1. K

    Consolidate data from individual months by summing 2, 3 or more months together

    Hello, I need to consolidate monthly targets data for salespersons by summing 2, 3 or more months together. Details: I have a table with salespersons and their monthly targets, January through December. Sometimes I need to sum data from specific months, for example January+February+March or...
  2. P

    Sum based on Dates in a Matrix table

    Hello Experts, I need a formula that will sum values based on a the dates of expected monthly dollar increases or decreases contained in a table for a matrix of companies. I have the following formula but it fails when there are many dates and only works if there are only a few dates...
  3. R

    Formula "Ignoring" Values when Summing

    Hi guys, I've got a wierd problem with this spreadsheet. An extract is available here: In column U there's a simple formula to sum the values in the preceding cells. The problem is that the first 4 rows are not summing...
  4. C

    Summing the bottoms of two columns

    Hey guys!! Alright so I have a rather simple problem that I just cant seem to figure out for the life of me. Its fairly straightforward. So I have a data table, <tbody> 5 241 3 244 4 248 3 251 225 </tbody> I want to take the 251 in its cell, add it to the 225s cell, and then put...
  5. D

    summing a Vlookup column

    I have a vlookup column that I would like to sum the dollar amounts that vlookup puts in the column. Thanks
  6. Guzzlr

    Sum If Is Not Summing Horizontally

    =SUMIF(B2:B4,B2,F2:J2) Hello All, I ran into an issue using SUMIF. The formula above only pulls the number in F2. I want the SUMIF to sum horizontally, instead of vertically. I thought it would sum horizontally? thanks
  7. J

    Summing values from previous rows?

    Hi, Wondering best way to do this? I read about using offset but will be volatile right Example: A10: =SUM($A$2:A9) Any easier way to do this in a table?
  8. N

    If i can get Formula Sytanx right for summing then why not for....

    Anyone who can help me to correct If i can get Formula Sytanx right for summing then why not for the following Thanks NimishK
  9. D

    HOW to make this formula exact match?

    =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(ABQSTATS!$A:$A,ALFONSOABQ,ABQSTATS!K:K))+SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(GJSTATS!$A:$A,ALFONSOGJ,GJSTATS!K:K))+SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(DENSTATS!$A:$A,ALFONSODEN,DENSTATS!K:K)) So this is looking for R8 as part of the named range but also finding R80 and matching and summing both numbers. How do I...
  10. P

    Shorten formula - summing dates

    How can I shorten the formula: =SUM(DAY(EOMONTH(A156,0)),DAY(EOMONTH(A157,0)),DAY(EOMONTH(A158,0)),DAY(EOMONTH(A159,0)),DAY(EOMONTH(A160,0)),DAY(EOMONTH(A161,0))) I tried doing sumproduct, but I must be doing something wrong Thanks
  11. P

    Question: Has SUMIFS formula changed for blank cells?

    Has anyone noticed a changed to the logic or Summing blank cells using the SUMIFS(? the criteria used to be "<>", but i couldnt get it to work. Finally i tried "<>""", and it worked correctly. But thats not the way i remember the formula. Has anyone else noticed the logic changed for...
  12. G

    sum a value between two date

    Hi all! I'm trying find a formula to multiply a number by the number of days between two dates. For example: <tbody> Number From Date To Date SUM 2.21 01/01/2018 28/02/2018 [result] </tbody> So I'm looking for a formula to provide a result summing 2.21 x 28. I hope this makes...
  13. S

    delete row based on values....almost there

    Hi again, this code from Fluff has worked...I am summing all rows in column 77 and if the sum is 0.00, then a TRUE is assigned to the cell in the affected row in the summing column. =IF(SUM(E11:BX11)<0.000001,TRUE,"") I had to use .0000001 because it seems that excel doesn't want to...
  14. G

    =small function - skipping cells with formulae but no value

    Hi i searched thru the forum but could not find any reference to my specific question. I want the 5 lowest values in a row. The cells in the row may or may not have values. When i use the =SMALL function it thinks my blank cell is one of 5 smallest. =SUM(SMALL(G4:U4,{1,2,3,4,5})) is the...
  15. A


    Can some one explain, point the error & provide correct code. The below code is getting the result .Range("P2:p" & lr).Formula = "=SUMIFS(L:L,I:I,O2,M:M,$P$1)" But the below code is just summing up only the value of O2 .Range("P2:P" & lr) = WorksheetFunction.SumIfs(.Range("L:L"), .Range("I:I")...
  16. A

    Summing weekly data for a specific month

    Hi all, I am receiving weekly data which I try to convert to a monthly one. My challenge is to identify cells related to, for example March and sum those in one cell related to March. I know the dates when data is reported ahead of time (e.g. every Friday). Since dataset will expand in future...
  17. N

    Summing Multiple Workbooks for a total

    Hey Guys, Really needing help Auto Summing multiple workbooks that get dropped in a specific folder these workbooks are all the same format just contains different amounts in areas. So I would like to have one workbook that will auto calculate all workbooks in this folder to give me a total...
  18. L

    Summing Subtotals

    Hi, I have basic knowledge of PowerPivot but I was wondering if there is a way to total the subtotals in a PowerPivot table? Maybe someone has an example? I good at reserve engineering. Thanks, Luke
  19. L

    Array summation issues

    Hey guys, I'm trying to sum an array but the result is just the first value of the array. The code it pretty complex but here it is: {=INDEX(B11:B16,MATCH(SMALL(B11:B16/C11:C16,ROW($A$1:INDIRECT("A"&$B$9))),(B11:B16/C11:C16),0))} (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) This part works fine, it forms a cell with...
  20. G

    SumProduct formula is counting instead of summing

    With help from this forum I've used SumProduct many times but I've been going round in circles for the past couple of days with a formula which won't stop counting results instead of summing them, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Excel...

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