1. R

    Create .TXT Subsets based on existing Excel data using VBA Macro

    Hello Guys, I need to create Subsets for the data which I have, which is dynamic, using Excel VBA. I have data in the form of table, whose column headings are Code, % & Transaction ID as the below table. Code % Transaction ID 1001 42.10% 455152 1001 42.10% 455153 1001...
  2. B

    Pivot table subset showing percentage of complete dataset

    I'm currently working with a dataset which has one dimension(column) with categories a,b,c,d,e, and one dimension(column) with categories 1,2,3,4. I've exported subset 4 and made manual categorization of it, let's call them !,?,#,@. Then i made a pivot table of the subset with categories...
  3. Z

    How do I predict the future? Stats people needed.

    HI I have a series of 5 totals for each year, the slope function over the 5 totals returns 57.6 How do I apply the slope to a subset of the totals The total are 2106, 2008, 2147,2288. slope = 57.6 My subset is 131,158,138,132,547. I want to predict the next number ignoring the first 3...
  4. D

    Using a Combo Box Lookup, can you set it to only pull in a subset of data?

    I have a table and for one of the columns I would like to use a Lookup to populate the fields. The fields should be pulled from another table. Lets say Table A Column 2 should have a drop down box populated with a Lookup from Table Z Column 3. Is it possible that the drop own in Table A only...
  5. D

    Find Missing Item between two lists

    I have two groups of items which one is the master set and the second set is the subset. The subset group is missing one or more items from the master group. I need some help in writing a formula to identify the missing items. Column A has all of the items in the list; (A, B, C, CR, CRN, P...
  6. J

    VAB or Formula, subset SUM problem

    hi all, anyone know this algoithm? i have this problem: have this subset: (5,13,9,12,22,50,18) (A1,B1,C1,D1,E1,F1,G1) and in A2, have this number: 36 How to determine wich elements of the set of numbers sum 36 in this case is: 13+18+5 Thanks
  7. A

    Needing HELP with VBA Loop for multiple segments of rows

    I have a subset of data that I am writing a MACRO to pull out into a different spreadsheet. Within this subset of data I have comparative numerical values in 9 of the 15 columns (E2:M2). I need to be able to highlight or isolate the greatest value in each row, but while also putting this on a...
  8. S

    Populating a Subset using Array

    Greetings, I would like to produce a subset of rows in a population using a loop. Is it possible to add elements to an array variable within a loop structure? Perhaps something like the code below... j = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End.xlUp.Row For I = j To 2 Step -1 If Cells(I, "A") > 1000...
  9. M

    Insert Greek letter alphabet Symbols

    Hi, I am using excel 2010. When I go to "insert -> symbols" I have the option of "fonts" but I don't have the drop-down to the right called "subset". How can this be added? I think I need this to insert Greek letters like gamma. Thanks
  10. C

    Duplicate Value Counting

    Looking to solve this issue I'm trying to figure out. I need a formula to return the count of suppliers that have "Y" in their respective column. Here is a small subset of data: A1 = Vendor Name B1 = Minority Supplier A2 = Goya B2 = Y A3 = Goya B3 = Y A4 = Monaco...
  11. Ivan Howard

    Interrogating a subset within a dataset

    Hello all, I'm struggling with an Access (2010) issue and if someone could help me I'd really appreciate it as it is driving me nuts! I have a 10000+ record dataset that has multiple records per person. The dataset looks like this: <tbody> Employee_ID Employee_Name Dept_Start_Date...
  12. N

    Import Json to Power BI

    I am trying to subset some information imported from a json into power bi. I tried the code in RStudio and it worked, but when I imported this code in Power BI, it didn't show any results. I converted the data into a data.frame, but that didn't work. can someone please help me. the code I used...
  13. B

    Index - Lookup - Multiple Results - one cell / no VBA - 2 Dimensional table

    Hello and Happy New Year!! The target is: I like to have an array with the total costs per year (cost per unit (see table 2) * corresponding volume (see table 1)) for the entered cost positions. Following constraints are given: I like to have the array with the total costs for each year in one...
  14. M

    Top Subset of Category with Most Recent as Tie Breaker

    I'm trying to pull back (based on Customer Number), their #1 Case Reason based on volume of cases, and then when there is a tie (like for 3CTI001-S or 3RTT001), bring back the most recent Case Reason as the winner (from the top tied groups). I'm thinking there are some arrays and countifs...
  15. O

    Calculating Weighted Average of a Data Subset

    Hi, I have a dataset with a variable versus depth (see below example). I want to calculate a weighted average of a calculated subset of these data, for example, the weighted average from 3.2 to, say, 8.7. I know how to calculate the weighted average of the full dataset, but not a subset, which...
  16. J

    How to ***** if a list of comma separated text values is a subset of another list of comma separated text values

    Hello! This is my first question, I hope someone can help me and I hope I will be clear in explaining myself. So I have two columns , A and B, in each row I have a list of text values separated by ",". What I would like to know is whether all the elements present in B are also present in A...
  17. S

    Loop through a subset of worksheets will not work

    Greetings, I'm trying to insert two rows in a subset of worksheets in a workbook by defining a range in a worksheet and loop through the worksheets in that range, but the code will only run on the active worksheet. Sub StatePIPData() Dim sheet_name As Range For Each sheet_name In...
  18. N

    How to extract a subset of records into a another sheet in the same file?

    I've used Excel off and on for several years, and I'm frustrated that I just can't figure out how to accomplish what seems like a very simple task. Let me explain... I have a single sheet where I register all financial transactions for my business (revenue, expenses, everything). I have a set...
  19. E

    Create a key for just the records returned in a query?

    Hi, My team and I are working on researching some of the accounts in our database. Our database contains 15,000 accounts and we're recording our research results into an updatable query containing a subset of about 10,000 of them. I want to add a field to the table and populate it with which...
  20. G

    Average of column from a subset in a table

    I am using Excel 2007. I am using a table with headers. I have about 500 rows of data with a column heading called CI (competitive index) - a number from 0.00 to 1.00. I also have a column heading called category. So my table looks something like: <table border="0" cellpadding="0"...

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