1. C

    Excel Sumifs result changes when using "="& before criteria

    Hi all, I noticed a strange occurrence with the SUMIFS formula today and am wondering if someone might just be able to explain to me why this is. Lets say I have the following two formulas: SUMIFS(FIELD_AUDIT[PRP QTY],FIELD_AUDIT[BLD],reportBuildingCode,FIELD_AUDIT[PRP TYPE],[@[Prp...
  2. D

    Sum Range using a drop down menu

    I'm having a problem using the sumif formula with a drop down menu selection. I can easily get the cell value based on the drop down selection however I cannot sum the range of the cells. The Day range would be the drop down containing the last 7 days, the last 15 days, the last 30 days etc...
  3. T

    SUMIFS combined with summing values with same value

    To be honest I don't know if the headline is correct but it was the best I could come up with. I have a simple sumifs formula summing L when M="Active" and P=Projects!B114: =SUMIFS(Quotes!L:L;Quotes!M:M;"Active";Quotes!P:P;Projects!B114) I want to extend the formula also to look at column...
  4. E

    Sumifs one of the column meet the criteria

    Hi all, I have table with 120,000 trips. Each trip have a column with origin city and a column with destination city. I want so sum the the quantity column, for all trips that either the origin column=Manchester or the destination column=Manchester . Example attached below. I want my formula to...
  5. M

    How to Sum and update a specific cell that already has a value, with a Userform

    I have the following sheet witha Userform. and what i need to do is - (1). I need the vba code to select a code from the drop down ComboBox. - (I Already figured it out) (2). once the code is selected, i need to update the specific value of that row in Column "F" according to the code selected...
  6. W

    SUMIF Multiple Specific Cells are More or Less Than X

    I know using SUMIF would work if I selected the cells with the ":" such as: G7:G106. However, I only want to sum multiple (specific) cells if they are more than X. If, for example, I want to exclude G7 because the number is negative and only sum the other cells, I run into a problem. Here's an...
  7. B

    Assistance with sumifs across with multiple tabs

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to put together a sumifs condition working with (2) criteria across (12) tabs, but I'm getting a #REF!. =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&M1:M2&"'!$S$2:$S$67"),INDIRECT("'"&M1:M2&"'!$F$2:$F$67"),B$1,INDIRECT("'"&M1:M2&"'!$C$2:$C$67"),$A2)) In essence, M1:M2 would be...
  8. S

    Sumifs - cells that did not match -- conditional format --Lookup, search, partial match, multiple criteria, lists, duplicate,

    Hello - I spent the past hour or so searching google and the forums. I can't find exactly what I'm looking for and that's probably because I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. My real goal is to find and highlight cells that did not get summed up. I.e. if I have a sumifs formula with a...
  9. Z

    SUMIFS formula returning 0

    Hi, I am using the formula =SUMIFS(POs!O2:O18,POs!I2:I18,FW!B6,POs!F2:F18,FW!B3) to try to total costs by month by budget code in a finance spreadsheet. As far as I am concerned there are totals in the range POs!O2:O18 that match the criteria, but the formula is just returning 0 and it's...
  10. P

    SUMIFS help

    Hello, I need some help regarding the SUMIFS function. Here is my formula: =SUMIFS($N$31:$N$39,$L$31:$L$39,"yes",$M$31:$M$39,">0",$N31:$N39,"<=$K$16*1%",$N31:$N39,">=$M31:$M39") As you can see the last 2 criteria cannot be computed by SUMIFS since it's expecting a value or a text. I will...
  11. W

    Sumif with multiple criteria in one column using named ranges

    Hi everbody I am trying to use the SUMIFS-function for multiple criteria in one column where my criterias are 'named ranges' within this column. Is there any possibility to do this? Excel does not seem to accept named ranges as a criteria, f.e.: =SUM(SUMIFS('Mapping GVV'!D:D;'Mapping...
  12. G

    Excel sumifs #value when closing excel file

    Hi everybody. I have used the formula sumifs in order to calculate the sum of values in a column ranging between, e.g., 100 and 1000, located in a different workbook. The problem is that when I close that excel workbook the formula in my first excel file doesn't work anymore and #value appears...
  13. J

    Xlookup & Sumifs Slowing Down Excel File

    I have an excel file which is running painfully slow. I believe the issues are where I have used the Xlookup and Sumifs formulas. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to speed this up? I am open to using visual basic if needed. You can download the file at the link below. The two tabs where...
  14. R

    Calculating Data with SUMIFS

    I am looking to use SUMIFS with the following formula (E+G+J)/(K-C) with the criteria of column B. The data will keep growing with the criteria (column B) will repeat. I have the following formula but I keep getting errors. Thank you for your help! =IFERROR((((IFSUMS('WindowCompliance...
  15. K

    SUMIF with a range of criteria instead of using SUMIFS and doing one by one

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to use the SUMIF function for a range of criteria instead of using SUMIFS and typing each criteria one by one (criteria range 1, criteria 1, criteria range 2, etc.) theoretically the criteria range for my example would remain the same. Point being...
  16. M

    Not Equal To (<>) not working in SUMIFS

    Hello all, I can't get Not Equal To <> syntax to work in my SUMIFS formula. SUMIFS is returning value as if Not Equal To criteria does not exist. Data tab is queried data table that contains text...
  17. G

    SUMIFS with Multiple Criteria in one column

    Hi, would appreciate any help with this, I want to have multiple option matches against one column, is this possible ? =SUMIFS('Finance'!$M:$M,'Finance'!$V:$V, OR(AL7,AL8,AL9,AL10,AL11,AL12,AL13),'Finance'!$C:$C, D29) Thanks Gavin
  18. D

    Excel VBA program to detect automatically

    Hi folks Need your help, I am beginner Excel VBA coder. I got stuck on developing a program, I have following data set: - There is a database of card transactions of individuals - Time coverage is more than 3 years - Number of transactions is more than 1 000 a day - each transaction has...
  19. R

    sumifs + table error

    Hi. I'am currently working on a simple in out inventory using barcode scanning and im having difficulty in arranging things. mainly Im using sumifs and vlookup function to make this possible and Im stock. I hope someone can help with this. i have created table with headers this is my master...
  20. H

    Sum values based on multiple words found in string of text

    Hello, I have what I think to be a tricky VBA job. I have two tables, one with single names, and the other with full names. I am going to assign a numerical sum based on the combination of single names found in full names. For example: Bob = 5, Michael = 6, Scott = 7. With name and number...

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