1. H

    I am trying to add a sum if for every row bases on column header. below is my code

    Sum units is expected result - there are over 2000 lines and i need to sum all per row with heading of "units" Sub GPSUM() Columns("k:k").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove Range("k5").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 =...
  2. E

    sumif across multiple worksheets without referencing each one

    Hello, I have in excess of 30 identically formulated worksheets that contain (amongst much other information) lists of stock, location and quantities in different columns. I want to create a single summary page that searches through all the worksheets between a Blank Start worksheet and a Blank...
  3. A

    Wildcard with numbers in sumif

    Hi all, i want to sum only numbers contain 15 in range. all data are in number format. Example is attached. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. R

    #NAME? error on Sumif

    Hi, I have an issue with a colleague of mine. I have created a report for her which works fine on my laptop (Windows 10), and also my other colleagues laptop (also windows 10) however when I send it to her (Windows 7) she gets a #name? error in some of the SUMIF fields, however a majority of...
  5. W

    SUMIF for all sheets between 2 specified sheets

    I am new to spreadsheets and have no training. My knowledge is very limited. Screenshots of the spreadsheet I’m creating are attached. I am attempting to total all miles and fuel by state on sheet “Quarterly IFTA Report” for all the sheets between the sheets “Start” and “Stop” Additional sheets...
  6. D

    Ignore Blank Cells in the [Sum Range] of a SUMIF

    Hey guys, I have looked online and have found some similar questions related to this, but nothing I have found seems to work. I am trying to use a SUMIF statement on a large collection of data. For the most part, it works just fine. However, if there ever happens to be a blank cell in the...
  7. W

    SUMIF Multiple Specific Cells are More or Less Than X

    I know using SUMIF would work if I selected the cells with the ":" such as: G7:G106. However, I only want to sum multiple (specific) cells if they are more than X. If, for example, I want to exclude G7 because the number is negative and only sum the other cells, I run into a problem. Here's an...
  8. M

    Specific formula for each day and component for the entire year

    I have made a formula which corresponds to certain components. I need to make this formula for each day of the year for 9 components, using information from another worksheet in the file. However the cell range is from e.g. 1:23 for the second day it is 24:47, so forth. I cannot drag this...
  9. R

    Count number of instances a limit being utilized

    Hi, Looking for help to calculate the number of instances wherein a assigned limit has been utilitzed greater than or equal to 90%. ColA having Date ColB having Individual names ColC having limit utilization in %age and ColD having Instances (the desired output). Case: If individual (Tom)...
  10. M

    Sumif on date range, for data spread evenly in another date range

    So I have date in the format Value Start Date End Date 40 14/10/20 05/11/20 50 01/10/20 31/10/20 Assuming the value can be spread evenly over days, I want a sumif function that tells gives the following output (ie for Oct, 17 days of the 22 days of 40, PLUS 31 days of the 31 days of...
  11. D

    Help required with SUMIF function from Table with helper column

    Hello I've been applying a solution posted by Rijnsent to take sales data of finished products and populate a raw materials inventory table. Here is the solution posted by Rijnsent: - Sales of...
  12. S

    SUMIF Formula Help

    Hi, I am possibly using the completely wrong formula or it is not possible to do what I want. Basically I am trying to Sumif the number based on the month, so for example the month of October I am expecting the number of 75 but am only getting 15, as the formula is just adding row 3 column C:E...
  13. D

    SUMIF on two tables

    im confused as to how i should create a formula to get me a sum of a dynamic range based on a value present in both my tables i ve been trying to reference the relevant table columns as range and criteria but im screwing something up. specifically for the example i need the sums of "Rent Soll"...
  14. A

    i use SUMIF but i want to see only filtered data

    Hi! i am very beginner in excel i dont know many things :D i have this formula =SUMIF(N12:N4997,"oikistiko",G12:G4998) it works good but when i filter an other cell it counts all the cells with oikistiko inside i want to have results only the cells i see after filters with search i find...
  15. J

    Sumif with non continuous range

    I did a precursory search, but couldn't seem to find anything that would help. I'm trying to write a =sumif formula into the green colored cells, based on numbers entered into the orange colored cells, determining from a list of colors in the drop down menu at the right of each of the orange...
  16. E

    Sum Distinct Values within Time Constraints?

    Hi All, I'm trying to solve the following problem using some combination of sumproduct, sumif, and countif functions: I have a dataset where people move into and out of areas at different times. Sometimes there are multiple people in an area at a time, other times there are none. Each area has...
  17. G

    SUMIF & VLOOK Adding values

    Hi All, I'm trying to add quantities values of a table depending of the category reference and costumer (on this case "A"), but I cant figure it out why I have and error on my formula (#Value!). Category Costumer Qty 1 A 70,700 5 B - 3 A 21,000 3 C 12,136 5 B 6,560 1...
  18. X

    sumif dates returns 0 when file is opened in different Excel version (PC to mac)

    So, I'm about to loose it with this one... :) I've sketched a file in my work pc (MS Professional Plus 2016) and when I open it in my mac (MS Excel for Mac 16.41) a formula is not returning the same value. In fact it returns "0". Maybe this is simple, but I don't quite understand what to do...
  19. D

    Alternative to adding multiple SUMIFS?

    This is an hourly results table which can be extended quite far to the right, I want to add the values which correspond to all instances of each code (A,B,C etc), so in the table below "A" would be 1050 (100+100+200+250+100+300). The codes are listed in a table elsewhere and the total will be...
  20. M

    SumIfs Using Indirect based on 2 Criteria

    Hi! I have been struggling for 5 days trying to get this formula to work. Basically, I need it to search across a few worksheets which I have named "JON" and sum a corresponding cell if it meets two conditions. The formula returns a "Value" error...

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