1. M

    Extracting text between multiple sets of markers and displaying on separate lines

    I have a formula (in MS Project, pulled into Excel) which has field names shown in the format [text1], each formula will have 1 or more of these fields called into it. For instance: IIf(([Text19]="Dep" Or [Text19]="Del"),[Text28],[Text27]) I would like to be able to 1) Pull out all the items...
  2. C

    For each unique string, need to find matching strings using substrings without putting string automatically

    Quite a complicated question for Excel, I think, but okay... There are 10 thousand lines. For each unique string, need to find matching strings using substrings. That is: 1) yellow apple, ..., 9999) golden apple - input values. 1)Yellow apple and 9999)golden apple are output values that need to...
  3. FracinDean

    Controlling Fonts When Using Excel Equations for Strings

    How can the font or bold/italics/underline of only certain parts of a string equation result be changed when using equations? An example of what I would like to be able to do below: ="This is step number "&text($a$1,###)&" of "&text($B$1,###)&"." But I would like to be able to change the...
  4. A

    password protect each sheet

    hi there i have created a workbook with many sheets. each sheet is a grade sheet for students which they have a unique id and password written in it.i want when i run the macros to create a copy of the workbook and when i open the copied workbook to directly show a search box for the students...
  5. D

    VBA Function that replaces placeholders in a string

    i am currently trying to make a VBA function that replaces placeholders in a string with a value on an excel spreadsheets. I'd like it to be able to take any number of placeholders, for example: {} are not {}. input values for the function: Dogs, Cats Therefore, the function would return ...
  6. G

    How to erase parts of a string of text

    Hi, I have thousands of strings of text like this one in an excel sheet (Pembina Pipeline Corp. 3.54% 02-03-2025 Callable MTN) and what I would like to do is to build a formula that goes through those strings and remove all text to the right of the year in those strings. All strings have 3...
  7. J

    Outputting time correctly when using IF statements

    Hi, i might me missing something simple here but i have the following: =IF($A1="Day1","08:00:00",IF($A1="Day2","09:00:00",0)) Now this outputs as strings which makes it difficult to use in calculations How can i output the 08:00:00 and 09:00:00 as proper time values ? Thanks
  8. M

    Adding Hyphen in Between of Strings Using Macros

    Hello Mates, i want to insert a hyphen in between of strings in the A column. My string format is AA111AA111 BB222BB222,....... A space is separating the strings. Number of strings are dynamic. Hyphen should be inserted exactly middle of the string that is after 5th character. So the result...
  9. D

    Conditonal Format Based On Multiple Strings

    I want to format cells as different colours based on lists of strings. For example: Format cell in MyRange as red if value equals String1 or String2 or String3 Format cell in MyRange as blue if value equals String3 or String4 or String5 Format cell in MyRange as green if value equals...
  10. M

    How to return 'string A' if 'cell range X' contains 'strings B, C, ...' and other strings for other conditions?

    Hello people, So, I have a little experience in programming and (very) little experience with Excel. What I want to do is to have a multiple condition check in a single cell, so it returns one string if a range of cells contains specific other strings, another string if it contains another set...
  11. E

    Extracting Text in Cell

    Hi, I know how to extract text between special characters but my question has a little wrinkle. I have text that looks like the following: 253>9374 734>3949;3948>3448 3847;43548>3949 589 I want to extract the text to the right of the ">". There could be multiple strings in each cell to be...
  12. P

    Strings in formulas for cell references

    I am trying to make the following work in Excel, not VBA. =INDEX('[&A2&.xlsm]&B2&'!$B:$G,5,1) I know I am missing string quotations, but am unsure what else is missing. Does anyone have any input here?
  13. X

    How To Populate Strings Conditionally?

    Dear All, I would like to populate strings based on the SKU & Store combinations. The count of strings will be equal to # SKUs(Unique Count) X # Stores. The strings could go into thousands/lakhs of rows. I have the following sample data set across A1:B5. IN A Column I have 3 Unique Count of SKUs...
  14. J

    Highlight differences between two columns, a1 b1

    Hello, I have two columns each containing hundreds of rows, each cell in the rows contain several alphanumeric strings separated by a comma. What I would like to do is in the first column, column A cell 1 is have excel look at all the data in cell a1 and compare it againest the second column...
  15. S

    VBA - Search for strings then copy strings (+ text up to delimiter) and join in another column

    Can anyone help with this please? :confused: I have a column where cells contain strings separated by the delimiter ';' For each cell, if it contains certain strings I'd like to copy the strings and the associated characters up to the delimiter into column Offset(0,1) or Offset(0,2) depending...
  16. B

    replace Blank Spaces in text string by inserting a comma where there are 2 or more spaces.

    I have many cells with text strings that may contain 2, or more, blank spaces within that cells text. (I don't care about a blank space of 1). each cell may contain multiple instances of these blank spaces. There is no order to the blank spaces, so i need to find the blank spaces and insert a...
  17. S

    Identify Matching Strings in Header Row then Replace characters in those Columns

    Can anyone help with this please: I wish to Find any cells in Rows(1) with the value "To Attribs". Then for each column with this heading, for each cell, to replace specific strings with "" (i.e. delete the strings). In case it is relevant, some of the cells in the columns with the "To...
  18. K

    Cell to only allow certain text strings.

    Hello, I need help with a code that will only allow certain text strings in the cell. So like data validation however not so restricted. For example restrict the cell to have these: Holiday Course Leave But! I would like users to be allowed to enter other information before or after. For...
  19. S

    Text Strings Don't Match - What Can I Investigate?

    Hi All, I've run into a problem where I have two text strings which I believe are the same but they don't match each other (and therefore don't work in index match formulas). I've checked the lengths of both cells and they match so there's no extra spaces etc. I'm no case matching but casing...
  20. S

    How to create a Boolean strings in excel with VBA Macro

    Hi Friends, I tried with a formula creating Boolean strings but its time consuming every time. This is an example: In Column, AI have list of words from A1:A50, It varies every time from A1:A50. ColumnB AND words ColumnC NOT words Here I want to build Boolean strings in ColumnD. In ColumnD...

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