1. V

    Sumifs formula or any other formula to arrive at number

    Hi Friends, I am using Sumif formula to sum the total number. My example formula is as follows. =SUMIFS($V$115:$V$98999,$U$115:$U$98999,"Not Due",$C$115:$C$98999,"9333") In this above formula value is calculated if in specific range U amount is 'not due' and number is 9333, I want to add one...
  2. C

    Variation on a SUMIF

    Does anyone know if it's possible to do something similar to a SUMIF, but on part of the Cell For example, if I have a column of data, but each value is held in one cell. (eg ABC-1 is all in one cell). ABC-1 ABC-2 CDE-3 ZTY-4 ABC-5 In the example above, i'd want to say "if the first three...
  3. J

    SUMIF formula for Criteria that is a range

    Is there a good sumif formula or a different formula that would be good to use for a range of criteria and the criteria is all different but specific to what totals I what pulled out of a larger listing? Thanks!
  4. L

    SUM IF - Round up If - Round Down Else

    Hi all, I need help building out a formula here. If I have a column of data that I am performing a SUMIF on, I would like to incorporate a Rounding calculation to the SUMIF formula. If the sum of the data's decimal point is below .5, round down nearest whole number, if over .5 round up to...
  5. J

    Sumifs / sumproduct that contains multiple columns

    Hi excel experts! I'm trying to use sumifs that contains multiple columns...So I want to get the value highlighted in red if Color1, Color2, and Color3 contains "red", based on its assigned values. I was trying SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, but couldn't really figure it out. <tbody> code (columnA)...
  6. U

    Sum If and Circular Reference

    I am looking for a "less manual" way to do my current process. I have a sales channel "NHOM" or "NHAF" and multiple material groups "W01 or "W02" for example. I pick out the main material groups and then any others are grouped as "Other". There are different types and count of material groups...
  7. H

    Populate Formula based on Reference Value + Sumifs w/ Offset (?)

    Hello - I'm hoping for some help on two formulas/use cases I can't seem to figure out. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out how to attach the date set but have included here with reference rows/columns for what I hope is an easier explanation: Q1: I would like to populate cells based on...
  8. M

    SUMIF criteria as formula?

    I have a table of invoices. Within that table, I have a column with formula [Date]-DAY([Date])+1 to return a m/d/yyyy date that is the 1st day of the invoice month. Off to the side, I SUMIF if the value in that column equals the date in column R, but I was hoping to run this formula within the...
  9. B

    Sumif using a list of criteria

    I was wondering if there was a formula that I could use to sum a data file using the below columns as the lookup, I would also like to use another criteria in addition to this. I.e If any of the numbers in column A appears in raw data file, sum the respective number in another column...
  10. A

    Excel - Sumif/Sumproduct Not Working; Criteria contains partial text

    I need your help in getting the right formula for this. In column B, I have a list of items called Support Type. There're just 2 types, 535 and 532. These are taken over from a larger table with a formula. Column D lists the Employee Names. Also taken over from another table with a formula...
  11. A

    Match Index? How to split a saving value across 12 months based on month of saving realisation and other controls

    HI, I am trying to create a savings log which would enable us to detail down the savings we generate as a business. Essentially the main issue I am facing is that I can dedicate fields to detail the saving total along with a date that can be used to identify a realisation month for the saving...
  12. A

    [VBA] Basic Sumif function usage in VBA

    Thanks for visiting mypost. I have encountered a difficulty in applying sumif function. The raw data is likethis. In worksheet 1, thereare 100 companies' name on one row and 87 expense items on one column Worksheet 2 is atemplate. I need to create a worksheet for each entity based on...
  13. S

    Sumif between visible cells only

    Hi I am struggling to find examples on how to sumif between visible cells. Here is the formula I am trying to adapt to visible cells only: If it matters Q4 and R4 are cells with TIME values. =SUMIFS(C:C,G:G,">="&Q4,G:G,"<"&R4) Thanks for any help or direction! SD
  14. D

    SUMIF Formula where Excel is treating the Date criteria as Text

    Hi, I have a very simple SUMIF formula =sumif(L:L,O6,H:H) Where L:L are week commencing dates and O6 is the week commencing date I want summed from numbers in column H:H. As I'm building the formula, I can see it is treating the dates as a number, 43464. The result should be 22, but I keep...
  15. S

    SUMIF with condition

    <tbody> ID Amount Mac 10,000 Mac1 20,000 Mac2 30,000 Macy 5,000 Macy1 3,000 Macy2 2,000 Mike 15,500 Mike1 20,000 Mike2 10,000 </tbody> Hi, I would like to use formula to sum-up total for Mac, Macy and Mike. The formula I'm using is SUMIF(Column 1,"Mac"&"*",Column 2), but this...
  16. R


    Hi Excelperts, Need help on following try to create a dashboard. Have herewith attached a sample file But first need to match data from Column H to A of Sheet 'Oct-19' On dashboard need following data are to be Displayed with the help Index on Sl-No in column G of Sheet 'Oct-19' & lock/protect...
  17. G

    SUMIF Current Month equals Dates in Range

    My SUMIF isn't working, and I'm wondering what I need to do, or if an alternative is needed. Basically, I need to total up some profits if they were earned during the current month, whatever that may be. I have a helper column that uses MONTH(B2) where B2 is the Scheduled Date. Then I put the...
  18. H

    Counting in date range with 2 criteria

    Evening everyone, I hope you may be able to help. knowledge of Excel is okay, however I am struggling with this one and any help would be appreciated! I need to calculate the total of payments paid from a certain person based on a date range for over 300 people. For example in the following...
  19. willow1985

    Modify SumIf formula

    I have this SumIf formula that Sums column G if the dates in Column F Match the previous day: =SUMIF('WorkOrder Search Export'!G2:G1000000, TODAY()-1, 'WorkOrder Search Export'!F2:F1000000) How would I modify this formula to do it for the current month and previous month Date format in column...
  20. M


    i'm trying to do a sumif i tried attaching a photo but not sure it worked and don't want to attach my excel at the moment sumif(I:I,"1",(e119+J119)) The part in red is where I think i'm messing up. What I'm trying to say here is sumif the result in column I is "1" then sum these two cells.

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