string compare

  1. G

    VBA - Substring position using String Masking

    Hello, Is there a simple way of finding a position of a substring within a string using a string-mask? This is the original substring 06.12.2022 04:31:39 UTC and I want to search for it using the mask ++.++.++++ ++:++:++ UTC I could make a function which loops through the string and replaces...
  2. J

    Writing a Regex Macro that - stores matches , compares matches , and merges exact and similar values

    (?<word> \w{4,}) This is a php code that does exactly what I want my macro to do. String together characters a-z and 0-9 (not case sensitive) and match words when they are equal to or greater than 4 characters. I am not sure how to get this code into VBA's language. I need it to loop through a...
  3. R

    Excel VBA Comparing 2 Alphanumeric Strings

    I've written some code to compare two strings in the same worksheet. The code should check to see if the string in column b appears anywhere in column a. If the string is present in column a then a value of 'yes' should be returned. If the string isn't present then 'no' should be returned. An...
  4. K

    matching strings

    how can i check if a2 string is a sub string of b2 so if a2 is "Apple And pears" and b2 is " bananna Apple And pears" this is a match but if b2 is "Apple" should be false as it does not contain the full string of a2
  5. H

    Excel Encoding Comparrisons

    Hello - I have been having an issue comparing strings in excel because they are encoded different. I am pulling data from a database with the collation type utf8_general_ci and trying to compare it to another string pulled from the data in the excel sheet. The comparison statement always...
  6. S

    Need help in Excel Macro (To Compare and copy text from a cell to another workbook)

    Hi, Straight away i am going to the problem. I have three excel workbooks (Trans, Work and Missing). 'Trans' workbook contains English text ant its equivalent French translation. Work contains the some blah blah stories in each cell of column I,J and K. In the cells of 'work' workbook, some...
  7. D

    Comparing Strings

    Hi All, Been grappling with this for a while - thought I had it solved before christmas but on revisiting, does not produce the reusult i need. I have the following working code which looks at a range (containing strings of text and mumbers with 3 letters followed by a number eg AAA1, BBB5...
  8. R

    An Elegant Solution must exist!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post to the board I've got an excel question that is a real humdinger. One of my spreadsheets has a list of which hotels people have stayed in: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 258pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=344...
  9. E

    Binary Search and String Order Position

    Hey, I'm hoping someone has a quick fix for this situation. I have a macro that renames specific named range names from a list. In the spreadsheets I run this against, there may be 10,000+ named ranges so it takes way too long to search my Named range Variant to locate the one to change. In...
  10. F

    VB IF Statement dependant on contents of Cell

    Hi Experts, I am attempting to write an if statement that will read the contents of a cell, and based on this act appropriately. Is this possible? It only needs to look for two conditions, so as follows: If cell C4 Contains the word "evening" ( D5 = 5 + 2 ) Else If cell C4 Contains...
  11. P

    match with array in first argument?

    Greetings I have two tables that I'm trying to pass information from one to the other - Table A - ShortName CustNumber ABC 123 DEF 543 HIJL 443 ... ... Table B - LongName Amount CustNumber DEF Incorporated $343...

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