1. M


    Hi everyone, Last time I reached out to you, I felt the love with so many responses so quickly. I am a teacher and I’m trying to look for ways to streamline my duties. I'm currently reviewing the courses I teach - focussing on equipment used, and duration for each module. I have been asked...
  2. S

    Sum by color background and if another condition

    Hello, I am trying to write/find a correct vba code able to sum the amount in a colored cell based on two conditions : the color of the background and based on another condition (here the fruit) You can find a easy table showing the situation : I want the formula to sum the amount in the cell...
  3. M

    Help with index match sumif and more.

    Hi there, I’m a teacher who is looking to prepare better for the academic year. I teach a range of courses which require different amounts of time to setup and I’m keen to get a better understanding of the set up times for each course I teach. I have attempted todo this is a matrix format, but...
  4. E

    Multiple criteria sumif array formula with 'only look at range above this row' logic

    I’m trying to create a tab in a live google sheet that acts like a bank register with multiple accounts. It would have a sender ID column, a receiver ID column and a transaction amount column. What I’m now trying to build is a column which outputs an account balance for the sender at the point...
  5. C

    Sumif(s) with OR criteria in multiple columns

    Hi everyone. I am trying to write a SUMIF() formula that pulls in a total from one column if either one of two other columns is greater than zero. Value1 Value2 Value3 500 0 1000 0 200 2000 100 100 5000 0 0 4000 So my psuedo code would be: If value1>0 OR value2>0 SUM...
  6. N

    CountIF and SumIFS for Total of $$ excluding Duplicates

    Hello, Thank you for your help in advance. I am trying to SUM a $ Amount that has rows with multiple $ amounts but same value. Please see example below. I have tried countif to label the duplicates and then sumif based on what was tagged as a duplicate and what wasn't but can not get it to...
  7. J

    sum if match

    I have values in col A and col B. If value in col B exist in column A, sum these values together.
  8. M

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria multiple columns

    I need to write an excel function to find total recorded cars based on Region and Direction Please consider that I can ONLY use Sum, Sumif, and Sumifs and i can't use Use SUMPRODUCT or if.
  9. S

    Sum only up to a certain point, then reset

    I have a list of staff with the hours they have worked on a weekly basis. I want to be able to put in a week's column when a payment has been made (this can be done sporadically and so isn't every week). When I put this in a column I then need a row below to reset for the following week to only...
  10. A

    SUMIF function usually works, but this time...

    HELP with SUMIF function.... I'm trying to make a budget sheet. I want everything in the F column that says a keyword, like "food", to calculate the price I paid for that in cell D. I have done this function before in other excel workbooks and it is fine. For some reason, it won't work on this...
  11. D

    Extracting Data From SUMIFS

    Okay so on a pivot table if you double click a search result you get a new sheet showing the results. I am wondering if there is a method to replicate this from data returned by a sumifs formula?
  12. reneev

    SUMIF Not Calculating

    Good Morning, I have a SUMIF formula that for some reason is not calculating the second column in the SumRange. I have tried everything and even removed the SUMIF and put a simple formula which then works. What could be wrong? Formula: =SUMIF(D1300,"PayPal",M1300:N1300) *column N not...
  13. D

    Sum if Question

    I'm not sure if this is possible, however I am trying to sum a row, but if the sum value drops below a 0 it should just be 0. If it's a positive, it should return the value of the row. =IF(A3="","",SUM(B3:C3))+D2 It's a daily continuing total so I just added the day before to the next day if...
  14. M

    Sum if same ID and same date - only once

    Hi there, I am trying to sum quantities in a database. Thereby it is important that for each ID, when the date is the same, the value is only added once. I am absolutely struggling to calculate that. Maybe someone can help me? I would really appreciate it! Best, Mariella
  15. B

    Using vlookup/indirect/sumif to return sum of results from variable reference tab

    I have a workbook with an index, that returns all of my tab names in column B (=INDEX(listsheets,A6). This is then used to search specific data (row 3) within each tab using the formula =VLOOKUP($E$3,INDIRECT("'"&B6&"'!"&"b3:F500"),5,0). The data on row 3 of my index tab, is searched for in...
  16. E

    Summing all instances of a VLOOKUP Formula

    It seems so easy but stumped! Here is the formula: =IFERROR(IF(F14="Basic", VLOOKUP(E14,'DAI Obligations'!$K$1:$AV$367,30, FALSE), 0),0) If Cell F14 is "Basic", it picks up the Requisition Number in Cell E14 and finds a match in the DAI Obligation worksheet and brings back the number in...
  17. R

    Sum based on looking up mutliple comma seperated values.

    Hi In Cell E2 below I have the formula =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF($A$2:$A$5,MID(SUBSTITUTE(D2,",",""),ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(SUBSTITUTE(D2,",","")))),4),$B$2:$B$5)) and it works a treat. However I need the same in G2 to J2 (the ?'s), where it pulls out the values based on the Heading in G1 to J2. Thanks...
  18. V

    Sumifs formula or any other formula to arrive at number

    Hi Friends, I am using Sumif formula to sum the total number. My example formula is as follows. =SUMIFS($V$115:$V$98999,$U$115:$U$98999,"Not Due",$C$115:$C$98999,"9333") In this above formula value is calculated if in specific range U amount is 'not due' and number is 9333, I want to add one...
  19. C

    Variation on a SUMIF

    Does anyone know if it's possible to do something similar to a SUMIF, but on part of the Cell For example, if I have a column of data, but each value is held in one cell. (eg ABC-1 is all in one cell). ABC-1 ABC-2 CDE-3 ZTY-4 ABC-5 In the example above, i'd want to say "if the first three...
  20. J

    SUMIF formula for Criteria that is a range

    Is there a good sumif formula or a different formula that would be good to use for a range of criteria and the criteria is all different but specific to what totals I what pulled out of a larger listing? Thanks!

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