1. L

    Recording a Summation Macro

    Hi I am reading a course outline and it says students will learn Recording a Summation Macro Recording Consolidations Recording Divisional Macros My question, what does summation/divisional/consolidation macros mean? source...
  2. G

    Adding Multiple Columns and Multiple Rows - Using specific criteria

    Hi Guys Just curious if someone knew had to do a complicated "sumif" calculation where you take the criteria in a list from the columns and the rows. What I am trying to do is add up all the quarters in a specific year (say in this case 2018) and add only 2018's quarters along with the...
  3. S

    Sumproducts with return of text

    Hello, I've been using this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Buyplan&"'!$A$1:$A$10600"),$A7,INDIRECT("'"&Buyplan&"'!F$1:F$10600"))) and notice that doesn't return any text, I still need to get the summation across different sheet, but there are instances it has a text, text contains...
  4. B

    Tricky summation

    Hello, I am needing a tricky (for me) summation of a row. Row 1 - I have a very long row of percentage values ranging from 0 to 100. (Column A blank) Row 2 - I have a very long row of values ranging from 0 to Infinity. (Column A Blank) Cell B4 - I have a fixed value of 0 to Infinity. I need...
  5. J

    Calculations using Sigma Summation

    Hello everybody, I am working on a thesis paper and have an equation that I need to be able to use in excel. I have no idea how to design an excel equation to match what I see. I thing that this will be an array function of some sort. The following are the parts of the equation: C = COST...
  6. M

    Can I refer to a column by its Named Range?

    On my worksheets, I have named some columns using the Name Manager. In VBA, I was hoping to be able to refer to the columns by the names I gave them, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Here's a test sub I wrote to try to figure it out. Sub Test() Dim Summation As Integer...
  7. J

    Counting Multiple, Inconsistent Order Lengths as a Singular Order

    I'm currently trying to sum up the total number of items ordered within a single order. Currently, I have tried to individually go through and find the number of repeated order numbers in order to find how many lines of items I need to sum into a singular order number. What I would like to do...
  8. C

    Sigma Summation in Excel

    I am looking for some advice on how to do a Sigma calculation in Excel. I have quite an elaborate equation that calculates rebate percentages on casino bets. I'm able to calculate the equation for one round of betting, but when it gets to more than two rounds of betting the equation gets bigger...
  9. S

    Tree sumation in Excel (with or, if possible, without VBA)

    Hello everybody, I have to model branched water supply network showed in picture attached here Node numbers are written in brackets, while pipe numbers are written in red and rectangled. Water demand is defined in nodes and marked with an arrow. So, input data are pipe...
  10. M

    Pushing parameters into a pivot table

    If I have a list of weeks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 I want to be able to type a 3 in the workbook and the labels and summation in the pivot will change to past due,4,5,6,7,8,10 And if I type a 5 in the workbook, the labels and summation in the pivot will change to past due 6,7,8,10 Is this possible?
  11. A

    Graphing Data in Excel

    I have the following formula that I would like to graph: G(t) = G_r +(G_g-G_r) * summation from (i=1 to N) g_i *e^(-t/tau_i). G_r and G_g are both constants and can easily be defined in a cell tau_i and g_i are 24 sets of data given. t is a variable. The goal is to graph G(t) vs t and G(t) vs...
  12. E

    VBA: "n" summation tiers

    Hello - I'm extremely new to VBA, but have had to learn it at a relatively high level pretty fast, so forgive me if this is a simple question. There are lots of gaps in my understanding. I have been working with an equation that involves two levels of summation, see formula (a) below, but today...
  13. A

    summing the numeric values of all cells but equals to zero if any cell contains any text...

    Hello to all, I have a little problem in using summation of the values which in normal case results in adding all values but if any one of the cell contains a text (any text, not specific) then the summation should result to zero. I have applied this formula for values in cells from A2 to D2...
  14. K

    Question regarding difficult vba function

    Hi. I am pretty new to VBA, and have been struggling with a function for a while. I am trying to add two cells from two different sheets, and place the subract in a specific cells on a sheet. I am doing this about 600 times, so I probably need a loop. I know how to do it if only pasting the...
  15. C

    SUM Multiple Pages Dyamically Using INDIRECT

    Hello, So I am looking to create an equation that will add multiple pages together based on a pre-selected range by user. My first thought was since all the data on each tab is not used, i would set up an Indirect equation to set get only the necessary data. I have this so far ...
  16. H

    Summation not including single digit and double digit numbers

    Greetings everyone, I have 2 spreadsheets that I'm is to cut data from and the other is to paste data into. I am transferring 2 columns of numbers with each column having about 200 rows, between the spreadsheets. I am only trying to sum these 2 columns together, but for some...
  17. L

    Excel macro - data transfer. is this possible?

    So i am wondering if there is a macro that willallow me to type in on one sheet a list as follows (example) <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <tbody> component x 02Jul13 p component y 02Jul13 q component z 04Jul13 r component x 02Jul13 s </tbody> etc <!--[endif]--> and then...
  18. A

    Dynamic Array Summation

    Hi all, I am looking forward to see your suggestions for my excel problem: I have consecutive arrays all of which are in descending order in Column A. Each array starts from a random number and always ends up with 1. Each array is seperated from other by random variables. For each number in...
  19. T

    easy one, thank you: =SUM()

    Hi. Hope you can help. I think this may be easy for you, but appreciated nonetheless! When I drag down a column of numbers, say, 4 7 2 9 and then hit the "E" (Sum), the last item (in this example the 9) changes to "=SUM()", instead of calculating and putting the sum on the following empty...
  20. B

    summation question

    I would like to find the sum of the squared integers from 1 to a 10000. How can I do that without have to enter in 1 to 10000 in a cell and then creating a really long formula? Thanks JD

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