1. N0t Y0urs

    Sim if with conditions

    Hi I want a formula that will sum data in a range based on a set criteria and I’m struggling. I have 1 - 100 data sets that I want to total 3 different columns with. Currently my formula reads = sumif(acc!$d$4:$ec$4,’FWD’,acc!$d5:$ec5) and that’s working to give me the total for all 100 data...
  2. M

    Multiplying two cells together then summing them together if three criteria are met.

    I have a database with auto generated data. On a separate sheet in the same workbook I can pull the information I need with SUMIFS but in a certain situation I need to multiply two cells first then sum the answers together without adding another column and divide by 12 to get Feet.
  3. B

    If column A and B have a match then multiply column C with D

    Hey guys I seem to be stumped! I have a spreadsheet and I am trying to get a value in an individual cell based on two rows of data on two different tabs and then multiply by another row of data :oops: Sheet 1 has column A, 63 lines with numbers column B, 63 lines with numbers Sheet 2 has...
  4. A


    Hello, someone knows how can i sum two coulmns in sumif? explenation - if range B3:B1700 = B3 ,then sum coulmns "W" and "X" (im in cell Y3) thank you!
  5. A

    sum if ×2

    hello :) I can't figure out how to the following thing - If the value of cell D9 appears in column AG in sheet 'pay' THEN only where in column AF in sheet 'pay' = "paycheck" sum the numbers from column C in sheet 'pay'. hope I was understandable! it's like first of all search the...
  6. J

    Formula for Counting Calls between a date range - Countif with multiple columns

    Hi all, I'm sure I'm doing something really silly with my formula however, I've basically got a table of total number of calls made per day. In column A I have the date, and in Column B I have the call number. I'm trying to calculate the total of the calls, made within a date range specified on...
  7. S

    Find any nth values from list that can sumup to a value not greater than that cell

    Hi, to every one. I am creating a report. i have a list of different numbers in range M4:M21 What i need is to sum up any 3 or 4 values that can near to 240 but not more than that For Example I have This List Range M4 to M21 57 81 87 50 85 66 70 72 81 54 82 59 86 53...
  8. A

    Identifying unique patients and categorizing by age (SUM-IF-Frequency Help)

    I've collected some vaccine administration data that I want to analyze for unique patients in different age groups based on their registration date. So far I have used a Sum - IF - Frequency equation to determine the number of unique patients depending on the date the patient was registered...
  9. M

    Using SUMIF with Dynamic Arrays to sum column totals

    I am trying to use a sumif with a sheet that has been set up with dyanmic arrays (see below image) I need to sum each column based on the flags "A,B or C". Is anyone able to suggest a formula that will spill and allow me to do this?
  10. N

    Running total in Excel to a value, reset the cumulative total, and group?

    I am looking to group a list of numbers based on their sums to a target value. The database is large and would need to be a scalable solution. For instance, if my target value was 10, this would look like the following: Item Value Total Group A 4 I B 3 I C 4 11 I D 3 II E 2...
  11. D

    How do I use a function in a SUMIF in VBA?

    Hello, I have the following code which (should) create an array. Function UnitCheckArr() Dim UnitValueArr(2 To 250) As Long Dim UnitValue As Long For UnitValue = LBound(UnitValueArr) To UBound(UnitValueArr) UnitValueArr(UnitValue) = Cells(UnitValue, 4) * Cells(UnitValue, 6) Next UnitValue...
  12. O

    Calculate weighted usage of an item

    I have a Google Sheets workbook with 2 worksheets. (I suspect the solution is the same for Excel or Google Sheets, and if need be, I can switch to Excel) Sheet 1 lists about 1000 items (components). The list could grow. Sheet 2 lists some products (200 or so at the moment, but the list could...
  13. K

    vlookup function

    Is this possible on excel? I have for example a file using vlook up function. source file is like this SI-1001 10 SI-1002 20 SI-1003 30 SI-1004 40 SI-1005 50 SI-1006 60 Now i need to look up this SI-1001-1004 vlook up all making the result be...
  14. A

    Complex Vlookup "sumif" statement

    Hello I am building a tracking sheet for finance that will track savings over 10 fiscal years against our plan. I have 1 sheet with our plan, a second sheet where I am tracking ongoing actual savings we capture. What i was looking to do was create a sumif statement that would look at my...
  15. C

    Multiple variable inputs and outputs table

    Attached image. I am attempting to create an input table where I input how many of each cake made, and an output table that calculates # of bags for each ingredient used. I know how to manually calculated this (Example: Vanilla cake has 300 cakes made, to calculate flour used [(300 cakes *...
  16. S

    Sum working hours based on valid contract

    Hi community- I'm looking for a formula to sum up working hours for various employees , grouped by Optician ID, if they had an active contract within a certain month. I've played around with SUMIFS, but I get an error message, that it's not a formula...
  17. dss28

    look up cell values in one column and add corresponding row values in other column

    My Sheet1 contains data of which column B contains patient IDs, Column C - Date, column D - Contact No, Column E - fees paid on various number of days / visits. I want to gather data of sheet1 to sheet2 where column B will contain patient ID, Column C- contact No. and Column D - total fees...
  18. M

    Sumif problems

    Hi everyone I have created a proforma invoicing system in Excel for our landfill site. I have a sumif formula that calculates the total weight of each type of waste (General, mixed waste & large rubble) and then it gets multiplied by the tariff. This is on the "Region 1" sheet. Companies are...
  19. K

    Help with calculating overtime hours

    Hello I wanted some help in calculating employee overtime and time-off in lieu. I have 2 data worksheets (“Original Saturday Overtime Hours” & “Sunday Overtime Hours”) showing the number of Saturday and Sunday overtime hours respectively. They can have more than one entry in each and not...
  20. M

    Using VBA to limit the range of SUMIF formulas

    I have a workbook with 2 tabs that are relevant to my query, 'Workings' and 'Data'. On the 'Workings' tab I have an array of ~3000 SUMIF formulas that looks at ~12000 rows of data on the 'Data' tab. As this cumulatively looks at ~37M rows of data this is slowing down my workbook, so I want to...
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