1. M

    Average weighted price - checking broker data

    Good morning everyone, I am seeking your assistance as I have been struggling for days to practice calculating the average cost basis displayed by my broker for an ETF stock quote. The challenge I'm facing is that there have been various sales over time, and as a result, I am unable to revert...
  2. T

    LME copper in Excel

    Is there a nice easy way to get copper prices into excel? (the London metal exchange numbers) ie these here or Copper Prices - 45 Year Historical Chart current price Excel has the functionality for Stocks and Currencies built...
  3. R

    How to turn M (For Millions) and B (For Billions)?

    Thanks for your help. File is here The image below shows the correct answers (in green). I just need an equals sign equation, please.
  4. DRSteele

    Stock Data Types searches are Unwieldy

    Trying to find the exact instrument you care about is an exasperating experience. You type in what you think it is, select Data Types | Stocks and it either reports something wrong or finds nothing. Then on the Data Selector pane, you type in all permutations you can think of and still comes up...
  5. J

    Explaining cost-weighted and value-weighted returns

    Hello: I have the following returns for a sample stock portfolio. When I use cost-weighted gains, the return for the total portfolio is -28% and the return for the sum of all stocks on a cost-weighted basis is also -28%. I get how to explain that. But if an investor wants to use current market...
  6. M

    What version of Excel do I need to be able to use the STOCKHISTORY() function?

    What version of Excel 365 do I need to be able to use the STOCKHISTORY() function? My software update attempt says Excel is up-to-date but I just wanted to verify.
  7. R

    Excel forms for Stocks- How to Track Dow Jones (DJIA) Patterns Like Up, Down, Up Up, Down Down

    I uploaded the file here- PART 1 In the beginning, I need at least the formula to figure out UP down.... But then I need an idea of probability also. PART 2 I will consider (or you can consider) editing any columns or adding or deleting columns. The whole idea...
  8. D

    How to get a corresponding value based on the most recent date and name?

    Hi, I'm making a stock investment tracker where all you have to do is enter in the transaction and it gives you all the your positions, whether they are open or closed etc. I was finally able to figure out a way to find my average cost per share after buying/selling/rebuying. I have a column...
  9. R

    Another Excel Formula For Stocks (Positive, Negative, Or Even)

    Thanks for your help. Please post the formula in an equals formula, please with the exact cell numbers also. I am doing stock research and I wanted to find out how what the answer is (where I can drag the formula down) for rows T213 and T214. The way the formula works is like this $53,376...
  10. R

    Excel Formula for Millions and Billions

    Hello, Thanks for your help. I am looking to do a spreadsheet on stocks. On Yahoo Finance, the data copies over as M and B for Billions. Please check the attachment, and it shows these cells: Columns C thru I And Rows 360 thru 374 So, if you can please provide a formula for all of the green...
  11. L

    Data Cleaning and calculations

    Hi, I have been trying to create a calculator which looks at returns from a stock if you average in over time (average in is when you put $2000 into a stock every month or two months or so). Using data from yahoo finance such as...
  12. S

    Nested if

    Hi Everyone, I need help about nested if. I have set of conditions that needs to be followed, unfortunately I dont know how to do it in Excel. Please help :( <tbody> WH Stocks Recommended Stocklogic Expected output 100 50 10 Recommended 100 110 50 Stocklogic 100 10 50 Stocklogic 0...
  13. L

    Excel Stocks not outputting some data

    Hi, I am trying to create a spreadsheet that tracks stocks. When using the excel stocks function and outputting data, the market cap for all 500 stocks is coming up as ####### and I am also getting a #FIELD ! error for certain P/E or EPS data. I've attached a screenshot with issues highlighted...
  14. M

    How do I get the Stocks data type?

    I don't see "Stocks" on the Data menu. I understand that the Stocks data type is only available to Office 365. I'm not 100% sure if I'm running Office 365 or not. I go to File --> Account --> About Excel, and it says "Microsoft Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.10730.20264) 32-bit". Is this not...
  15. B

    Solver for portfolio optimization issue

    Hi there, I am trying to use Solver for portfolio optimization. I'm using 9 stocks and Solver runs fine when I try to optimize for the lowest monthly draw-down using all 9 stocks (it gives a weight to each stock from -1 to 1. Where I run into an issue is if I add a constraint that requires that...
  16. C

    Investment rebalancing every year for a basic stock/bond allocation

    Hi guys, I've run into a mental roadblock trying to figure this out. I thought it was simple, but it was not as simple as I thought. In the table below, I can easily calculate the return of the portfolio and break it down into equity and fixed income allocation. However, through time, this...
  17. dannyok90

    Asset control register (booking assets inward/outward

    All, Could any body help me? im struggling to overcome a problem :) please see the linked spreadsheer (you don't have to activate macros, they're just used for adding new rows - hopefully ill dev this into a userform interface) We have a 'required quantity' column which is the exact amount we...
  18. F

    Match Stock Prices with Stock Splits VBA

    Greetings (first post and I am in need of help)! I am writing some VBA and here is what I would like to do but I am having difficulty creating the structure. I have a list of daily stock prices for multiple companies, although the stock prices do not indicate that they went through a stock...
  19. S

    Code Works, but only sometimes?

    Hey all, for some reason my VBA code sometimes works, but sometimes spits out "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error". The section that causes trouble is always this one, specifically the select line: 'Entering Stocks from IB Report Dim Report As Workbook Set...
  20. C

    stock price period high formula

    Hi all, first time poster here, I am trying to build a spreadsheet where I can have a list of stocks I am tracking and notify me when a stock makes a new 20 day and 55 day high. I want to link yahoo finance data or google finance data. I found a formula that others said this will work with...

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