1. 1

    Count streak of alternate 1 and 0

    Hi, I have ones & zeros in column C. Is there a formula that will show me a streak of alternate ones & zeros like at the bottom where there's six in a row? Thank you! <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> C 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 1 5 0 6 0...
  2. W

    Average Streak Based on Criteria Ignoring Blanks

    I'm creating a program for my job to evaluate the behavior management system with four levels (0,1,2,3,4). I am stuck on finding a formula to calculate the average streak within given time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) based on criteria (grade). The biggest issue I am having is if...
  3. C

    Habit Tracker Streak for Habits That Aren't Daily Google Sheets

    I am building a habit tracker where my habits are the columns and each day is a row. Near the top, I have a 'streak' row which is meant to be how many days from today that I have successfully completed the habit. I have managed to figured out a way to calculate this field for habits that are...
  4. M

    Formula for Summing A Streak and Restart The Sum after Streak Ends

    Hello, I want to try and sum a streak for both positive and negative numbers, but once the streak stops, it will restart a new sum. As you can see in row B2, If I input a positive number, I want a formula to sum it in B3, if it is a negative number, it will sum it in B4. In cell D3, it sums a...
  5. M

    Sum A Streak and Restart Sum after Streak Ends Question

    Hello, I want to try and sum a streak for both positive and negative numbers, but once the streak stops, it will restart a new sum. As you can see in row B2, If I input a positive number, I want a formula to sum it in B3, if it is a negative number, it will sum it in B4. In cell D3, it sums a...
  6. N

    how to count streak in range ascending

    i have a column with numbers 0-10. i want to display in a desginated cell. the current streak. as in currently how many cells in a row are greater than 0. from the top. how do i do this?
  7. DRSteele

    Streaks, maximum streaks for la

    Can someone please help me? I have over 43000 rows of data in an ExcelTable. I need an efficient forumla that determines streaks of zeros & ones and uses Excel Table nomenclature. In this sample, there are two pieces of data (i.e., wtn high and wtn low) and four corresponding columns (in...
  8. C

    Help with a STREAK formula

    - I have a streak in column B - I need a macro/formula to only return the end of each streak (no zeros) in column D - The result should look like column D Thanks in advance <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T 1 1 0 4 1 2...
  9. A

    Calculating Current Streak

    Hello, I'm looking to calculate the current streak of either above 0% or below 0%. Here are a few lines of my data below and in the right most column I'd like for the cell to output the number of consecutive wins/losses. The streak needs to end with the left most column (L12 Week12). Can...
  10. S

    How to calculate current win/loss/tie streak in Excel?

    Hello, In column M, I have the following scoring system: Win = 1 Tie = 0 Loss = -1 Can anyone recommend a formula, where I can calculate the current win/loss/tie streak? For example, if the last 4 results have all been losses, the formula would return -4 for the current streak. If the...
  11. C

    Baseball and Conditional Formatting

    Hopefully I can explain this correctly. A2:A15 - Players last name B1:B15 - Dates of games The number of hits are entered for each player, on the date played. (actually are populated from a different page/tab in workbook) I am HOPING to change color of the TWO or more cells when the...
  12. JenniferMurphy

    Comparing errors

    This is really a statistics question. If this is inappropriate, let me know. I've tried getting help in a couple of statistics forums, but I always get better answers here and I know Excel is often used for statistical calculations. I am interested in comparing the "tally errors" is different...
  13. W

    Winning a Loosing Streak

    Hi Guys, I do have a question about winning and loosing streak in my hockey league. I have data where player can play home or away. What would be the most efficient way to count winning and loosing streak?
  14. M

    Count Longest Streak

    Hey everyone, I have an excel file that I would like to capture the longest streak of cells that contain a number greater than 0. I currently have an array formula in cell J14: {=MAX(FREQUENCY(IF(L14:AM14<>$BI$83,COLUMN(L14:AM14)), IF(L14:AM14=$BI$83,COLUMN(L14:AM14))))} ($BI$83 is just an...
  15. H

    Calculating streaks when some cells are blank

    I am trying to calculate winning and losing streaks, but some of my cells do not contain information because a team might not play on that current day. How can I have a formula that will over look a blank cell, but still have it continue a streak? Example Cell A1. W A2. L A3...
  16. C

    Count Consecutive Cells

    I am trying to count the current consecutive weeks an item is below its average for a given period of time starting with the past week. Not sure how to do this. Item 123 should have an output of 3 since it has been below the average the past 3 weeks. Item 1234 should have an output of 0 since it...
  17. F

    WIN-DRAW-LOSS? Win Streak Formula

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Home Team Home Goals - Away Goals Away Team W-D-L<strike></strike> 2 NMFC 2 - 1 Chelsea 3 NMFC 3 - 1 Norwich 4 Liverpool 3 - 2 NMFC 5 NMFC 1 - 0 Arsenal 6 Manchester United 2 - 1 NMFC </tbody> Hello, My table...
  18. M

    Calculating the current win streak

    So, there are a lot of questions related to displaying a cell with the current winning or losing streak for a team. There are also a lot of variations in the way people have their data setup and this affects the formula needed to retrieve what is needed. My data set has the streak displayed...
  19. M

    Calculate Winning Streak in excel

    Hello, I am working in Excel 2010. I am trying to write a formula to calculate a team's current winning/losing streak. I have wins and losses each in their own column, represented by a 1 or a 0. I would like to represent the current streak in a single column where (+) values represent a winning...
  20. M

    Function for Trends/Streaks?

    If I wanted to count cells that occurred in a trend, what function could I use? For example, if I am keeping track of wins and losses, and my cells go W, L, W, W, W How can I count to show a 3 win streak that would go to 0 if an L were to occur?

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