1. Z

    VBA - stopping a macro from running via keypress

    Hello everyone! I have a userform which takes around 1,5 hrs to run. I press a button and then the timer starts. (It handles thousands of columns and rows, I am working on optimizing it, but still something like this would be user friendly) I want to be able to stop it at any given time by...
  2. W

    Calculating time differences

    I have a Start Time and Stop Time column in my Excel spreadsheet that is feeding the Power BI reports. Time is entered in military time, however I cannot make Power BI Calculate the difference properly when the Start Time is one evening and the Stop Time is the following days morning (i.e...
  3. C

    stop counting in a cell when another has a date entered

    i am working an excel file that i need the counter to stop after i enter date in another cell G4 has date entered: 5-apr-19 H4 is the due date formula: =WORKDAY(G4,9) I4 is counter: =TODAY()-H4 J4 is date completed: 9-apr-19 what i need is I4 to stop counting when J4 date is entered
  4. A

    Stop counting day if another cell is populated

    Hi :) I need help trying to create a formula that will stop counting in B2 once I enter a date in C2 and want B2 to retain the count it stopped at. Currently B2 is =TODAY()-A2 A B C <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Initial...
  5. G

    If formula to return a different value if a cell has 0 or is blank

    Hi experts, I am new to the site, so I apologize if I have posted this in the incorrect area. In the below table I have the following formula in C3-C5, =IF(B3=1,$D$2,IF(B3=2,$E$2,IF(B3=3,$F$2,IF(B3=4,$G$2)))) <tbody> A1 B C D E F G 2 Start Pause Re-set Stop 3 1 Start...
  6. C

    Replace Value with Next if Zero

    I have an Excel question that I am afraid is out of my range of expertise. I have a list of items with inventory values. What I need is either a formula or script that will say if the value is zero, then grab the value from the next line for the same item number if it is not zero, and continue...
  7. A


    I have converted time format from 08:30 to be 830, However when trying to change the number format from custom to general it goes to 0.3542 How do I stop it going to 0.3542 and stay as 830 in general format
  8. G

    Stop Excel from Opening in Full Screen Mode (Office 365)

    I have Office 365. Whenever I start Excel or open a new file with Excel, it opens (or goes to) full screen mode. I can find no way to stop this from happening. Any ideas?
  9. T

    VBA Range set help

    I need to set range using input from a cell. So below I need set range from E2 to a value that is entered into G2 instead of the hard stop at E302. Set TargetRg = Range("E2:E302")
  10. J

    DAX: Grand total correct, calculated fields incorrect

    The goal: In excel, determine hour by hour how much I am paying in labor versus how much we make in sales during that hour. Tables: Timesheets: Simple employee name, start time, stop time, date Timesheets EDIT (separate table): unpivoted start and stop time. Now I have a column called shift...
  11. R

    VBA - This is causing my code to loop and I can't stop it

    NoTours:Resume Skip Skip: ads.Activate ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate WB.Save For some reason after I hit WB.Save, it goes back to "NoTours" and just goes over and over. Do I need to insert something after the WB.Save to stop it returning to NoTours? Thanks.
  12. H

    DatePicker 32 & 64-bit

    I've found a datepicker I tried to find the way to use the " DTINSERT"-knob to use the date in another Procedure There is a timer event which gets activated in the launch code. When you stop the code midway, the timer...
  13. Sabotage

    Userform combobox to stop if duplicate (cobobox text)

    Hello Wizards, I thank you for any future help in advance. I have a userform with multiple comboboxes and some of them are used for the same purpose. By that I mean these comboboxes use the same dynamical named range as rowsource. I want to stop the user from duplicating a combobox twice, so...
  14. L

    How to tell VBA to stop pasting down a column?

    Hello. Just a quick question. Is there anyway to tell VBA to stop pasting my data by referring to end of another column for which there is data? I'm trying to paste info down a blank column and have told it to stop at row 200, but the data range always changes. For instance the end row may be...
  15. P

    Date counting stop

    Sir/madam I have one doubt regarding date count stop when then change status complete
  16. T

    Stop looking in the first visible cell and return the value in the reference cell

    Hi all, I want to stop searching in the first visible cell in the data range and return the result to the reference cell as the picrure shown below. For example, I want to input formula in Cell F4, my data range is G4-Z4, the result will return to the reference cell is P2. Thank you all :biggrin:
  17. K

    Adding time from a list of starts and stops to come up with a single start/stop

    I have start times listed in column A and corresponding stop times in column B I need a macro to calculate all the elapsed time and create a new stop time adding all of the elapsed time together. So if: A1 = 12:00 PM B1 = 1:15 PM A2 = 1:30 PM B2 = 2:15 PM A3 = 10:00 PM B3 = 1:30 AM Total...
  18. M

    Excel Timer, save the file and disable it.

    Hi, I hope you're doing well. I was looking if you could help me to create a macro with the below condition; 1) Start Timer (for 5 minutes) & the Stop Timer(seems to be not working, need help to make it work), 2) If the Stop Timer button is clicked, then the Start Timer button should be...
  19. H

    Replace Cell Values Popup

    Hi I have a macro that copies data, and when it runs you get a message box asking if you want to replace cell values (this MsgBox is not in my code). How do i stop this from popping up? the answer is always going to be yes. thanks!
  20. J

    Stop Copy and paste

    Hi How do i stop users pasting data from one workbook into another. When i disable copypaste in the workbook it stops pasting within the workbook but when i copy from another workbook it lets me paste Can anyone help?

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