1. M

    Best way eliminate rows with multiple status from a count?

    I receive data from our ERP system on vouchers that create errors. I want to have a measure that tells me how many voucher lines were closed within the last week. But... a voucher can create multiple errors - one might be closed during that week, but if the same line has an open error I don't...
  2. K

    display the comments from referenced cell in cell of different sheet in same workbook

    I have a multi page work book and one of the sheets is for marking the status of personnel I reference their status in another sheet, but I would like not only that info to show but any comments that are attached to the referenced cell. Any ideas?
  3. L

    Copy Data From Sheets

    I have a Sheet Named NEA Status and a sheet Named Inventory Stats I want that if Column D in Sheet named NEA Status Matches Column D in the sheet named Inventory Stats move the data from Column H in the sheet Named Inventory Stats to Column H in the sheet named NEA Status.
  4. N

    View active cell value in status bar

    I think I might be going mad. I'm sure that in my previous version in Excel for Mac (2008) I could view the value of an active cell in the status bar. Since upgrading to Excel 365 I can no longer see this info in the status bar. For the sake of my sanity, will someone please help me?:confused...
  5. E

    "Saving" Notification/Status window not closing after VBA Save

    Though currently on Office 365 I have experienced this issue in earlier versions as well. I am using the ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs command to save a new workbook. The save is successful; however the Saving status window does not close. In order to continue processing I must select Cancel...
  6. F

    Reference cells from source worksheet to destination if condition are met

    Good day, I have the following sample data(excerpt from a large dataset) below and name it as Sheet1: <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> NO DATE BRAND ORDER MODEL QTY 1 21/8/2019 <tbody> CATHAY </tbody> <tbody> C123456 </tbody> <tbody> AIRBUS </tbody> 200 2 21/8/2019 SILKAIR...
  7. D

    VBA Code to Track Status Changes to a Separate Sheet

    Hi All, We are seeking assistance in creating a VBA Code to track Status Changes from Cell Range A3:A1000 - G3:G1000 this is coming from Sheet Name "Status Changes" and be tracked to a separate Sheet called "Status Update Tracker" and will display a value in Column H3 WB (Our week starts every...
  8. willow1985

    Drop down box value to trigger macro

    I have drop down lists in column O where you can toggle the status from "blank", to "open" to "closed". What I would like to do is have a certain macro run every time the status is changed in any of the cells in column O. the following vba code that I currently have (that I inserted under...
  9. L

    Pivot Table

    Can a pivot table calculate two items under one category? Here's an example of what I want to do. I've provided a table of what I want the pivot table to look like when it's calculating the data. I don't know how to add/include actual excel cells into my message so I apologize about that...
  10. L

    Out Date "OUT" or Return Date "Return"

    I want that if Out Date column has a date, on the Status Column it will have the words OUT but when there's a date is Return Column it should say Return in the Status Column
  11. C

    Show SAP Status bar while SAP is executing through a script

    Hello, I wrote a macro to automate the extraction of data from SAP using SAP GUI scripts. What I want to achieve now is to add a status bar in a form which shows the actual text on the SAP status bar while the report is being produced. I know how to read the SAP status bar, but I just can't...
  12. V

    Custom sort order

    I have a list of products that need to be sorted in a very specific manner - the final sort order should be as described in the column titled "Overall Rank". The problem I have is that I need to first sort the products by the column titled "Date". Then, for a subset of the products (namely E...
  13. H

    Excel VBA: List Files of Folder/Subfolder & Rename Files with new filename

    Hi need some help, i try to search around the forum but seen not able to find one i want. Step 1 (list filename of Folder & SubFolder), there will be a POP-UP and ask user to select the path Step 2 (rename filename base on col C) & Status update on Col D Isit gd ideal to display ext...
  14. G

    VBA code to hide a range of cells based on cell value

    Hi, I am not sure if i am close but i am attempting to hide a range of rows based on the value of another cell. To be more clear A11 value is "Status" and i need to evaluate B11 and if it is "Open" then hide 11 rows up. This repeats in a dynamically lengthed document that i run weekly...
  15. P

    Conditional formatting question on multiple rows

    How do I use the conditional formatting option for "Use Formula" option on a per row basis? In my example I have a status field as Closed, once the status is set to Closed it will Strike Through all the text in the next 5 columns in that row. How do I drag this Conditional Formatting...
  16. D

    Looking for a formula to show last 10 transactions based on multiple criteria

    Hi, can anyone advise what type of formula would be best if I wanted to create a dashboard that listed the last 10 transactions based on multiple criteria? In my case it would based on the account status, i.e., Approved, Declined, Pending and the second criteria would be the submitting broker...
  17. I

    Dynamic Vlookup or Index Match?

    Hello, I have a large data set in tab 1 and in column T there are statuses (Active or Retired). what I would like to do is create a new tab (tab 2) to only show those individuals with an Active status. So every time I change the status to Active in my first tab it would populate into my new tab...
  18. M

    Filters and combo boxes

    Small spreadsheet with 3 columns - first name, surname and status. Status can be any of several options including “withdrawn”. Filter to hide rows with “withdrawn” status works fine. Rows disappear as intended and filter is still in place if workbook is closed and re-opened. Problem - i am...
  19. M

    Move row to another sheet when option is changed

    Hi all, im a complete novice at excel, and literally have no clue what im doing but have a work issue im trying to resolve. I have a spreadsheet (Sheet 1) listing current relationships held with other institutions; Current Columns range from A to K (but could be expanded in future). Column H...
  20. D

    Pop Up Requesting Date

    Hi All, I have a sheet that keeps track of tenants and their status. Data is kept on multiple sheets. I would like to have a pop-up come up requesting a date when the status of an entry in is changed to "notice" in table named tblTenants and the date is populated on in table tblUnits for the...

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