1. C

    Month Sum based and dates and a name

    I have a spreadsheet called "Scrap Detail" where we log what items we scrap and against what work cell. Column A has the date and column B has a drop down to select the Cell. The value of the scrap is then totalled in Column F. We then have different work cells within the business where I have...
  2. S

    Calculating ending balances (sum with several conditions)

    The example with notes about problem is attached. Shortly: I want to automatically calculate ending balances from small general ledger I keep in excel. The formula should understand what account we are speaking of, what month is the transaction from and is the column debit or credit. I hope...
  3. D

    Excel isn't calculating as it should

    I'm building a spreadsheet for running the asset list, it calculates monthly depreciation and builds the accounts journal. Its under 1Mb of data. There are various formulas going on, simple SUM to SUMIFS but very few VLOOKUP. I entered a SUM to add up a column, the result was £0. ISNUMBER...
  4. K

    SUMIF where range and sum_range are in every nth column

    Hello! I would like to get result of 19 in B7 for sum up values where criteria is always banana (A7) but there are multiple ranges(A,E,I) and sum_ranges(C,G,K) which are in every nth column. A B C D E F G H I J K 1 apple n/a 1 cherry n/a 1 banana n/a 10 2 banana n/a...
  5. F

    Sum of highest 4 consecutive numbers and define the 4 numbers

    Hi everyone. I have a number spreadsheet with 20 columns /100 rows of numbers. I need to get the sum of the highest 4 CONSECUTIVE numbers of each columns. I have found two formula to get the sum: =SUMPRODUCT(MAX(D3:D95+D4:D96+D5:D97+D6:D98)) or =MAX(INDEX(D3:D95+D4:D96+D5:D97+D6:D98,0))...
  6. masud8956

    Progressive summing basing on cell value of another column

    Hi, I have a range of numbers at A2:A10. Column B shows the progressive sum (e.g. B2=A2, B3=B2+A3, B4=B3+A4 etc). Column C will either be blank or have a certain text "ABC". I would like the progressive sum result at column D instead of B with some criteria. I need a formula at D2 which I can...
  7. A

    Sum Multiple Columns Index Match Matrix

    How can I write a formula that will sum the value from multiple columns using an index match matrix based approach? The formula below will work when there is only one column that has the "OC_TECH" value, but I want to sum both values if "OC_TECH" occurs as a column header more than once. for...
  8. L

    Sum if Question

    I have a list of employees in Column A (some employees are listed multiple times), Column B is the date, and Column H is a points total. Column P I have a unique sorted list of each employee. I would like Column Q to show to sum of points for each employee from column H. I am not sure how to...
  9. S

    Difference between summary column in PIVOT

    Good Morning We have employee advance and their repayment details in excel. Each advance having one row with employee no, name, date, advance_amount Each Receive(Repayment) having one row with Employee no, name, date and repayment_amount Now we made PIVOT with employee name , sum of...
  10. T


    Hi I am currently using this formula. =IFERROR(INDEX(Transfers!$J$5:$J$999999,MATCH(A68&$A$61,Transfers!$F$5:$F$999999&Transfers!$H$5:$H$999999,0),MATCH($A$3,Transfers!$E$5:$E$999999,0)),0) It works great except it does not sum multiple matches it only find the first match in the table. I need...
  11. C

    Keeping Adding 3 to a Sum

    I'm trying to figure out how to add 1 + 3 and then keep adding three to the sum? I am curious how to make that work, I've tried all kinds of formulas and now I just want to know to know. 1+3 = 4 then 4+3 = 7 I want to keep it running..
  12. M

    VBA - Sum Non Contiguous Columns range.

    Hi Team, I want to sum Non Contiguous Columns range. Is it possible sum Below formula in a Single formula. Need help in R1C1 styles sum. Range("A6").FormulaR1C1 = "=sum(R[-4]C[0]:R[-1]C[0])" Range("C6").FormulaR1C1 = "=sum(R[-4]C[0]:R[-1]C[0])" Range("E6").FormulaR1C1 =...
  13. tamrob23

    SUM or IF formula for replacement?

    I'm stuck in my own head - hopefully you can get me out: I have a budget of $1.6 million dollars, but the state is doing a $2 million dollar budget. Can you please help me with a formula that will show the $1.6M replaced with $2M? Thank you so much in advance and if I need to provide you with...
  14. I

    SUM if Row+Column > X

    hi guys, I'm having a little brain freeze here I would like sum values in cross table xy based on sum of x and y. <tbody> 1 2 3 4 1 0.10 0.12 0.25 0.30 2 0.05 0.10 0.32 0.40 3 0.14 0.13 0.10 0.15 4 0.18 0.11 0.16 0.21 </tbody> For example: sum values if Column + Row >7.5. We...
  15. S

    Delete rows if condition met without using filter

    I wanna select rows and delete them without using filter. The reason is that the Model No. is common but customer code is different and sum of required qty. is also different. So i want to keep only those customer code rows which sum is greater than other customer code rows. I have a very large...
  16. S

    Product + Sum (if)

    It is possible to have a formula where i can add a sum to a product? And in my particular case, is it possible that the result of the cell have the sum of a value just only if there are particular conditions? MY case =PRODUCT(S15,0.3) I placed this formula in order to have the result of...
  17. B

    Sumif using a list of criteria

    I was wondering if there was a formula that I could use to sum a data file using the below columns as the lookup, I would also like to use another criteria in addition to this. I.e If any of the numbers in column A appears in raw data file, sum the respective number in another column...
  18. S

    Sum specific word in area

    Hello, I have 5 columns, all of them can contain specific word 6th column is numbers. Is it possible to take all 5 columns, find if cells contain specific word and sum the number if it does. For example here I want to sum numbers of red only : <tbody> red blue yellow 5 blue red yellow...
  19. M

    Sum values till reach sum total 8 and re sum till sum total 8 again and again

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a formula of a VBA that can sum data of column E in the column F when sum reach at 8 restart sum to total 8 again and again. </SPAN></SPAN> Result sample...</SPAN></SPAN> <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  20. D

    How to keep SUM formula in cell after VBA

    Hello everyone! First time post here and I am hoping someone will be able to answer a couple of issues I have been having with just starting out with VBA on excel. I have a spreadsheet that will have new info every week so the columns will stay the same, but the number of rows will vary...

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