2019 - 21:00). Somehow I need to find an 'average' date for all those dates in column A (split data/dates in column A into two parts) and then to assign an index to each date (column A) according...
  13. L

    Split hours and minutes in two columns

    Hi, I need a sum of time to be displayed in two colums rather than 1. E.g. 7,4 or 7:24 needs to be one culumn with a 7 and another column with a 24. Any suggestions?
  14. J

    Splitting a cell by delimiter with formula. Warning: 312 splits needed for this.

    Hi! I can't seem to find a way to split cells in Excel using formulas (I need it to be dynamic, so I can't use the built-in splitter). What I have is up to 8 rows and 39 columns put into one cell. It's easy enough to get them spread out when I get them split up, but I can't split them. I can't...
  15. L

    split address using split in vba

    Hi I want to ask user to enter address for example 100 main street, and then my code will split the number and street name. I tried the following but got error message. I am thinking of array must be use or do you think there is easier way to do that thank you very much Sub myfirst() Dim...
  16. A

    <Expression not defined in context>

    When I run the following code, the watch window reports the following: Watch : : CurrentRegion : <Expression not defined in context> : Empty : Splitx.TestCode Sub TestCode() Dim arr As Variant Dim txtGPAddr1 As String Dim txtGPAddr2 As String Dim txtGPAddr3 As String Dim...
  17. T

    VBA to separate data in column using comma deliminator then put into new column

    I some data in lets say column D that has information such as: Product 1, Product 2, Product 3 Product 4 Product 2, Product 4 Product 7 etc. What i want to do is use a vba to turn this into one column somewhere else say sheet 2 column A so: the data would look like Product 1 Product 2...
  18. nikio8

    Alternative to solver, numbers (no more than 5) add up to goal, several hundred rows

    Hi team, I have a bit strange problem. Quite often one payment needs to be split to several invoices. Most days there are no issues, however some days this split data total does not add up to original number. If there is a difference I would like to use some formula to try to find combination...
  19. VBE313

    UDF involving Split function or Formula Text?

    I created a UDF that calculates how many minutes it takes to complete a certain task. (ex: =MinutesToComplete(1,0.18,10,50,20) ) Is there a way to extract each argument/parameter? (ex: =RightParameter() ) and the answer would be 20
  20. M

    Access Split Database Issue

    I have a Front_DB_A with a table called RS and another Front_DB_B with a table called RS_Hist, both are split databases and have tables linked to the Front_DB_A database. My dilemma until we can move it to SQL Server which we are waiting on is that I have a run a query that will combine both...

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