1. N

    Search function

    Hello! I need some help. I am currently an intern in a company and my boss asked me to make a Excel file to keep an overview of there ordering materials list. i want an front page that the individual employee can post information in and then be redirected to the specific colloum containing...
  2. J

    Auto-Create a monthly Sign in sheet for preschool students

    The image below is what each page looks like. Above is space for the "Child Name" "Month" "Class" School days are obviously Monday-Friday but they start on different days depending on what month it is. For example: Next month, November 2020's first school day will be Monday the 2nd (11/2/20)...
  3. L

    Hi i need some help for my assignment on savings/investments!!

    Im really new to Excel and I do not know how to start on this assignment.. Anyone knows how to do this? Im not concered about the influence diagram.
  4. E

    Comparing data from worksheets in a folder

    So I am trying to compare and match data from 2 workbooks in a folder at once. There is about 700 workbook files in the folder. For example: compare the cells in workbook 2 to workbook 1 and the cells in workbook 2 that are not in workbook 1, paste the cells and show the number of cells. The...
  5. P

    Vlookup on multiple columns

    I have a table of courses with the name of the student. Then I have another table that I am trying to get a Yes or No value based on if they took the class. I believe I need a vlookup function, but I am missing how to get that data. Student Course Tom Smith Math 101 Jerry...
  6. E

    VBA Userform Data to be saved on Excel Sheet

    Hello all, I am trying to create an excel VBA userform which has a few details that are input using textboxes like "Student Name", "Student Address", Student contact number" etc. This form also contains several questions for which the user is supposed to select one of the 5 optionbuttons...
  7. N

    Formula to identify text in one cell and group in in a new tab?

    BLUF - I looked through the threads best I could and did not see this answer, so I am very sorry if this scenario has already been answered. What I have is a workbook with 6 tabs (one "data" tab and 5 other tabs representing the days of the week). The data tab contains a list of 22 students...
  8. A

    How to count a number of consecutive cells with 1 in row that is intermittently interrupted with blank

    Good day all, My excel skills are very poor. I have a situation where I want compute the average number of times a student attends class consecutively over a period of say a semester. Rows represent individual students and the columns are days. In the cells are either 1 if students attends or...
  9. R

    Lookup Question

    Hi All, I hope I can explain this clearly. Column A is Student Name. Column B is group (either group 1, 2, 3 or 4). Column C is test mark out of 100. I have a lookup for each group. But each group has different parameters. For example Group 1: 0 to 40 = Below Target. 41 to 65 = On Target. 66...
  10. S

    Problem solving macros

    Hi all I'm about to have a genuine emotional breakdown over a spreadsheet I've created for work and I'm really hoping someone can help me work out wth is going on and how to fix issues I'm having please. In short, I work at a training company and have created a spreadsheet with multiple...
  11. G

    Crazy Counting Question

    I have an Excel sheet that shows the race for a list of students. I need to count how many of each race I have. However, there are some weird rules that come along with it. If a student has a "Y" in only one of the race columns, they are considered that race and need to be counted as that...
  12. M

    Marksheet formula

    Excel 2007 Reg: Marksheet formula Columns B to J are in numerical format containing marks obtained. Helper Cell K1 contains 50 in numerical format, minimum required marks for a "Pass". Columns B,C & D are category 1 and student should pass at least 2 subjects (out of 3) Columns...
  13. C

    10% Time Improvements

    I am trying to use a formula to calculate 10% time improvements on my student's mile run times. I came up with a workaround to split the minutes and seconds into different cells, convert them into total seconds, multiply by .90, then divide by sixty to get Min.Sec. Not fully working though as I...
  14. E

    Adding total points from multiple rows

    Hi there! I am trying to add the total points earned from a student. However, student ID column contains duplicate ID numbers. What I want to do is to create another column showing the student ID and the total points earned. Thank you StudId TOTAL POINTS 1619419 0.3 1619419 1 1619419 0.3...
  15. C

    count values between dates

    I have the below spreadsheet for test scores. The first column lists the test dates for each student and another lists the test scores. if the student passed, there's a "P" for their score. The spreadsheet has 260 records with dates throughout the year. I'd like to count how many records with a...
  16. Y

    Randomly assign x number of students to x number of workshops where students do not meet the same co-student

    Dear all I'm familiar with basic Excel functions but when it somes to solving this specific need I dont have a clue of how to fix it. I have search the internet and I have found plenty of examples where I can assign people on a list to a number of groups. But I need a twist to that :-) I have...
  17. S

    VBA Randomly Distribute A,B,C,D,E Evenly

    I have a data set that I would like to have A,B,C,D,E distributed evenly. Below is a sample, I would like to use this on a larger data set. If anyone has a Function or VBA I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance! STUDENT 1 B STUDENT 2 C STUDENT 3 D STUDENT 4 E STUDENT 5 B STUDENT 6 A STUDENT...
  18. R

    Targeting top result for each entry

    Hi, I have a workbook that lists all terms attended for each student as well as their GPA for that term in descending order. What I am trying to achieve is target the top entry for each student, which will give me the last term attended as well as their last known GPA. Please see a short example...
  19. D

    Data extraction & population

    Is it possible to automate the following; I have 2 sheets. Sheet2 is raw data with 8 columns and dynamic number of rows. Sheet1 is blank and will extract data from Sheet2. In Sheet2; - column A is populated with unique student ID - column E is populated with their exam grade - column G has...
  20. B


    ok sorry for this but i am brain dead at the moment I am trying to create a line chart to show the difference in test scores over the course of several years i am hoping to have one chart with a "blue" line and a "red" line (lets say) showing each score in a given year winter 2017 student K...

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