1. E

    How to have index match sum all matches

    I need a formula that will sum together the values of the 4101, 4119, and 4122 that are labeled March in row 9. I can get it to return the first value the index match throws back, but I am having trouble adding the sum formula into it. Help would be much appreciated.
  2. X

    Macro to fill an identifier down and SUMIF

    I have extracted some data from our employee database. It's 10,000+ rows. The first row of the employee is their name, a hypen, then their 9-digit SSN (11-digits including the two hyphens in the SSN). After each employee is 2-7 rows of deductions. The last row of the employee has the total...
  3. Y

    Sumif with data validations for Google Sheets

    I have tried all that I could find on this site. What I am trying to do is Sumif the colums: Column E,Owner, uses dropdown Coumn F is the the amount paid: =IF(E20="Ian","$.50","") Column G,Payment,I want to total all of Column F: I have: =sumproduct(sumif($E2:$E49,"-ian",$F2:$F49)) also have...
  4. Z

    Sum of multiple rows for each employee

    Hi, I have below sheet that has multiple rows for each employee ID and what I need is to get a proper formula to sum amount 1 and sum amount 2 for each employee, can you help pls? ABCDE1Employee IDAmount 1Amount 2Sum Amount1Sum...
  5. V

    sumif with text and number and special symbol

    we want to do following first we want to use unique value from sheet1!B1:B to Sheet2!B1 after that sum if condition match in Sheet2!C2 after that sum if condition if match in Sheet2!D2 query sheet...
  6. R

    Sum with various criteria

    My question is in the image below which relates to a complex way to sum columns according to a number of criteria. I hope someone might be able to help
  7. W

    Sumif combinations of a number

    =SUMIFS(AD2:AD1000, AF2:AF1000, "*123*") The formula above is supposed to find all combinations of 123 in column AD and sums up the corresponding cells in column AF. By combinations of 123, I mean: 123 132 231 213 312 321 The code just returns the value "0" to me. What can be done? Take note...
  8. N

    SUMIF Formula

    How would I add SUMIF column "C" quantity to this formula =SUMIFS(A:A,A2,C:C) I want to total up how many red Apples there are. A B C D E Apple Red 2 Oranges Green 3
  9. F


    I have an Excel table that is called Withdrawals, column1 is the date column and column2 is the amount. I'm trying to get a sum of column2 where the year in column1 is the current year. My formula looks like this =SUMIF(YEAR(Withdraws[Date]),2023,Withdraws[Amount]) Excel is telling me that...
  10. J

    How to do a sum for multiple tables

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a formula to work out the cost of ingredients in different stores and then also look at the cost for the whole recipe at the same time. I have an example with really basic amounts in it just to give an idea. I have built it with a really basic =(A1 * I1) + (A2...
  11. D

    Excel Indirect function ; refer to call rather than "hard code" reference

    Hi, In the following formula I have type in the "A2:A6"; SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Sheets&"'!"&"A2:A6"),"a",INDIRECT("'"&Sheets&"'!"&"B2:B6")) Sheet = named range is there a way to have the reference to A2 to A6 in other cells so a cell A1 = "A1", A2 = "A6" and then just select those two...
  12. P

    What would be best formula to use to extract data based on dates with a criteria?

    I have an excel where I need to pull in the total hours for a date range (always start on Monday) in my excel tab called 'Dashboard'. I'll be getting the data from the tab 'Budget' but I only want to pull in the number based on the QuickBooks Code I've identified on B1. So AH3 will equal to...
  13. B

    Sumproduct - Sumifs - Choose

    Hi there, I have two tables for labor rates by function and by year. One table for GBP currency, and one for USD currency. I then have a table that contains labor hour requirement by contract (many rows). Each contract is either native to GBP or USD. I'm trying to use the following formula to...
  14. R

    Count average grounds of a selection of towns

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with the following issue. I want to calculate the average number of grounds in a selection of cities (E2:E4). In this example, the number of grounds per city are given in column C. However, I don't succeed in getting the correct number, because it takes into...
  15. WarrenCarr

    How to SUM IF marked cells

    I want to sum if certain cells if the corresponding cell is marked with "Y" and if they are marked with "N" or left blank then subtract the amount in the corresponding cell. I am sure this is not hard to write a formula for but I cant figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated!
  16. D

    Mapping sumif formula

    Is there a way to map a formula to make it smaller and not so large, formula below? =SUMIF('TB'!A:A,"4254",'TB'!D:D)+SUMIF('TB'!A:A,"5445",'TB'!D:D)+SUMIF('TB'!A:A,"5446",'TB'!D:D)+SUMIF('TB!A:A,"5447",'TB'!D:D)
  17. J

    Countif value is not blank and less than 70% of adjacent cell"s value

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm guessing it super simple, but I can't find a solution anywhere online. Basically, what I'm trying to do is count the number of times each cell in a range (G4:G9) is not blank and is less than 70% of the value of the cell that is 2 columns...
  18. Chris_010101

    Complicated SUMIFS/COUNTIFS Formulas Required

    Hello, I have two sheets, named: 1. Master Data - This sheet will be updated daily by pasting a system report over the existing data 2. 2022 - I want to calculate some stats from the master data sheet on this sheet The gist of this is, I need to report on people who leave between 0 and 5...
  19. L

    Sum all items belonging to a category

    Hi, I am trying to sum up the amounts belonging to certain categories through their ID number but cannot think of any way to find all matching items - xlookup only finds the first item and I can't have a spilling function like filter. The ID number/amount table and ID No./category table must...
  20. E

    Count filtered unique values where sum of values in another column meets criteria

    Hello, hope you can help. I would like to use a formula to give the count of complete projects in [time range] where there is a total of <=1 hour spent on 'review' over the whole project - example sheet below. In this sample the desired answer is 2 as only project A and B meet the criteria...

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