1. E

    Sheet Name But Referencing Column Letter

    Hi, Overall I'm trying to use a filter function with data from a separate sheet. Problem is the data is not very consistent and the column headers move around. I can use the address and match to find my column letter in the other sheet but I want to be able to put it back in to an overall...
  2. E

    Substitute error

    Hello Guys, I m trying to get this forumla below working but i keep getting this error: Unable to get the Substitute property of the WorksheetFunction class Range("M" & cell.Row).Value = Right(cell.Value, Len(cell.Value) - Application.WorksheetFunction.Find("@"...
  3. L


    Hi all, I am using a formula which uses LEN and SUBSTITUTE. The formula works (I didn't learn it by building up, I got it from a tutorial), and I understand what LEN and SUBSTITUTE do separately, however, I don't understand what they are doing in this formula. I was hoping anyone would explain...
  4. Blacksmith

    Many Substitutes on single cell of text

    Hello all, First poster and total excel novice here. I've recently been put in charge of a filing system at my workpace, and the software which was previously used was massively out of date and required lots of repetitive work from users. Over the past few weeks I've been iterating on an...
  5. R

    Search and return matches into multiple columns

    Hi All I have a scenario where I'm attempting to extract certain words that appear between double quotes but only if they meet a certain condition. For example I want to search for ALL fruit in column A and present these individually in the subsequent columns. Fruit' = "Pear" OR 'Fruit' =...
  6. The_Rock

    Random Replace Characters in a Word

    Hi Folks I've been scouring the net but without success. I'm hoping the genius's here will be able to help me :-) I'm trying to mock up some work for my daughter to help her with Synonyms and Antonyms. What I would like to do, if possible is: Column D looks at Column F (which will be hidden)...
  7. V

    Split variety of full names into prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix using a formula

    Hi, I have a list of thousands of names that need splitting into columns: prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix. The full names are varied and therefore the formulas I have tried thus far do not work on the whole list. Formulas I have tried thus far: Prefix...
  8. L

    (substitute, replace) VS replace tool

    Hi I know how and when to use substitute() and replace() function. But my question, I found that Replace tool is doing the same. Is there any case that Replace tool is not going to help then I will have to use substitute() or replace() functions. Thank you very much.
  9. C

    VBA Formula in Loop Where Main Reference is Variable

    Hey everyone, I'm working on making a macro that will organize data for a mail merge. The main table is contains 62 lines of data for each person, with the first cell containing multiple rows. I'm using substitute to get around this. If we aren't in VBA, the formula would be 'Output'!A3 =...
  10. J

    Excel formula (not VBA) to extract delimited string?

    I have the abstract string "firstString/secondString/thirdString/fourthString" in C2. I want to use a single Excel formula (not VBA; no helper cells) to extract "secondString". Any ideas? Note that "*String" is any arbitrary sequence of characters, not including "/". So, the formula must...
  11. P

    Problem replacing/substituting a part of a String variable with a long text string

    Hi I have a macro which runs some SQL code to update a table on a server. The code and SQL has run fine in the past, but I've hit a road block now, seemingly because SUBSTITUTE doesn't seem to like swapping in a really long string (~35k chars) for a short string into a STRING variable. If...
  12. V

    Assistance with Formula

    Hello, I need to build the following formula, in column A I have legal name and in column B preferred name. If the Legal cell is blank, I want to return in C the value from B with two other conditions. Say in A1 the value is blank, in B we have D.O’Brien. What I need in C is D O'Brien I need to...
  13. M

    Substitute Alphanumeric Values

    Hi, Is there any other alternative or shorter solution for rewriting the below formula example.i have read in an older post that the SUBSTITUTE function cannot handle the "old_text" part as an array{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} Thanks In Advance. <tbody> A1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8J9K0...
  14. G

    how to substitute a column reference for an If statement

    Hi sht = Me.ComboBox15.ValueIf Sheets(sht).Cells(i, "A").Value = (sht) Or _ Sheets(sht).Cells(i, "A").Value = productCode Then Me.TextBox13 = Format(Sheets(sht).Cells(i, "C").Value, "0.00") I have the above Syntax that looks up a value on a worksheet, it works fine, but I would like to...
  15. A

    SUBSTITUTE a Blank space...

    If I have a cell with two digits - how can I use the SUBSTITUTE function to add an extra character to make the cell have 3 digits? So a cell with 11 would turn in to 011 or A11 Thanks for your help!
  16. G


    I have the formula =SUMPRODUCT(SUBSTITUTE(0&B15:B80,"CA$","",1)+0,--($A$15:$A$80=$P$16)) it breaks #VALUE ! when it hits a cell in column B containing the string (CA$123). Column B contains CA$1234 and (CA$123) values. I need the formula to SUBSTITUTE both if possible. Thanks!
  17. J

    TRIM in VBA with Substitute

    Hello, I have searched and t this point have not found anything that is very helpful with the substitute function in VBA. I am unsure why but sometimes TRIM does not remove the space after a the word in a cell. Someone gave me the following which seems to work...
  18. KenCriss

    Using Wildcards in Substitute function

    I have tried to use the Substitute function to replace part of a file. I need to do this in VBA with a UDF or something. I want to search for this string (the characters between < employeeid >< /employeeid > could vary - that is the wildcard part) < employeeid...
  19. M

    If #value! In an array then substitute #value!?

    Consider the following table. <tbody> A B C 1 1 =$A$1:$A$5 2 2 3 =VALUE("THREE") 4 4 5 5 </tbody> If the range is taken from: $A$1:$A$5, and that range is represented as an array in B1 using the formula entered: =$A$1:$A$5; which is equal to the array: {1; 2...
  20. S

    Proper and Substitute

    Hi all How can I combine a Proper and substitute formula together?

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